Artists Discographies Items Light Sticks About Us Merchandise, also known as Triangle Be, is a girl group formed by a renowned South Korean produces Shinsadong Tiger under TR Entertainment and Universal Music. The group is composed of seven members including Songsun, Kelly, Hyunbin, Jinha, Soeun, Jia and Mire. They debuted on February 17, 2021 with their first single album titled Da Loca and the main track Doom Doom Ta.

At this point there are several collections of the official merchandise available. Although the official light stick has not yet been released. Currently you can get the goods prepared for the group's releases including the 2021 single album Conmigo and the extended play titled Veni Vidi Vici from the same year. If you don't mind you can also get some fan made unofficial goods from various e-commerce websites. You can of course get the physical editions of their albums themselves.

Physical Albums

As mentioned earlier the girls debuted with their first single in February of 2021. On the CD you will find only two songs including the lead single and the supporting track Loca. The album reached number 57 on the Gaon Weekly chart. Da Loca Album Merchandise Da Loca is available physically in one version. It was manufactured and printed in South Korea. It measures 148 x 210 mm and comes with a sleeve cover featuring the name of the group and the title of the single on a red background. Inside the package you will find some interesting pieces of merchandise including the CD disk with the music, a photobook with 84 pages full of beautiful pictures of all members (148 x 210 mm), a set of 8 mini posters including 1 group and 7 individual member sheets (145 x 200 mm), 1 random name card with some information of a selected member and her picture (90 x 50 mm), 1 random polaroid chosen out of 7 variants (55 x 86 mm), 2 stickers measuring 60 x 40 mm (1 triangle with the title of the first single on a black background, and 1 rectangular with the logo of printed on a red background), and finally a photo card added randomly out of 7 variants.

The photo cards are of a standard size you can find in many currently released KPop albums - 55 x 85 mm.

2 different group posters were prepared for this release. A random one was included in the package if you purchased your copy during the pre-order period. The dimensions of both posters are 420 x 594 mm.

Unofficial Fan Made Merchandise

If you are in need of some merchandise and the official are not available or are simply out of stock, you should definitely think about fan made goods. The fans often create their own items to fill the void during periods of time when nothing official is being released. Then they help the other fans by offering these items on various e-commerce sites all over the Internet. The fans are eager to get the items and add them to their KPop collection.

The offered unofficial merchandise are often of the same quality as the ones released by the KPop companies. You can get many different types of items including apparel, stationery and phone accessories. The prices is also affordable so you don't have to worry you will spend too much.

As an alternative you can also check out a print-on-demand service, which will print a logo or other design related to on a specific item. There are plenty to choose from including T-shirts, hoodies, popsockets, posters, etc. The fans often upload their own artworks for other to use them. The ordered items can be delivered straight to your home address, so it is very convenient to use the service.

You should definitely think about getting something while waiting for the official light stick and other merchandise.