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Twice Merchandise

JYP Entertainment has released many collections of Twice merchandise since the girl group debuted in 2015. The collections are often composed of photo card and postcard sets, posters, cheering slogans and apparel. The group is known for including a more practical items such as pouches, tissue cases, earphones, alarm clocks, face masks and even body lotions and trash cans. Some types of Twice merchandise are present in almost all of the selections prepared by JYP. This includes Twicezines - a special magazines devoted to the members, and photo binder books for your collection of photo cards.

Some bigger collections were prepared for events such as the online concert Twice: World in a Day organized in 2020, and tours including Twiceland, Twicelights, and Twice 4th World Tour "III" held in 2022.

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Often a selection of items related to Lovelys - a characters representing each of the members of Twice - is available along with the cartoon characters products. Twice is also one of the few KPop groups that personally design their merch and are active during the creative process.

Twice Merchandise

Twice 1st Tour Twiceland: The Opening Merchandise

Twiceland: The Opening is the first concert tour of the group that began on February 17 with three shows on three consecutive days in Seoul at the SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium. The members visited also Thailand and Singapore.

The selection of collectibles prepared for the tour consists of 18 items which were manufactured by a South Korean company called Copan Global. The company is known for the merchandise they create for other KPop artists like Seventeen, DAY6 and Chungha. At the concerts you could find the first version of the official Twice light stick Candy Bong, a set of 22 photo cards of a standard size (55 x 85 mm), a photo card binder, an iRing in two different colors, a white T-shirt in two sizes (M and XL), 9 variants of a ballpoint pen (each representing one member), a mini light keyring, a set of 22 postcards, a white pouch for your Candy Bong, a black zip-up hoodie in either M or XL size, a set of 10 postcards, a photo slogan, a white eco bag, a set of 10 L-Holders, a set of 10 posters, a black card holder, a set of 9 stickers and a portable battery.

Additionally three pieces of Twice merchandise were included in the collection after the Knock Knock pop-up store opened on February 21, 2017. These were a Twicezine and two different versions of the jigsaw puzzle (500 and 1000 pieces).

Twice Knock Knock Pop-Up Store Selection

The pop-up store was opened after the third extended play of the group Twicecoaster: Lane 2 came out on February 20, 2017. The shop operated at the Common Ground Street Market in Seoul between February 21 and February 28, 2017. Aside from three albums The Story Begins, Twicecoaster: Lane 1 and Twicecoaster: Lane 2 the fans had a chance to acquire four different pieces of Twice merchandise including Candy Bong, a jigsaw puzzle (500 pieces version), Twicezine and the official Bluetooth speaker from LG.

Twice 1st Tour Twiceland: The Opening Encore Collection

The Twiceland tour concluded with the finale performances in Seoul at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium. The two concerts were held on June 17-18, 2017. The members prepared another collection of Twice merchandise consisting of 29 items that could also be purchased online. Some of the products were designed personally by the girls.

If you were lucky enough to attend the concerts you could get a transparent ice tumbler, a pink blanket, a round tissue case, a bath robe available in either pink or white color and two sizes - S and L, a towel (800 x 400 mm), a memo-it, a Dubu pouch, a white eco bag, a black ball cap, three items related to the Candy Bong - the light stick itself, a Candyfan and a mini light key ring, a LED fidget spinner, two graphic T-shirts (Face version or Twiceland version), earphones, a crystal ballpen, three versions of the fourth mini album Signal, a set of 20 photo cards (version A, B, C or D), a new photo card binder in three different variants, 9 character figures, 9 character luggage tags, 9 magnetic bookmarks in a set, a character badge set, a memo-it (two options), a set of three notes, a set of character spring notes, a set of 10 character photo cards, three sheets of stickers in a set and finally a white mug.

Twice Character Pop-Up Store 2017 Merchandise

The next pop-up store of Twice operated between August 21 and August 31, 2017 at the Lotte Young Plaza in Seoul. At the store you could find the Twice merchandise depicting the members of the girl group from JYP Entertainment. All 14 items available for purchase were manufactured by Copan Global.

The collection consists of a character fan, a beach towel, a glass bottle of a capacity of 500 ml that comes with one sheet of stickers, a passport wallet, a pink handkerchief, a mouse pad, 10 different character wappens, 10 L-holders, a set of 10 photo cards, a mirror key ring available in 9 versions, a pink neck cushion, a character cushion in 9 variants, a set of 2 silicon bracelets and a name tag either featuring the name of a chosen member written in Korean (version A) or in English (version B).

Twice 2nd Tour: Twiceland Zone 2 - Fantasy Park Goods

Twiceland Zone 2 - Fantasy Park is the second tour by the group that began with three concerts at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium in Seoul on May 18-20, 2018. Around 18 000 fans attended the event. During the tour the members visited also Japan, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia.

In conjunction with the tour a selection of 23 pieces of Twice merchandise was released. The collection consists of a white alarm clock, a cutlery set (a spoon, fork and knife), a Dubu cushion, a purple hard pouch, the first version of the official Twice light stick, either black or white graphic T-shirt in M and XL sizes, a set of 8 badges (variant A or B), a Twiceland badge (variant A, B or C), a laptop pouch, a leather bracelet, a black waist bag, a white windbreaker featuring the title of the tour on the back, a black ballcap in one free size, a photo binder book, a set of 18 photo cards (variant A or B), a Twiceland Fantasy Park photo book, 9 versions of an image picket, 9 different pop-up cards, a clear frame (9 versions), a character key ring (9 versions), a character pin button (9 versions, each with a face of one member), a sticker set (1 roll (1000 mm lomg) plus 1 sheet of stickers), and What Is Love? zip-up hoodie in M and XL sizes.

Twice Dance The Night Away Summer Pop-Up Store Collection

In conjunction with the release of an reissue album Summer Nights on July 9, 2018 a special pop-up store was opened in Seoul. The store operated at the Hyundai I'Park Mall in Yongsan-gu from July 26 to August 13. 16 new items were introduced. All of them were manufactured by Copan Global.

The items are: a white pencil pouch, a special badge (version A, B or C), a white beach bag, a black velcro wallet with a lanyard, a name tag with the words "Summer Nights", a black case for your CDs or DVDs (155 x 155 mm), two variants of a beach towel, a tapestry (9 versions), a mood lamp (version A or B), a 30 pages photo card binder, a ticket book (31 pages), a character glass with a coaster, a character bracelet (2 options), a set of 18 stickers in 2 variants - What Is Love? and Dance The Night Away, a strap key ring (9 versions).

The last piece of Twice merch is an acrylic photo frame with a stand and a set of 9 standard-sized photo cards (55 x 85 mm).

Twice Once Halloween Fanmeeting Merchandise

The first of the Halloween fan meetings with the official fans Once took place at the Yonsei University in Seoul on October 28, 2018. The members performed in a special costumes and make-ups depicting movie and cartoon characters.

A collection of merchandise was prepared for the fans who attended the meeting. The others could order the items during the pre-order period - from October 18 to October 25, 2018. The selection is composed of 35 products - a travel pouch, a wooden pot stand with a photo of Jeongyeon, pink brown or sky blue pairs of fur slippers (size 5 or 8), a set of a candle and warmer, a photo book To. Once From. Jihyo 2 (156 pages), a Miguin pot, Dubu spring note (100 pages), 3 versions of a wallet, a hair brush, Candy Bong and a special power bank for it, a passport wallet, a commemorating slogan (version A or B), a black or white eco bag, four versions of a T-shirt (A, B, C and D) in two sizes - M and XL, a regular black hoodie and three different zip-up hoodies, a stadium jumper (M or XL), three badges (A, B or C), a popsocket featuring the title of the fan meeting (40 x 40 mm), a yellow single mat, a set of 18 photo cards (55 x 85 mm), 9 postcards in a set with paper frame, three versions of the fabric poster, a new photo binder which comes with two special photos, a PVC film (variant A, B or C), new edition of Twicezine (100 pages), blanket (1500 x 1000 mm), a purple or pink Lovely doll either in large or small size, Lovely Mochi cushion in two sizes, 9 variants of 2 pin buttons in a set, a blue deskpad, a character pen (9 options), a character mini keyring (9 options).

The last Twice merchandise in this collection is a special Halloween kit consisting of a black mug, 2 sheets of tattoo stickers and 2 mini notes. All comes in an orange hexagonal box that looks like a pumpkin.

Twice World Tour 2019 Twicelights Merchandise

Twicelights is the first world tour by Twice during which the members performed 27 times on two continents - Asia and North America. The group visited Thailand Philippines, Singapore, United States, Mexico, Malaysia and Japan.

The Twice merchandise prepared for the two concerts in Seoul that took place on May 25 and 26, 2019 consist of 42 collectibles, many of which are designed by the members.

In the collection you will find a sleeve or cropped T-shirt in either black or white color, a paper hanger featuring the face of Jeongyeon, a white or blue sweatsuit in free size, a body lotion (300 ml), a laptop pouch (2 sizes), a round Miguin cushion, a set of black (3 pieces) or white (4 pieces) Dubu face masks, a strawberry T-shirt and a crop top, a trash can designed by Tzuyu, a pouch bag, the second version of the official Twice light stick Candy Bong Z that was prepared especially for the world tour, a silver pouch for the fanlight and a powerbank, a black or white T-shirt in either M or XL size, two variants of the silver ring, an anorak jacket, a deco stickers for the Candy Bong Z pouch, three variants of the eco bag (white, black or orange), a black tumbler, a badge, a set of three album badges (version A or B), a special frame for the badges, the official slogan, a set of 10 lenticular photo cards (version A or B), an image picket (9 options), a set of 5 trading cards randomly chosen out of 100, a new photo binder book (29 pages), quick snap, acrylic stand with a silhouette of a chosen member (of course 9 options), accordion postcards, a photo frame, a set of 9 L-Holders, two versions of a new edition of Twicezine (red or black), a black T-shirt for the Lovely doll, a silicon mood light, a cable figure, a cup cover infuser with a Lovely figurine at the top, a clear jelly phone case for your smartphone, a keyring (9 options), a passport case (9 options), a character mini note (Yes or Yes or Fancy version), and finally a character mini wireless keyboard.

Twaii's Shop Pop-Up Store Goods

The Twaii's Shop Pop-Up Store operated during summer of 2019. It was opened from August 3 to August 25 at the Dong-young Building in Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu. A similar store was also opened in Tokyo and Singapore.

At the store you could purchase a total number of 34 pieces of Twice merchandise. They were manufactured by Copan Global.

The collection consists of the Candy Bong Z, a wireless charger for your smartphone, a light stick keyring, a cover for the Candy Bong Z, a pouch for the light stick in two colors (this time a white and a black version), a Candyfan Z (2000 mAh), a badge in four variants (A, B, C and D), a passport case (navy or white), a Candy Bong Z phone holder, an earphone keyring, a Z cushion, a big meshbag, a waterball phone holder (version A or B), a gel candle, a badge (version A or B), a yellow or blue pin brooch, a white or blue eco bag, a tumbler (400 ml), a white or black shirt (two size: M and XL), a T-shirt (white, blue or black), a black or white clutch bag, a beach towel (1800 x 900 mm), a cashbee card (available in yellow or blue color) featuring the photo of all members of Twice, a Twaii's Twicezine, an image picket (9 options), a set of 5 trading cards chosen randomly out of 90 versions, two photo binder books (version A or B), a set of 10 lenticular photo cards (version A or B), the Photobook by Dahyun (160 pages), the Twice Monograph Fancy (150 pages), 9 variants of a Lovely earphone case, a round cup holder (yellow or blue), a sheet of character stickers (9 options), and 9 character bookmarks in three versions - Yes Or Yes, The Year Of Yes and Fancy.

Twice Once Halloween 2 Fanmeeting Merchandise

The second Once Halloween 2 Fanmeeting took place at the Hwajung Tiger Dome of the Korea University Seoul Campus in Seoul on October 20, 2019. The girls again met with their fans during Halloween season and gave two performances (at 1:00PM and at 6:00PM).

The attendees could acquire a total number of 19 collectibles. The full collection counts 40 products and was released for purchase online. The items you could get are a purple or oatmeal hoodie in either M or XL size, a purple cleaner slipper, a blue body pillow, a black phone case for your smartphone (Galaxy Note 10 or iPhone 7/8 and X/XS), canvas bag, Miguin warmer, Dubu check pants (white or red in either M or XL size), a set of two espresso cups (65 ml), a shopping bag, black slippers in S, M or L size, Candy Bong Z and the power bank for it, a light stick key ring, a pouch for the fanlight (black or white variant) and a cover, a round CD player, a Candy Bong umbrella, three graphic T-shirts in two colors - black and white - and three sizes - M, L, XL, a zip-up hoodie with the logo of the event on the back, a bucket hat, a card wallet, a messenger bag, a black tumbler, a bottle that can contain 200 ml of your favourite beverage, two variants of a badge (A and B) and an album badge (A or B), a Feel Special album and Twice Classic versions of a photo binder book, another edition of Twicezine, a lenticular photo cards in a set of 10 sheets, a set of 5 random trading cards chosen out of 90, 9 variants of a special photo, a fabric poster (960 x 700 mm), a set of a brooch and a pin button (9 options), a 100 pieces jigsaw puzzle, a finger strap, five different Lovely keyrings, an earphones case for Buds and Airpods in two colors - beige or burgundy, a wappen (9 options), and a Lovely cup holder.

Twice University Fashion Club Merchandise

The University Fashion Club collectibles were prepared for the canceled finale concerts of the Twicelights world tour. They were instead released online by JYP Entertainment on April 6, 2020.

The Twice merchandise you could order were a sweatpants (white or black) in M or XL size, a green foot mat, a black or white fashion mask, a coral (L) or mint (XL) cardigan, a canvas bag, a Miguin bowl, a Dubu mini keyring, a set of 6 stickers, a newsboy cap in two sizes - M and L, three types of a grip tok, the Candy Bong Z and a designated power bank, the CD player I mentioned before, a white T-shirt (M, L or XL), a stadium jumper (M or XL), a black mug, a photo card binder book, new Twicezine, a set of 10 lenticular photo cards, a set of 5 trading cards (this time chosen out of 100 different versions), 9 image pickets, a set of a photo and a sticker, a Lovely badge (9 options) and three sets of a Lovely wappen sticker.

The last piece of merch is a special University kit composed of an ID card, card board photo and two ID pictures. It is available in 9 different options (each representing one member of Twice).