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Day6 Official Light Stick Light Band

Day6 Official Light Stick Light Band
Release Date 22 June 2018
Price $49.99
Width Depth Height
57.35mm 50mm 29mm
Light Colors
Operating Time 4.5 Hours
Power 420mAh Li-Polymer Internal Battery
Content Light Band, USB Cable, User Manual
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The Day6 official light stick for their fandom My Day was revealed on June 6, 2018. It was released on June 22. The item is called a Light Band and its design is different from all others KPop light sticks. It looks like a wrist watch and nothing like we used to see when it comes to a traditional fanlights. There's no clock but a centerpiece that can emit the light. It is an official product from JYP Entertainment designed and manufactured by Copan Global.

The biggest advantage of the Day6 light stick is that it doesn't require external batteries. It is equipped with an internal 420mAh Li-Polymer battery that you can charge via a USB cable. It can operate for 4.5 hours. The charging time is around 2.5 hours. It can work in three standard modes: on, blink and flicker. The modes can be changed by a small white button on the left side of a centerpiece. On the right side there's a Micro USB port.

Day6 Official Light Stick Light Band

The light stick can be connected to a center control at the concerts of Day6 via Bluetooth to create a various light effects.

The size of the centerpiece is 57.35 x 50 x 29 mm. The length of the strap is 253 mm and you can adjust it to the size of your wrist. There are also additional strap available so you can customize your light band. They were released as a part of merchandise collections for the 1st World Tour Youth and Encore concerts, Christmas Special Concert The Present and the first fan meeting You Made My Day.

In the package you will find a Day6 light stick, a USB cable and a user manual.

Available From Ebay ▼
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