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Treasure Official Light Stick Teulight

Treasure Official Light Stick Teulight
Release Date 28 June 2021
Price $63.99-$72.99
Width Depth Height
91mm 91mm 258mm
Light Colors
Power AAA Alkaline Batteries 3EA
Material ABS, PC
Content Light Stick, Strap, User Manual, 1 Random Photo Card (Out Of 12)
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The official Treasure light stick was revealed in the middle of 2021. It was available for pre-order since June 21, and then officially released on June 28. The name of the light stick is Teulight, which incorporates both the name of the group and the name of the official fandom Treasure Maker (Teume).

Earlier that year the members released their first studio album titled The First Step: Treasure Effect containing the singles Boy, I Love You, Mmm and My Treasure.

The Treasure light stick has a transparent globe in a shape of a jewel, with a blue diamond at the top. The globe can be opened and filled with other precious stones, candies and similar small items. The handle is in a light blue color and symbolizes the microphone the members of Treasure use on stage during concerts. On the handle you can spot the on/off switch, the name of the KPop group, and three small logos - a star, heart and lightning. The same name can also be seen on the globe.

The dimensions of this wonderful collectible are 258 x 91 x 91 mm, which makes it one of the average fanlight when it comes to size. The light stick is powered by 3 AAA alkaline batteries contained in a special compartment inside the handle. Although they are not available in the package and you will have to provide them yourself.

The product can produce the light in blue color. The Treasure light stick can operate in three different modes including on, dimming and flash, all of them activated through the on/off switch. Additionally it can work with central control during concerts and other events where Treasure is performing. All you have to do is connect your device through a dedicated app, and switch it to live react mode. The light stick will respond to the sounds at that venue. The mode can also work offline, so you can enjoy the concert sitting comfortably in front of your computer. The application can be installed on Android and iPhone devices, and can be used to change the default light color and brightness. It will also allow you to play some ASMR messages previously recorded by the members, and music videos. The Treasure light stick doesn't have to be connected to your device to view the MVs. Connecting the collectible is relatively straightforward - you just have to turn on the item and press the switch twice to enter Bluetooth mode.

The Treasure light stick is made of ABS end PC. It weights around 215 g and comes in a blue box with a sticker of authentication on which you can spot the logo of YG Entertainment. On the back of the box you will find a QR code which you can scan and install the application in a very comfortable way. The light stick was manufactured by Tradit.

Inside the box you will also find a black hand strap useful when carrying the Treasure light stick around, and a user manual with some instructions on how to use the item. Additionally, if you ordered one of the first light sticks from the initial line, you could get two limited edition double sided photo cards - one basic card selected from a lot of 12 sheets, and one Weverse exclusive Polaroid photo card chosen randomly out of 12 variants.

This wonderful item will be definitely one of the best ideas for a gift for someone who is a big fan of Treasure. And certainly a must-have product to have in your collection.

A special custom kit for the Treasure light stick was also released. It contains several items which will help you to customize the fanlight and make it more sophisticated.

The kit is composed of a handful of pom poms and crystals, both in three shades of blue, hologram stickers, and a postcard featuring all members of Treasure. Inside the package you will also find a small screwdriver and screws in a transparent plastic bag. All except the postcard is carefully packed in a separate boxes. Everything comes in an elegant square box of a dimensions of 225.5 x 228.5 x 54 mm. The set can be a great gift by itself, especially if you're giving it to someone who already has the Treasure light stick.

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