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SuperM Merchandise

SuperM is a supergroup under SM Entertainment composed of the members of the company's other boy bands. The group consists of Taemin (of SHINee), Baekhyun and Kai (EXO), Taeyong and Mark (NCT 127), and Lucas and Ten (WayV). The members debuted with the eponymous mini album on October 4, 2019 featuring the title track Jopping, for which a music video shot in Dubai was released.

There are several collections of SuperM merchandise released by SM Entertainment. That includes promotional goods for their albums (they released the eponymous EP in 2019 and the studio album titled Super One in 2020), We Are The Future tour selection and Marvel collection.

Pop-Up Store In Seoul & Hollywood Merchandise

Soon after the premiere of the group's debut extended play, a special pop-up store was opened. It was organized in two cities - in Seoul and Los Angeles (Hollywood). The Hollywood was opened first - on October 6 at 7080 Hollywood Boulevard - and operated until October 13. The Seoul store operated between October 7 and October 13 at the SM Celebrity Center.

The two SuperM merchandise collections in both stores slightly differed from themselves. The Seoul store offered 17 items, while in Los Angeles you could get a total number of 26 products, with a large portion being apparel.

The Seoul selection starts with 3 pieces of fashion. That includes a black T-shirt with the logo of SuperM on the front, and the name of the group alongside the songs titles Jopping, I Can't Stand The Rain, 2 Fast, Super Car, and No Manners on the back. Another black T-shirt features the design composed of multiple logos on the front. Both tees come in three sizes - M, L and XL. The ball cap comes in 2 variants - white with the words "We Are The Future" and red with the name of the boy band.

SuperM Pop-Up Store In Seoul Merchandise

Next we have a luggage sticker set with several stickers, which you could also spot on the second T-shirt. It cost only 10,000 KRW, which is a very reasonable price.

Next we have a lanyard available in 2 different options - black and white. Both showcase the word "SuperM" and the names of all members of the group. Additionally you could get a black fabric bracelet, either representing the whole group or a single member. If you like these two items you can also purchase a mini pouch. It features a picture of the whole group and can be opened and closed by a zipper.

Next there are 2 smaller pieces of SuperM merchandise - a lapel pin available in 7 different options, with a name of a chosen member, and a keyring incorporating the logo of the supergroup. Both will be a nice addition to your KPop collection.

The postcard set consists of 10 sheets including 7 individual member and 3 group postcards. The set comes in a white package with the logo of SuperM and is similar to the sets of other SM Entertainment groups including WayV and Red Velvet.

The A4 photo is available in 8 variants - a single member or the whole group. You could get it for only 11,000 KRW.

The photo stamp set is composed of a stamp with a photo of a selected member, and an extra photo card with the same picture. The set comes in an elegant box with a transparent window on the front.

The next SuperM merchandise is a phone case which looks like a photo frame. In each set you will also find a photo card to use with the frame. Each card features a single member of the group. You can purchase the item if you are the owner of iPhone 7 and 8, iPhone 7+ and 8+ or iPhone X and XS. As an addition to the case you can also get the Airpods case. It is black and has a white logo of the group on the front. On the back you can find a name of a member of your choice. One photo card of a single member is included in the package.

The hologram photo card set is composed of a paper stand with a picture of your favourite member, a holographic photo card and a lenticular card. All parts of the set are related to only one member.

Next there is a LP coaster that looks like a small version of a vinyl album. There are 7 options to choose from. Each of them features the same photos as on the dust jackets of the Korean solo versions of the debut album SuperM.

The final piece of SuperM merchandise in the Seoul pop-up store was the a fabric poster featuring a photo of a single member along with his name at the bottom. Naturally there are 7 options to get.

The visitors of the Los Angeles store could became the owner of many SuperM merchandise from the Seoul counterpart including the 2 T-shirts, a ball cap, a mini pouch, a luggage sticker set, logo keyring, photo stamps, frame phone case, the Airpods case, the LP coasters, hologram photo card set, and fabric posters.

SuperM Pop-Up Store In Hollywood Merchandise

Additionally the customers had a chance to obtain a group T-shirt (United version) with a photo of all members of SuperM, 7 individual member T-shirts, a blue denim jacket with the names of all members on the back, a black hoodie with a big front pocket and drawstrings, another hoodie (white) with a different design on the front, a red short sleeve T-shirt with a white logo, a HD photo showcasing either the whole group or a single member, and finally 7 versions of the album SuperM.

We Are The Future Tour Goods

Just a month after the debut, SuperM began their first world tour titled We Are The Future. The tour started in Fort Worth in Texas, United States, at the Dickies Arena on November 11, 2019. During its American leg the group visited 10 cities in the United States and Canada including Fort Worth, Chicago, Atlanta, Washington, New York, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Jose, Seattle, and Vancouver.

A special selection of SuperM merchandise was prepared for the fans who attended the concert. 15 different products were available at the each event, including the official light stick.

SuperM We Are The Future Tour Merchandise

The collection starts with 8 pieces of apparel. That includes a Live T-shirt featuring the promotional photo of the whole group on the front and the list of all cities on the back, a black tee with a phrase "We Are The Future" on the front, a bomber jacket with some hand written scribbles on the back, a square bandana with the same design, a black hoodie with the title of the single Jopping on the front, and the logo of SuperM on the back, a white long sleeve T-shirt with the title of the song "I Can't Stand The Rain", a red rubber wristband with the title of the tour, and a black beanie.

Next we have a tour brochure with some interesting photos and a handwritten by the members text. It has a white logo of the group on a black background on the front.

If you're looking for something to hang on your wall, a promotional poster will be perfect for you. You can immediately spot the name SuperM at the top, along with the title of the tour and the list of all venues in the middle.

The other piece of SuperM merchandise available at the concerts were a set of 2 sheets of hologram stickers, a set of 7 pin buttons, a set of photo cards (tour edition), and the keyring from the pop-up store we are already familiar with.

We Are The Future Tour In Paris Merchandise

The European leg of the We Are The Future Tour consisted of two performances. The leg began with the concert in Paris at the AccorHotels Arena on February 26, 2020, and concluded with the event at The O2 venue in London on February 28.

SuperM We Are The Future Tour In Paris Merchandise

The attendees of the concert in Paris had an opportunity to purchase the 8 different pieces of SuperM merchandise. That includes the previously released bandana, pin button set, and the official light stick.

The new collectibles were a new set of photo cards, and a promotional poster similar to the one from the American leg, but with the list of European events. You could get also three pieces of apparel including a black T-shirt with a cool design featuring the title of the tour on the back, a black Jopping hoodie (a little bit different than the previous one), and a red wristband with the words "Live In Europe".

Super One Album Collection

The second album of the group and their first full-length album titled Super One had its premiere on September 25, 2020 under SM Entertainment and Capitol Records. It is composed of 15 songs - the lead single One (Monster & Infinity), Infinity, Monster, Wish You Were Here, Big Chance, 100, Tiger Inside, Better Days, Together at Home, Drip, Line 'Em Up, Dangerous Woman, Step Up, So Long and With You.

It topped the Gaon Weekly chart and both Billboard's US World and US Independent charts. It also reached number 2 on the Billboard 200 chart.

To commemorate the release of Super One, a collection of SuperM merchandise was prepared for the fans. The pre-orders were opened since August 14. On September 23 another batch of album related goods showed up on the official store of SuperM.

Super One Album  Merchandise

There are plenty of interesting items to choose from. For example an Airpods case featuring the logo of the album on a transparent body, available for regular and Pro version of the Airpods. Next we have the a fabric poster with a picture of a chosen member, similar to those from the pop-up stores.

Another phone accessory is a phone case, available in 3 different designs related to the Super One album. It will definitely look nicely with the Airpods case. Additionally you can get a phonetab featuring a photo of a chosen member, with a black strap. The size of the item is 160 x 260 x 5 mm.

If you need additional space for your photo cards collection you should definitely think about getting the binder. It features the title of the full-length release alongside the names of all members on the cover. The dimensions of the item are 260 x 310 x 36 mm, and it is made of paper, polycarbonate and metal. It comes with a single photo card depicting a chosen member.

The next piece of SuperM merchandise is a cartoon badge showcasing a face of a single member, and his name at the bottom. In the background you can spot the logo of SuperM. Additionally you can get a round badge with the logo of the album, made of metal. The diameter of the product is 40 mm.

The concept book contains 128 pages full of photos and measures 217 x 304 mm. Inside the package you will also find 1 photo card randomly chosen out of 7 different variants (1 per each member of SuperM). The size of each sheet is 55 x 85 mm, which is a standard size when it comes to photo cards.

The hologram photo card set is similar to the one from the pop-up stores, but this time you will receive only 1 hologram card. Of course the paper stand is included.

Next we have a set composed of an ID card with the picture and date of birth of a chosen member (54 x 86 mm), a single photo card of a standard size (55 x 85 mm), a photo sticker (79 x 109 mm), and 1 sheet of hologram deco stickers (122 x 109 mm). There are 7 sets to choose from, each represents a member of Super M.

The next piece of SuperM merchandise is a keychain with three different charms - a group logo, its name printed on a white background, and the title of the album Super One printed on a black background.

Next there is a set of 15 postcards, including 14 single member sheets (2 per each member) and 1 group postcard. All come in a nice looking package.

The random keyring comes in 9 different options - either individual member version or logo version (2 types). It is made of acrylic and measures 60 x 60 x 5 mm.

The sticker pack consists of 8 photo card sized sheets, and 2 logo stickers. All come in a PVC pouch featuring the logo of the group. It can be opened and closed by a zipper.

In the collection you will also find a nice selection of fashion. That includes a black sweatshirt with the names of all members on the back, a black hoodie showcasing the logo of the Super One album on the left side of the chest, a red and white jersey, a classic black T-shirt, a black tie-die tee, and a white T-shirt featuring a design with a single member of SuperM.

To commemorate the release of the title song 100, a special line of SuperM merchandise showed up on the official webstore of the group. One of the most interesting collectibles you could get was a jigsaw puzzle. There are 7 different options to choose from, each of them features an individual member. Inside the package you will find a puzzle composed of 1000 pieces (510 x 735 mm), a paper frame with a photo card of a member (122 x 175 mm), a lucky card with his autograph on one side and the unique number on the other (86 x 54 mm), and a poster of a size of 510 x 735 mm. All comes in a rectangular box of a dimensions of 231 x 310 x 63 mm.

SuperM 100 Song Merchandise

Other items promoting the song were a set of 8 4x6 photos (1 group plus 7 member sheets), 7 different fabric posters, 2 variants of the phone case, 7 different cartoon badges, a set of luggage stickers on a single sheet, a keyring with 3 different charms - the title of the track 100, a phrase "Go 100" and a car, made of acrylic MV scene stand similar to those released for other SM artists including SHINee, Taemin, Red Velvet, WayV, EXO-SC and NCT U, a set of postcards, and a T-shirt showcasing a phrase "Never fall. Never quit. Never stop. Go 100.".

Marvel Collection

The collection you're reading about is a collaboration between SuperM and Marvel. It is composed of several items inspired by the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and features the members of the group as superheroes. It was announced on the official social media on September 25, 2020 and available for pre-order the next day. The selection consists of single items, as well as a bundles of SuperM merchandise.

The collection starts with 3 different T-shirts. The first one is a white graphic one with a design similar to a comic book page featuring the members of the supergroup and some very well known superheroes including Captain America, Black Widow, Iron Man, Hulk, Hawkeye, Spider-Man, Thor and Dr. Strange. The second one - also white - showcases an artwork depicting all 7 members of SuperM. The design on the third - this time black - T-shirt features an artwork similar to those from the official movie posters. All tees are available in three sizes - S, M and L.

Next we have a matching ball cap with the words "SuperM" and "Marvel" on the front, a white tote bag with a similar design as on the first T-shirt, and 2 different lanyards - one with the cartoon characters, and the second one with some logos.

SuperM Marvel Merchandise

Next there is a mini brochure sized 6.57 x 10.12 inches with 14 pages of content. It comes with a set of 7 photo cards (1 per member) of a size of 2.16 x 3.35 mm.

The keyring features the logos of both SuperM and Marvel. It measures 0.63 x 3.54 inch.

The last piece of SuperM merchandise is a set of 17 stickers you can use to mark your luggage with. They are of various sizes ranging from 2.2 x 2.5 inch to 3.3 x 4.1 inch. The whole package measures 6.5 x 5 inch.

There are 3 bundles of the items I mentioned. These are going to be a very nice gift for someone who is a big fan of the group. The first one consists of the brochure with photo cards, black T-shirt, cartoon lanyard and luggage sticker set. The second bundle is composed of the brochure with photo cards, the second white T-shirt, logo lanyard, ball cap and a metal keyring. With the third bundle you will receive the brochure and photo cards, the first white T-shirt, tote bag, keyring, and the luggage sticker set. All bundles come in a beautiful box featuring the cartoon characters depicting all 7 members.

If you are a customer based in the US, as a bonus to every purchased item, you will get a digital edition of the debut studio album Super One. The quality of the audio files you'll be getting is MP3 44.1kHz/24-bit.