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Larray Merch

If you are a big fan of the artist you should definitely consider adding some interesting Larray merch to your collection.

Larray (also known as Larri Merritt) is a YouTuber producing comedy videos. He is also a member of the Hype House, a group of content creators and influencers based in Los Angeles, California. The artist began his career on Vine, and then transitioned to YouTube, where he currently has 8 million subscribers, with a total number of views exceeding 800 000 000. He is just at the beginning of his journey.

Larray is also an accomplished musician two released several songs including the most recognized Canceled, First Place, and Last Place featuring Twaimz.

If you're looking for officially released Larray merch, you can get them from various e-commerce websites online. They were previously released on the official shop of the content creator, that currently is not accessible. The merch is available from the third-party sellers who had an opportunity to acquire them in the past.

The first collection of apparel titled Girlies showed up on the official website in the middle of 2020. It is composed of three types of hoodie, a sweatpants and a face mask.

The first hoodie has a nice big front kangaroo pocket and a matching drawstrings. It features a beautiful design on the front incorporating a rainbow and the word "Girlies" written horizontally. On the right sleeve you will notice the same graphic, but with the word written vertically. You can get it in either black or white color.

The next piece of Larray merch is another hoodie, this time with an embroidery on the front, in green and blue shades. The item called "rainbow heart" is available in either black, blue or pink. Both hoodies were originally listed for $55.95.

The last hoodie is a little bit different. It is a cropped item, and you can get in only one color - black. It is relatively more affordable than the previous two and cost $54.95.

Next we have a sweatpants that will be a great addition to the pieces of merch described above. They showcases the same design along with small colorful details depicting elements such as moon, star and heart. They are available in both black and white so you can be sure they will match the hoodie you will be getting regardless of what your choices are.

The final item in the collection is a simple black face mask. Of course the same illustration is featured on the front.

In August several other pieces of Larray merch where added to the Girlies collection. The shop offered additional items including a flower hoodies, sweatpants, T-shirts, shorts and bucket hats. All in different prices and sizes.

The third drop of collectibles, this time called Hey Girlies showed up on the Larray website soon afterwards. All of the pieces showcase a colorful design incorporating the title of the collection on the front. You could purchase either a hoodie or T-shirt. The former comes in many different colors including black, gray, white, yellow, pink, mint, red and light purple. The shirt is available in light pink, black, mint or red. The letters of the logo on the front are printed in several colors such as red, yellow, blue, orange, pink and blue. If you're looking for something for yourself or someone else this might be a great idea that will definitely please you.

In October of 2020, to commemorate the release of the artist's single titled Canceled, a very interesting selection of Larray merch was introduced.

Canceled had its premiere on October 18. It was produced by Larray himself, along with Taz Taylor and S. Diesel. It is a comedy track about the fellow social influencers. An accompanying music video has also been released. The song peaked at number 81 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and received a gold certification from RIAA.

The collection of Larray merch released for the premiere was composed of three different items. The first one is another hoodie. It features a beautiful crest on the front alongside two words "cancelled university", beautifully printed in pink. The second product are a matching sweatpants. They feature the same design on the upper part of the left leg, with additional word "canceled" on the right leg. It will be great as a combination with the hoodie. The final item in the Canceled collection is the most original of Larray merchandise. It is a nice set of a notebook and a pen. The notebook is black and has the same illustration on the cover as the other two items. The matching pen has a really pleasant bright pink color. The three products cost $59.95, $54.95 and $12.95 respectively. The ideal solution is to get all of them as a bundle. You definitely won't be disappointed.

The continuation of the Girlies merch showed up on the store at the end of 2020, while the older ones were restocked. The new items were in a delicate pastel colors. You could get a new light blue, lavender or mint hoodie, joggers and a bucket hat. All with the design we are already perfectly familiar with.

The next selection of Larray merch was released under the title Sugar, Spice, Everything. Only two items were available - a new hoodie and a T-shirt, both in either black or white color.

Next we have a new collection of goods from the Girlies line. This time it features an anime character Natalia. Several pieces of clothing were available at a time in the middle of 2021. Most of them features Natalia, including two different types of hoodie and a T-shirt. The first design you can spot on the back incorporates a beautiful artwork of the character and some Japanese letters. It is also present on the T-shirt. The second type of hoodie is similar to the first one, but showcases a portrait of Natalia on the front. The other two pieces of merch are a shorts available in either black or white, and a black sweatpants with some cool designs on both of the legs.

Please notice that the items show up on the official website periodically, and are very quickly sold out. You should definitely follow Larray on his social media to stay up-to-date and not miss the opportunity.