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Le Sserafim Merchandise

Le Sserafim is a new girl group formed under Hybe and Source Music in 2022. It is composed of six members including Yunjin, Garam, Kazuha, Eunchae and two former members of IZ*ONE - Sakura and Chaewon. Yunjin is probably best known from her participation in the survival TV show Produce 48. The group debuted with their first extended play titled Fearless, and the eponymous lead single.


Currently there are very few officially released Le Sserafim merchandise and there is no official light stick available. The only items you can try to collect are a special package of goods titled The First Moment In Your Hands from 2022, and the physical editions of their albums. They are of course very popular among the fans and contain many cool pieces of merchandise. Another alternative is to search for some unofficial items made by fellow fans. They can be easily found on multiple e-commerce websites.

Physical Albums

Le Sserafim debuted with their first EP on May 2, 2022. It contains five songs including The World Is My Oyster, the main track of the same title, Blue Flame, The Great Mermaid, and Sour Grapes. All of them were composed and written by a producing team called 13.

Fearless topped the Japanese Hot Albums chart of Billboard, and reached number two on the Gaon Weekly chart in South Korea.

The physical edition was released in three different versions - 2 regular Vol.1 Black Petrol and Vol.2 Blue Chypre, and a special version named Monochrome Bouquet. All of them are composed of several pieces of Le Sserafim merchandise.

The regular ones come in a rectangular format. Both contain a CD disc in a black envelope (120 x 120 mm), a photo book with 112 pages full of beautiful photos taken during the promotional photo shoot, 1 random photo card selected out of 12 options (2 per each member) of a size of 54 x 86 mm, a postcard measuring 175 x 120 mm, a single sheet of black and white stickers (148 x 210 mm), and a transfer paper sized 66 x 52 mm. Everything comes in an elegant yet simple box of a dimensions of 190 x 259 x 12 mm.

The last piece of Le Sserafim merchandise included in the package was a group poster of a dimensions of 594 x 420 mm. It was chosen randomly out of two variants.

The Monochrome Bouquet version comes in a square box sized 141 x 141 x 9 mm. Inside the package you will find an interesting selection of Le Sserafim merchandise. That includes of course a CD disc, a lyric book containing 32 pages of text (138 x 138 mm), 2 double sided photo cards selected from a lot of - similarly to the previous version - 12 different variants, and a postcard which is smaller than the previous one (138 x 95 mm).

As you can see the albums can be a really great items to add to your collection. It's no surprise that they are considered as one of the most precious Le Sserafim merchandise. You can put them on your bookshelf or on your desk as a decoration. They will definitely brighten up your room and set the mood of the place of any KPop collector.

Fan Made Unofficial Merchandise

If the lack of official merchandise including the official Le Sserafim light stick is giving you a hard time, you should definitely consider getting something made by fans. They are very creative and are willing to design their own items, which end up on various e-commerce auction websites. Then they can be purchased for usually a very affordable price, and delivered to your door steps straight from the seller.

These Le Sserafim merchandise are often very well-made and of a high quality, so you don't have to worry they will not meet your expectations. One of the most popular products you can get are T-shirts, hoodies, phone cases and other nice collectibles you can use in your everyday life.

This method can be a great alternative, especially if you are in a hurry to get a nice present for your friend or a family member. Since they are very affordable you don't have to worry you will spend too much.

If you are still looking for a way to obtain some nice Le Sserafim merchandise, you can always try a print-on-demand websites. Those sites can create completely new collectibles from scratch by printing a chosen artwork on a selected item. There are usually thousands of designs you can choose from. There are plenty of people who upload them so you can use it. If none of the designs are of your liking, you can always create something yourself.

The print-on-demand websites offer a full service - that includes manufacturing the merchandise, packing them, and shipping straight to your home address. If you are a fan of Le Sserafim, that's a perfect solution for you.