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Treasure Merchandise

Treasure is a twelve-member boy group formed by YG Entertainment in 2019 through their survival show YG Treasure Box. The KPop band consists of Jihoon, Hyunsuk, Junkyu, Yoshi, Jaehyuk, Mashiho, Yedam, Asahi, Haruto, Doyoung, Jeongwoo and Junghwan. The members debuted with their first single album The First Step: Chapter One on August 7, 2020, and the music video for Boy.

Including the official Treasure light stick, there are plenty of interesting collections of Treasure merchandise available for the fans, for instance those released for the fanmeeting Treasure 1st Private Stage [Teu-Day] and the group's first concert titled Trace held in 2022. That also includes the items released for each of the group's albums. All of them are official and were released by YG.


1st Official MD Treasuremap Merchandise

The first selection of memorabilia was prepared to commemorate the debut album of Treasure titled The First Step: Chapter One.

An information about the release of the collection was announced on the official social media of YG Family on August 13, 2020, and was available on the company's official store YG Select. You could get some pieces of jewelry, fashion and other products.

The collection starts with a cross bag. It is available in three colors - purple, green and yellow. It features the logo of the group on the front, composed of 12 stars, and measures 165 x 195 x 70 mm. It is made of a 100% Polyester. The second item is a small bag with a white strap. You can get it in one of three variants - yellow, pink or black. It is also made of Polyester, and its dimensions are 145 x 250 x 40 mm. The third product in the collection is a set of three reusable tumblers (yellow, pink and orange). All three come with a lid and 3 straws, and can change color when filled with cold water. It will be perfect for your favourite beverage. It can contain 710 ml of liquid.

Treasure 1st Official MD Treasuremap Merchandise

The next piece of Treasure merchandise is a simple ballcap. It comes in six colors - yellow, blue, mint, purple, orange and pink. It was manufactured by Rinse And Co and is available in one free size (54-60 cm). Next we have a grip holder (popsocket). You can get it in one of six variants - hot pink, orange, yellow, green, navy and purple, each featuring the logo of Treasure in a glittery design. It was made of acrylic and resin by Dain, and measures 40 x 40 x 16 mm.

The first of jewelry is a pendant necklace. The piece of Treasure merchandise features a padlock motif symbolizing the group's journey to discover a hidden treasure. On the padlock pendant you will spot the logo of the group. A bracelet will be perfect addition to the necklace. It has a small round pendant with a phrase "Treasure Is Everywhere". Next we have a silver keyring with two charms - a key and a matching metal plaque - and 2 chains. The keyring incorporates 12 small shiny stones.

Next we have 2 types of T-shirts. The first one features the word "Treasure" on the front, and a graphic design featuring a big diamond on the back. It is made of ring spun Cotton and is available in 3 variants - tie dye blue, black and white. The second type has a small design on the left side of the chest, and a bigger one on the back that looks like a constellation of stars. You can get it in either purple, black or white color. All T-shirts are available in two sizes - M and L.

Six different hoodies were prepared for the fans. Each of them comes in a different color and a distinctive design incorporating the sentence "Treasure Is Everywhere". The available shades are: purple, pink, yellow, olive, mint and blue. All use a rainbow reflective film for the small stars. The hoodies come in either M or L size.

The next piece of Treasure merchandise is a name tag set composed of 12 wappens featuring an animal representing each of the members and his name, and 12 acrylic name tags, each in different color. Next there is a set of 3 notebooks. You will get a light green, dark green and purple notebook. Each of them contains 24 pages including 1 dot-to-dot page, 7 portrait, and 16 regular pages (plain, checkered and striped). A sticker set will be a perfect accessory for the notebooks. You will get 5 sheets of glossy coated stickers, consisting of photos, drawings, and other graphics.

I Love You Goods

The second selection of Treasure merchandise was released in conjunction with the release of the group's second single album The First Step: Chapter Two. The single had its premiere on September 18, 2020 under YG Entertainment and is composed of 2 songs including the title I Love You, which the collection was named after, and B.L.T (Bling Like This). The second of Treasure albums peaked at number 2 on the weekly Gaon chart.

The official merchandise for the single was released on September 21, 2020. There are 15 different items to choose from.

The first is a set of 5 heart-shaped highlighters (with a cap). It comes in two different variants - black and blue, and rainbow composed of purple, green, blue, yellow and orange highlighters. This piece of stationery will be perfect for any student. The second item is a photo keyring with a PVC frame and 12 photos (1 per each member of Treasure). It features the words "Treasure Makers" and is available in either black or blue variant. The third product is a simple pin button representing a single member, with a special cover made of PVC depicting an animal related to the member. The diameter of the pin button is 55 mm while the cover measures 70 x 75 mm. Each set contains 2 different buttons and three covers. Next we have a set of 12 pencils with a handwritten messages from each of the members. The set comes in a beautiful black tube. The next product is a set of 4 different black and blue clips, in a shape of diamond, ring, star and heart.

Treasure I Love You Merchandise

You can add the next piece of Treasure merchandise to your collection of KPop stationery. It is a set of 4 sticky memo pads. You will get a pad in a shape of a ring, diamond, heart and a simple round one. You will probably be interested in a set of 2 rolls of stickers. You can choose between the Heart and Diamond version (1 roll is the same in both versions).

The scrap pouch is a very interesting collectible. It is composed of a transparent pouch, a keyring, a photo album with 12 pictures of the members, a postcard and 1 sheet of stickers. Two different variants were prepared - blue and black.

If you're in need of an interesting smartphone accessory you can get a phonecase, with a special compartment for your credit or transportation cards. It is made of Cordura fabric and Polyester, and comes in either black or blue version. A strap is included so you can wear it on your neck just like a regular lanyard. And if you're looking for a nice Airpod case you can get one of 2 available - black or blue. It was a pre-order product. The pre-orders started on September 21, 2020 and lasted for a month until October 21, 2020. You could also order a version for the Airpods Pro model.

The other Treasure merchandise in this collection were a sling bag (black or blue) with a small pouch, a multipurpose pouch available in either black or blue, two variants of a lanyard (black or blue), and finally 12 pin badges with a drawing on them.

Let Me Treasure You [MMM] Collection

On November 30, 2020 a new collection of Treasure goods was announced on the official social media of YG Select. It was mainly composed of apparel and was prepared to commemorate the release of the group's third single album The First Step: Chapter Three. The Chapter Three was released on November 6, 2020 by YG Entertainment. On the CD you will find 4 tracks including the lead single Mmm, Orange and the instrumental versions of both songs. The album topped the Gaon Weekly chart and was the 5th best-selling release of November in South Korea.

Treasure Let Me Treasure You [MMM] Merchandise

You should definitely check out all the items prepared for the fans included in this selection. The collection starts with a set of 2 identical round earrings featuring a word "Treasure" and three stars. It is followed by a reversible jacket in either black or blue color (depending on which side you'll be wearing it). It showcases a phrase "Find Your Treasure" (on the black fleece side), and "Let Me Treasure You" (on the blue woven side). You can get it in either M or L size. Next we have a set of jewelry. In the set you will find two rhombus drop earrings and three stud earrings (with a graphic of a star, heart and a lightning). Next we have a set of stickers with either 2 or 3 stickers per pack. There are 11 different variants to choose from.

The next piece of Treasure merchandise is a sweatshirt available in either white or light blue color. It features a word "Treasure" on the left side of the chest and a fancy design on the back. There are two sizes to choose from - M and L. Additionally you can get another sweatshirt, this time with the name of the group featured in the middle on the front. You can get it in black or dark blue, and in both M and L size. Next there is a hoodie with buttons and zipper. It has two big pockets on the front, and showcases several details related to the KPop group. It comes in black and light blue and can be purchased in either M or L size.

My Treasure Merchandise

To commemorate the release of the group's debut full-length album, another collection of goods was released. The First Step: Treasure Effect had its premiere on January 11, 2021 under YG Entertainment. On the CD you will find 12 tracks including the lead single My Treasure, Be With Me, Slowmotion, Boy, Come to Me, I Love You, B.L.T (Bling Like This), Mmm, Orange, Going Crazy and the piano version of I Love You, along with the Rock version of Mmm. The album topped the weekly Gaon chart and reached number 6 on the Japanese Oricon chart. It became the biggest seller of January in South Korea with 266,894 copies sold.

The collection of Treasure merchandise was titled after the title track from the album. It was released on March 10, 2021 and consists of 17 different items.

The selection starts with a set of a bath headband with a face towel. The set was manufactured by SFM and is made of Microfiber, Polyurethane, rubber band and Cotton. The headband measures 180 mm x 70 mm, while the size of the towel is 250 x 250 mm. The second item is a desk calendar perfect for the new season. It weights 55 g and measures 110 x 170 mm. It was made in South Korea by Taesung DPA. Inside the package you will also find message cards. Additionally you can also get a set of daily message cards composed of 15 sheets (1 per each member of Treasure plus 3 group sheets). The dimensions of the product are 82 x 147 x 11 mm.

Treasure My Treasure Merchandise

Next we have a DIY phone case kit. You will get 2 sheets of colorful stickers, 2 photo cards and 2 phone straps, with which you can decorate your smarphone case. There are 12 variants to choose from, each representing a single member of Treasure. The photo cards are of the regular size of 55 x 85 mm. A similar collectible to this one is a DIY photo cards kit. It comes with a set of 13 photo cards, 2 sheets of stickers and 2 transparent plastic toploaders. It was manufactured by Redprinting.

There are 2 different hoodies to choose from - grey and black, both with different designs. The grey one features a round graphic with the words "My Treasure". On the black you find a phrase "It's All Good Day, My Treasure :)" on the right sleeve. Both hoodies are made of 100% Cotton and are available in either M or L size. Sopooom is responsible for the manufacturing. If you like this piece of fashion, you can also get two different types of T-shirt. The first type has a small yellow graphic on the left side of the chest and a much more bigger on the back saying "My Treasure. I Wanna Go Back To The Good Times". The second type features a smiley face on the front alongside the words "We're Gonna Be OK". Both types of T-shirt come in a variety of colors and sizes ranging from S to 2XL. The colors you can choose from are white, grey, black, light blue, pink, hot pink, daisy, green, turquoise, blue, burgundy, olive, navy, red, purple, orange, mint, ash, ivory, lime, light pink and light purple. Another piece of Treasure merchandise consisting of a photo cards is the lyrics set. Inside the package you will find 4 different lyric cards, 4 yellow envelopes and a set of 12 photo cards.

The next piece of fashion is a set of 12 face masks (split into 2 variants - white and light blue). They come with a PVC pouch of a size of 115 x 200 mm. The dimensions of the masks are 170 x 95 mm (with a 180 mm long string), and they are made of Polyester felt.

If you're looking for a gift for someone who is a big fan of the KPop group, you will find the ring very interesting. It weights 55 g and is made of 92.5 % silver. It features a smiley face on the outside and a short message on the inside. And if you're in need of a new case for your smarphone you should definitely think about getting one of the phone cases offered by the members. You can get a light blue, orange and yellow option, and a transparent equivalent of each of the three designs. The case was prepared for many different smartphone models including iPhone, Galaxy S series and Galaxy Note.

The postcard kit is composed of a 14 postcards (1 per member and 2 group sheets) of a size of 102 x 150 mm, 1 sheet of stamp stickers (80 x 150 mm), and 3 sheets of letter paper (154 x 234 mm). The kit was manufactured in South Korea by Rowoon Company.

A Treasure welcome kit will definitely be great for a present. It is composed of a round yellow coaster (100 mm), a label tag (70 x 120 mm), 2 business cards (blue and yellow), and 2 stickers (one logo sticker plus a round one with a photo of a chosen member). There are 12 versions of the kit to choose from. Each of them represents a single member of Treasure. The coasters and the logo stickers are the same in all versions.

The other Treasure merchandise in this collection are a blanket made of 100% Polyester (1500 x 1000 mm), sleeping socks in either blue or yellow color, and a set of 2 toothbrushes made by Ekvision.