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Wei Merchandise

Wei is a boy group formed in 2020 by Oui Entertainment. It is composed of six members including Daehyeon, Yongha, Donghan, Seokhwa, Yohan and Junseo. In 2017 Daehyeon and Donghan took part in the second season of survival TV show Produce 101 airing on Mnet. As a result both debuted in temporary groups Rainz and JBJ respectively. Two of the members - Junseo and Yongha participated in a show Under Nineteen, where they finished in the final 9, and became the members of 1the9. Yohan finished as the 1st on the survival show Produce X 101, and as a result debuted as member of X1. The group unfortunately disbanded after a short period of time due to Mnet vote manipulation controversy.

Wei debuted with their first mini album titled Identity: First Sight on October 5, 2020. Their first lead single was Twilight, for which a music video was released.

At this point there are several pieces of Wei merchandise available for the fans, that includes the official Wei light stick. One of the items you can get are a Season's Greetings packages. Additionally you can also get a collection prepared for the 2022 concert of the group titled First Love.


2021 Season's Greetings

The package to commemorate the new 2021 season was announced in early December and released in January 2021. The package - similar to the other prepared for any KPop group - contains several interesting pieces of Wei merchandise.

The first item you will get is a desk calendar with 2 separate sections. It features pages for each month of the upcoming year, and many beautiful photos of all members. The size of the calendar is 170 x 290 mm.

The second product is a planner with the title of the Season's Greetings on the cover. Inside you will find 120 pages, which will be very useful in taking notes, and planning your days, weeks and months. It measures 170 x 230 mm.

Wei 2021 Season's Greetings Merchandise

The third item is a set of 6 brochures. Each of them is related to a single member of Wei and features his picture on the cover. The brochures measure 174 x 233 mm.

Next there is a set of postcards. You will get 7 sheets including 1 group and 6 individual member cards. All of them are of a typical size of 100 x 150 mm. The set is followed by photo cards. In the package you will find 6 sheets of a regular size of 55 x 85 mm, which can be found in a majority of KPop albums.

The next piece of Wei merchandise is a set of 2 sheets of stickers, containing the handwritten messages from the members. The size of each sheet is 200 x 287 mm.

The clip board will be a perfect addition to your collection of stationery. It showcases a cool design and the logo of the group in the middle. Its size is 168 x 245 mm.

Finally we have a set of ID photos. You will get six pictures (1 of each member) sized 37 x 47 mm.

A special bonus DVD is added to all packages, containing some additional video content and the making of. All goods come in a separate plastic bag, and in a beautiful rectangular box with the logo of the Season's Greetings on the front. The dimensions of the box are 210 x 297 x 54 mm. This piece of Wei merchandise was manufactured in South Korea by Beatro Co., Ltd.

Physial Albums

While waiting for the official Wei light stick you can always check out their physical albums, which are considered as very valuable pieces of Wei merchandise. The group released their first extended play under Oui on October 5, 2020, and distributed by Kakao M. It is titled Identity: First Sight and is composed of 5 songs including the title track Twilight, Doremifa, Timeless, Hug You and Fuze.

The album reached number 3 on the Gaon Weekly chart and eventually sold 52,644 copies in October of 2020, becoming the 15th best-selling release in South Korea of the month.

The EP is available in 2 physical versions (We and i) and consists of a CD disk with the music, a random 132 pages photobook randomly chosen out of 6 variants (1 per member), an accordion booklet, 1 random polaroid photo chosen out of 6 sheets, a postcard randomly selected out of 6 options, 1 bookmark showcasing a silhouette of a single member of Wei, a folded poster of a size of 297 x 420 mm featuring a random member, and 2 photo cards selected at random out of 18 versions. As a pre-order benefit you could get a group poster sized 728 x 525 mm.

The second mini album of Wei titled Identity: Challenge had its premiere on February 24, 2021. It came out under Oui Entertainment and was for the second time distributed by Kakao M. On the CD you will find 5 tracks - All or Nothing, Breathing, Dancing in the Dark, Diffuser and Winter, Flower. All or Nothing was produced by Daehyeon and serves as the lead single. It peaked at number 4 on the weekly Gaon chart, and with 53,913 units sold it was the 9th most purchased release of February.

Inside the package with the album you will find a substantial amount of Wei merchandise. There are three different versions of Identity: Challenge to choose from - Challenge, All or Nothing. Each contains a CD disk with a random plate (6 options), a 100 pages photo book with a random cover, 1 mini brochure representing a random member, 1 postcard selected randomly out of 6 versions, 1 polaroid chosen out of 6 variants, 1 ticket photo card related to a single member, 2 message photo cards randomly selected from a lot of 24 sheets, and a single transparent card with a photo of a random member. All first-press albums came with a group poster.

Fan Made Merchandise

If you can't find any official Wei merchandise, you can always try to search the Internet, and look for some interesting fan made goods. The fans are very creative, and often upload their designs on various print-on-demand websites. You can then go to the websites and order an item with the design printed on it. These products are sometimes of the same high quality as the official ones. You can choose anything from T-shirts, hoodies, mugs, and pencil pouches, to door mats and coasters. The sites offer many different things, so you can be sure you will find something interesting for you.

Additionally the fans often make the goods themselves, and offer them on many e-commerce sites, where you can purchase them directly from them. The goods can be a great gift for anyone who is a big fan of Wei, especially where the official products are not available or are simply out of stock. You should definitely think about getting something if you plan to start your collection.