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McElroy Merch

If you are a big fan of the podcasters there are plenty of good examples of the McElroy merch you can get for your collection. They are very easily to get so you won't have any problem with that. McElroys are three brothers who run their own podcasts including the most popular My Brother, My Brother And Me, The Adventure Zone, Sawbones, Shmanners, Wonderful! and The Besties. The youngest of the brothers is also known as a founder of a video game news website Polygon.

The three members of the family started the comedy podcast titled My Brother, My Brother And Me back in 2010. Four years later The Adventure Zone was brought to life. Its theme is a table role playing games. Both are extremely popular among the audience of all ages.

If you're looking for some nice pieces of McElroy merch, their official website is the best option to start with. A large variety of products can be found in the shop. The prices range from very affordable to more expensive, but you will definitely find something that will be right up your alley. Of course the merch is often related to the podcasts the brothers run. You can get practically everything from stickers, patches, enamel pins, posters, T-shirts and backpacks. Some other unique items such as wine glasses are also available.

Let's see what kind of interesting pieces of McElroy merch you can acquire. The first thing you should think about are pins. They come in a variety of colors and shapes, and often depict the cartoon characters of all McElroy brothers. The first set features all of them and are captioned with a sentence "20 rendezvous: Fancy takes flight". You can purchase both of them in a set or separately.

The next enamel pin is circle and depicts a head of a doll. It is black and white with the words "Doll watch" at the bottom. The diameter of the item is 1.25 in. It was designed by Sam Schultz.

Next we have a series of posters. These pieces of McElroy merch were designed by different talented artists including Shanen Pae, Bec Hurley and Greta Strand. The first example is a spooky poster showcasing a skull over a TV set. The design also incorporates a sentence "Saturday night dead" printed in all caps in yellow. The next one is advertising the podcast Wonderful! It features the hosts Rachel and Griffin McElroy. At the bottom you can spot a sentence "An enthusiasts podcast". The final piece of McElroy merch in the selection depicts a cartoon characters of the family members in a very dynamic poses. This collectible measures 11 x 17 in.

A large amount of stickers is also available in the shop. Once again there are plenty of different sizes and shapes, so you can be sure you will find something ideal for you that you can stick on your notebook or any place else. The first example is a rectangular colorful bumper sticker. It showcases a sentence "K2: Knights Templar 2 Wacky Wizards". The decal is made of vinyl and is 7.5 inches wide. This wonderful piece of merch was designed by Tyler Reed.

The next sticker is of a shape of a leaf or eye. The design incorporates a purple eye and a sentence "Keep Kepler Strange". It was created by Rachel Calderon Navarro and its dimensions are 5.97 x 3.75 in. Next we have a set of four stickers depicting the heads of four McElroy family members as a cartoon characters. This piece of merch comes on a 5 x 6 inch sheet, and measure 1.5 in each. The illustrations were prepared by Sarah Cosico.

A very similar set to the one above comes with three different stickers featuring pixelated cartoon character heads of all McElroy brothers. Each of them is 2.5 in tall and has a transparent background. They come separately or in a set.

One of the most important McElroy merch are of course T-shirts. Those available in the store come in different colors and sizes. You can be sure you will find the right size for yourself or someone you're making a present for.

A great example is a T-shirt promoting the podcast Besties. The first variant is yellow and features the logo of the broadcast on the front printed in black letters. It is available in eight different sizes including XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, 3XL and 4XL. The second is black and showcases the description of the podcast on the front: "It's a video game [book] club", this time printed in white and yellow. Both are available for a very affordable price of $26.

The next piece of McElroy merch is a little bit different with a really nice design on the front depicting a Kepler map printed in green. This cool illustration by Calum Gillies presents a beautifully drawn landscape. Similarly to the both examples above you can get it in eight sizes ranging from XS to 4XL.

Finally we have a really cool T-shirt with the logo of My Brother, My Brother & Me podcast on the front. Additionally you can get a dark blue variant with the logo in a little bit different lettering, and a sentence "This is my protest shirt. Stop changing the things I like".

If you prefer a little bit more original McElroy merch you should definitely consider a beautiful set of dice titled Bureau of Balance. The item is promoting The Adventure Zone podcast. It is a polyhedral set with a visible glitter inside each of the die. This cool piece of merch is a collaboration with Die Hard Dice, and was designed by Aron Jean. Inside the package you will find seven pieces and a special velvet bag with a Bureau of Balance logo embroidered in the middle. If you are a gamer this will be an ideal item for you.

The next piece of McElroy merch that you will consider very original, is a beautiful coin commemorating the first 500 episodes of My Brother, My Brother And Me. It showcases the logo of the podcast on one side and a number 500 on the other. It is a silver 2 inches coin that comes with a plastic stand useful for displaying on your shelf or desk at the office.