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Red Velvet Merchandise

Red Velvet debuted as the next girl group of SM Entertainment after Girls' Generation. The girl band consists of Wendy, Joy, Irene, Seulgi and Yeri. They debuted in 2014 as a four with their song Happiness. Yeri joined later.

SM Entertainment is known for their memorabilia which are often proudly exhibited and sold at their SMTown Pop Up Store. Here's the collections of Red Velvet merchandise SM did release during the girls' career. That includes the items prepared for their concerts Redmare and La Rouge, and those that were created in a collaboration with other brands such as Good Luck Trolls.


The Red Album Merchandise

The first studio album of Red Velvet called The Red was released on September 9, 2015. At the same time SM Entertainment manufactured a line of merchandise for the group's fans. In the collection we will find 14 items:

A set of 5 photos with each member, a limited photo of a chosen member, a sticker pack in a red pouch, a tin mirror (the same design as some of the stickers in the sticker pack), a set of 6 magnets, a baseball cap with the logo of Dumb Dumb (5 types), a pair of socks (5 types), a striped phone case with Dumb Dumb logo (5 types) or with a photo of your favourite member (5 types + blue case with words "Dumb Dumb The Red"), a photocard (1 group and 5 photocards of each member, a set of polaroid photos (two polaroids in a set, 5 sets available), a slap band (5 types) and a blue eco bag with a musical staff on front.

Red Velvet The Red Album Merchandise

Russian Roulette Album Collectibles

When the third extended play was released on September 7, 2016 a new set of collectibles showed up on the official SM Entertainment online store. 8 items related to the album were available for purchase:

A set of 5 photos (each member included, type A or B), A4 sized photo (the same design as the smaller photos, 10 options available, 2 of each member), a set of 12 postcards, a set of 15 polaroid photos, an L-Holder (5 options), a set of 29 stickers, image picket (5 options), cushion cover (5 options).

Red Velvet Russian Roulette Album Merchandise

Rookie Album Goods

In conjunction with the release of the fourth EP by Red Velvet a new collection of merchandise has been released and sold on the SM Global Shop. You could get a total number of 6 products:

A set of 6 photos of each member + one group photo on the red background, a A4 sized photo of a chosen member, a layered film set of each member to put under your phone case (for iPhone 6, 6s and 7), an L-Holder (5 options), a set of 20 stickers (10 silhouette - 2 of each member, plus 5 fruits, 3 animals and two cookies), a postcard set of 12 different postcards.

Red Velvet Rookie Album Merchandise

The Red Summer Album Goods

On July 10, 2017 the fifth EP called The Red Summer was released. For this occasion SM Entertainment prepared a special collection of collectibles. The collection consists of 8 items:

A note and a pouch set for each member, an L-Holder (5 types), a luggage sticker set (10 photo + 10 logo stickers), A4 photo of a chosen member, two sets of photos: A or B (5 single member + group photo), a set of 14 postcards and an image picket (5 types).

Red Velvet The Red Summer Album Merchandise

1st Concert Red Room Collection

The first concert tour of Red Velvet titled Red Room opened at the Olympic Hall in Seoul with concerts on August 18, 19 and 20 that gathered the audience of 11 000 people. The girls continued the tour visiting Japan where they gave the performances in Tokyo, Sapporo, Aichi, Hiroshima, Fukuoka, Osaka and Kanagawa.

A collection of Red Velvet merchandise was prepared for the fans that attended the concerts in Seoul. The collection consists of 16 items.

Red Velvet 1st Concert Red Room Merchandise

The first one is a light stick/penlight. The second one is a photo card collect book (140 x 111 x 33 mm) made of PVC with a photocard of a member of your choice. Next we have a postcard book made of a sturdy cardboard with the photos of all members. Then there's an invitation pop up card (150 x 300 mm) with one sheet of stickers (150 x 150 mm). 5 options are available.

The photo stand is available in 5 options - with a silhouette of each member. It is made of acrylic.

A desk mat is made of PVC and it comes in 5 options. The dimensions of the mat are 457 x 315 mm.

Next there's a clear frame made of medium-density fibreboard and acrylic with a photo of the member of your choice.

The other items are a long cushion cover made of polyester (420 x 620 mm), a passport case made of PVC with a photo of your favourite member (92 x 136 mm), a white T-shirt, a cold cup made of AB and PC that can contain 450 ml of fluid, a badge made of enamel and metal (available in 7 options), an eco bag, a style ring (5 options), a portable charger and a strap key ring with a name of a chosen member.

Bad Boy Collectibles

The repackage album The Perfect Red Velvet was released on January 29, 2018. The album contains three additional tracks: All Right, Time To Love and the title Bad Boy. A series of new Red Velvet merchandise showed up at the SMTown Pop Up Store and online on the official SM shop. The collection consists of:

A tin mirror of the chosen member, a badge (38 x 38 mm), a scratch poster (3 options: yellow, red or blue, 200 x 200 mm), a strap key ring with a heart shape pendant with a photo of a chosen member, a hologram card set of a postcards and a hologram photocard (5 types), a phone case for your iPhone 7 or 8 model, a black pouch with words "The Perfect Red Velvet Bad Boy", a black sweatshirt, a red hat with a long strap and two rings, a beanie with the title of the album "The Perfect Red Velvet", a red strap key ring, a red clutch, a transparent fanny pack made of TPU and PU leather with a card wallet and strap key ring, two long sleeve T-shirts (black or white), a raglan baseball T-shirt with the title of the song "Bad Boy" on front and a black tote bag.

Red Velvet Bad Boy Merchandise

Fanmeet In Chicago Merchandise

On April 29, 2018 the members held a special fanmeeting in Chicago at the Rosemont Theatre. The fans had a chance to purchase four goods online and pick them up at the venue. This includes a light stick/penlight, a poster from the fanmeet, lanyard with the title of the event and a black T-shirt with the group's name on front and the event's title at the back (five sizes were available: S, M, L, XL, 2XL).

Red Velvet Fanmeet In Chicago Merchandise

2nd Concert Redmare Collectibles

The second concert tour of Red Velvet titled Redmare began on August 4, 2018 at the Olympic Handball Gymnasium in Seoul. The tour was split into two legs - Asian and North American. The girls visited Bangkok, Taipei, Singapore, Fukuoka, Kobe and Yokohama and then traveled to America for their concerts in United States (Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami, Chicago, Newark) and Canada (Toronto, Vancouver).

This time the fans who attended the concerts in Seoul had a chance to get 22 new pieces of Red Velvet merchandise.

Red Velvet 2nd Concert Redmare Merchandise

We start with an official Red Velvet lightstick which is in a shape of a cupcake and has a "RV" logo in it. It can work for 5 hours in three modes: on, blink and flicker. You can connect it to your smartphone via Bluetooth. It requires 3 AAA batteries to operate. The weight of the lightstick is 1.5 lbs (680 g) and the dimensions are 88.5 x 88.5 x 255 mm. A special pouch designed for the lightstick is also available in this collection.

Next we have an official handheld electric fan that comes with a random sticker, a strap and USB cable for charging. It can operate for a maximum time of 8 hours.

The voice key ring works similar to the key rings in the BTS 3rd Muster "ARMY.ZIP +", BTS 4th Muster Happy Ever After and Monsta X 2018 World Tour The Connect collections. It can play the voices of the Red Velvet members after pressing the button.

The next item is a sticker kit that consists of two sheets of stickers and a special photocard. 5 options are available.

The ticket holder (110 x 190 mm) comes with a strap and a random photocard (55 x 85 mm) of one member. It is made of polyester and PVC.

The glass cup changes the color of the Redmare concert logo depending on the temperature of the liquid it holds. The colder the liquid the more vivid the colors are. The glass can contain 16 OZ (470 ml) of your favourite beverage.

The hologram card wallet is made of PVX and comes with one photo card (55 x 85 mm) of one member. The size of the item is 120 x 140 mm.

The film set consists of two translucent photos of a chosen member that looks like a negative-like film frame. It is very similar to the one from Taemin's 1001101 Concert Tour merchandise collection.

The cold cup is identical to the one that we could find in the Red Room tour collection.

The other items are a name tag (5 options), a badge (5 options), earrings with a stone in color of a chosen member, bracelet, black ball cap, eco bag, black or white T-shirt, a key ring with words "Red Velvet Redmare", a key ring charm with a name of one member, a set of 15 postcards, an invitation card (5 options) and a style ring for your smartphone (5 options).

Summer Magic Album Memorabilia

Summer Magic is the seventh EP of Red Velvet and the second special EP after The Red Summer. It was released on August 6, 2018. In conjunction with the release of the album another line of Red Velvet merchandise was prepared. The line consists of 6 new products:

A logo badge (6 types), a pack of 22 stickers, an image picket/fan of a member of your choice, a set of 12 postcards, a set of 6 photos (1 of each member and 1 group photo) and a special printed photo (5 options).

Red Velvet Summer Magic Album Merchandise

Really Bad Boy (RBB) Goods

A small collection of memorabilia related to the album Really Bad Boy (RBB) was released on November 30, 2018. It contains only 4 items:

A hologram photo card set of one photo card and one paper stand with a photo of a chosen member, a set of 4 pin badges, a black T-shirt with words "Red Velvet RBB" and white T-shirt with words "Really Bad Boy".

Red Velvet Really Bad Boy Merchandise