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Bolbbalgan4 Merchandise

Bolbbalgan4 (BOL4) was initially a duo composed of Ahn Ji-Young and Woo Ji-Yoon. After the appearance on Superstar K6 TV show they signed up with Shofar Music in 2016. In April of 2020, Ji-Yoon left the KPop act and Ji-Young became the sole member of the group.

They released only two collections of official Bolbbalgan4 merchandise so far including those for the South Korean tour titled Two Five that was held in 2019.


Red Diary Official Merchandise

In conjunction with the release of the album titled Red Diary Page.1 on September 28, 2017 the company of BOL4 decided to give something for the fans and prepared a limited edition collection of 5 items. The products were available online and offline from September 25 to October 19, 2017. You could get them in one package or separately.

Bolbbalgan4 Red Diary Official Merchandise

The first item is a 64 pages note that comes in two sizes - bigger L (180 x 250 mm) and smaller M (148 x 210 mm).

The second item is a 20 pages sticky memo that's available in 4 options - round A and C and square B and D. The size of the memos is (70 x 70 mm). They come with a cover (95 x 95 mm).

The next product is a set of two pens (blue or yellow package). The pens come in five different colors: pink, yellow, blue, red and sky blue.

The last item is an L-holder that is available in three variants: A (duo version), B (Woo Ji-Yoon version) and C (Ahn Ji-Young version). The size of the L-holder is 220 x 310 mm.