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ITZY Official Light Stick Light Ring

ITZY Official Light Stick Light Ring
Release Date 21 July 2020
Price $79.90-$90.30
Width Depth Height
171mm 34mm 171mm
Light Colors
Power AAA Alkaline Batteries 3EA
Content Light Ring, Cradle, Hand Strap, User Manual
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The official ITZY light stick was announced on June 29, 2020, and the official design for it was revealed a week later on July 7. It was finally released by JYP Entertainment on July 21, 2020.

The light stick differs from the others and follows the footsteps of DAY6, the fellow group from the company, after they released their light band in 2018. Instead of a traditional design incorporating a handle and a dome, the girls decided to release their fanlight in a shape of a ring. Some fans say that it's similar to a doughnut. The light ring has a distinctive part which serves as a handle and a transparent part that produces light, with a visible glitter. On the handle you will spot the logo of ITZY, a button and a compartment for the batteries. It is meant to be held like a tambourine. The ITZY light stick can be used as a mood light and comes with a cradle.

The cradle has the same logo of the group on the front and can be attached to the wall. It will serve as the power supply. All you have to do is combine the micro 5 pin terminal at the top of the cradle with the micro 5 pin hole located on the inner side of the light stick. The bracket and the screws are included in the package. The cradle does not come with a USB cable.

The item can produce the light in practically all colors since its equipped with an RGBW LED. It requires 3 AAA batteries to operate and can work in three modes - on, blink and flicker. A special light mode named "Rainbow Flow" is also available.

The ITZY light stick can be wirelessly controlled by a central control at the concerts. That means you can pair your seat with the light ring using the app on your smartphone, which will allow the central control to create some interesting light effects during the performances of the girl group at a concert, fanmeeting or other event. Please notice that when this mode is turned on, the normal mode is inoperative. You will be able to connect the ITZY light stick with the app through Bluetooth 4.1. It's worth noting that it has an operating range of 10 m. The app has not been yet released and it's not available neither on Google Play nor App Store.

ITZY Official Light Stick

This is the official collectible from JYP Entertainment manufactured by Copan Global, which is responsible for the fanlights of other KPop groups and artists such as Twice, Monsta X, GOT7 and Sunmi. The dimensions of the item are 171 x 171 x 34 mm, while the cradle measures 93 x 93 x 47 mm.

Inside the package you will also find a hand strap, which will be very useful during the concerts, and a user manual containing some additional instructions. All comes in a white box featuring the logo of ITZY at the top. On the back side of the box you will find a sticker of authenticity, which proves this product is genuine.

If you pre-ordered your ITZY light stick, a special bonus was added to the package - a set of 5 photo cards. Each of the sheets features a photo of a single member of the group holding the light stick.

A special pop-up store with many different light stick accessories was opened for the fans. It operated everyday from 11:30 - 31:30 between September 26 and October 9, 2020 at the Lotte Young Plaza B1 Concept Zone in Seoul. If you couldn't personally visit the store, you could also get products online from Withdrama. The customers could purchase 9 items.

ITZY Pop-Up Store Light Stick Accessories

Beside the official ITZY light stick you could get a round case for the fanlight, a beads ring with a name of a chosen member and a small round charm (125 mm), a band ring in 5 variants (each representing a single member) with small elements (180 x 15mm), a case wabbing strap with a charm available in 5 versions (30 x 100 mm), a set of 2 custom badges for the strap measuring 25 mm each (5 options), an acrylic keyring in a shape of a ring (5 options), a chain strap for the case (15 x 1200 mm), 2 versions of a mini wappen stickers (100 x 100 mm), and a set of 2 sheets of deco stickers (80 x 150 mm).

The ITZY light stick case is made of a ABS plastic and rubber, and its dimensions are 227 x 216 x 54 mm. It was manufactured - as all other products - by Copan Global. It comes with a strap featuring the logo of ITZY, and in a beautiful square box.

Anyone who bought the goods and exceeded the amount of 50,000 KRW received a randomly chosen set composed of a photo card showcasing a single member and a pin button.

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