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BTS Merchandise

BTS (Bangtan Boys) - as the most popular KPop group in the world - needs no introduction so I'm gonna get straight to the main topic - BTS merchandise.

We all know that Big Hit Entertainment - the company of Bangtan Sonyeondan - is very reliable when it comes to providing the fans with something to collect by releasing new memorabilia every important occasion like concert tour or fan meeting. There is also a large collection of BT21 line merchandise consisting of hundreds of high quality items.

This article is a list of many Korean BTS merch I managed to find any information of - concert tours such as Love Yourself World Tour and Map of the Soul Tour, ARMY fanclub kits, Muster collections, House of BTS products, and other. I'll be covering each collection in a separate article.

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Concert Tours Merchandise

2014 BTS Live Trilogy Ep. II: The Red Bullet

2015 BTS Live Trilogy Ep. I: BTS Begins

2015 BTS Live <HYYH on stage>

The collection of 21 items that were available during the concerts in Seoul that were part of the 2015 BTS Live <HYYH on stage> tour. The tour supported the release of album The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 2. BTS gathered the audience of almost 14 000 fans during the performances from November 27 to 29, 2015.

2015 BTS Live <HYYH on stage> Merchandise

2016 BTS Live HYYH on stage: Epilogue

2017 BTS Live Trilogy Ep. III: The Wings Tour

A collection of 32 pieces of merchandise that was available for the fans who attended the third worldwide concert tour by BTS - 2017 BTS Live Trilogy Ep. III: The Wings Tour. The tour was the most successfull to date with more than 500 000 people who have seen the concert.

2017 BTS Live Trilogy Ep. III: The Wings Tour

2017 BTS The Wings Tour The Final

The tour concluded with the three concerts at the in Seoul. Additional 24 items were available for every ticket holder.

2017 BTS Live Trilogy Ep. III: The Wings Tour The Final Merchandise

2018 BTS Love Yourself Tour

The newest worldwide concert tour by BTS. The tour promoted their Love Yourself album series - Love Yourself: Her, Love Yourself: Tear and Love Yourself: Answer. 40 collectibles were available to purchase during the concerts sometimes with different items at the different venues.

BTS World Tour: Love Yourself Merchandise

BTS Love Yourself Tour: Speak Yourself

The extension of the concert tour Love Yourself titled Speak Yourself featured a substantial collection of BTS merchandise including apparel such as T-shirts, hoodies, and long sleeves, and other goods.

ARMY Fanclub Kits

1st Term Fanclub Membership Kit

The first package of merchandise prepared in 2014 for the members of the official fanclub of BTS called A.R.M.Y. It includes a membership card with a unique ID number.

1st Term Fanclub Membership Kit

2nd Term Fanclub Membership Kit

3rd Term Fanclub Membership Kit

A collection of goods for every fan who decided to join the official fanclub in 2016. It includes 8 photocards.

3rd Term Fanclub Membership Kit

4th Term Fanclub Membership Kit

The official goods for the 4th term members that were released in 2017. The package includes three special photo cards.

4th Term Fanclub Membership Kit

5th Term Fanclub Membership Kit

The latest package of collectibles prepared for the fifth generation members of the fanclub. It comes with a poster.

5th Term Fanclub Membership Kit

Muster Goods

1st Muster

The first installment into the Muster fanmeetings brought a selection of interesting BTS merchandise. It was held on March 29, 2014. At the venue you could get 8 different collectibles including a penlight and a promotional slogan.

2nd Muster [ZIP CODE: 17520]

Although scheduled, the second of Musters was canceled and never happened. Nevertheless the merchandise were released and available for purchase online.

2nd Muster [ZIP CODE: 22920]

The rescheduled 2nd Muster finally took place at the Hwajung Gymnasium in Seoul on January 24, 2016 under the title [ZIP CODE: 22920]. A selection of 13 pieces of merch was available. That included the first version of the official light stick.

3rd Muster [ARMY.ZIP + ]

The third fan meeting of the members of BTS with their official fanclub A.R.M.Y that happened in 2016. This collection of merchandise consists of 25 items including 18 new and 7 already released.

3rd Muster [ARMY.ZIP + ] Merchandise

4th Muster [Happy Ever After]

The latest fan meeting with the members of the official BTS fanclub ARMY. The set consists of 27 items including an acrylic badge from a special lucky draw event.

4th Muster [Happy Ever After] Merchandise

5th Muster: Magic Shop

The 5th Muster titled Magic Shop took place in two cities - Seoul and Busan. Both dates had partially their own versions of merchandise. You could acquire T-shirts, stationery, key holders and much more.


2015 Butterfly Dream Exhibition

2018 Oh, Neul Exhibition

2018 Oh, Neul was a special BTS exhibition at the ARA Art Center in Seoul. Special photos and videos of BTS were displayed on five floors of the art center. A selection of merchandise was available for every attendee. It consists of 25 items.

BTS 2018 Oh, Neul Exhibition Merchandise

Festa Anniversary Goods

2017 BTS Home Party

2018 BTS Prom Party

The second collection of goods from the BTS Festa celebration after the year 2017. The set of three items was prepared but they could be bought only from the official Big Hit Entertainment store. The set includes a mood light, photo frame and strap keyring.

2018 BTS Festa - Prom Party Merchandise


BTS Funko Pop Figures

A line of BTS Funko Pop figures released in 2019 as a part of Pop! Rocks series. It consists of 7 figures depicting each member of BTS. It's also available as a set exclusively from Barnes & Noble.

BTS Funko Pop Figures

2014 Summer Package

Hip Hop Monster Goods

2017 Wings Concept Book

The Most Beautiful Moment in Life The Notes 1