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WayV Merchandise

WayV is a Chinese sub-unit of NCT managed by Label V, a sub-label of SM Entertainment. The group is composed of seven members including the leader Kun, Hendery, Lucas, Ten, Xiaojun, Winwin and Yangyang. The members officially debuted with their first digital mini album titled The Vision on January 17, 2019.

There are several collections of WayV merchandise available. That includes collectibles prepared in conjunction with the releases of the group's albums, and for various events such as fanmeetings and concerts. Many of them are available on the official SM Global Shop, alongside of the products related to the other groups under the company.

Take Off Album Merchandise

Take Off is the first mini album of the group. It had its premiere on May 9, 2019 under Label V. On the CD you will find 6 songs including the eponymous opening track which also serves as the lead single, Regular, Say It, Come Back, Let Me Love U and Dream Launch. It reached number 7 on the Billboard's US World chart.

WayV Take Off Album Merchandise

To commemorate the release of Take Off, a selection of WayV merchandise was announced on June 17, 2019 on the official social media of the group. The collection consists of 5 different items including a badge featuring the logo of the EP (30 x 30 mm), a cushion cover available in seven options, showcasing a face of a chosen member (450 x 450 mm), a photo with a single member of the group in an A4 format (210 x 297 mm), a photo keyring measuring 117 x 66 mm with a photo card featuring a single member, of a standard size of 55 x 85 mm, and a postcard book composed of 10 sheets (3 group and 7 individual member postcards) sized 127 x 178 mm.

Take Over the Moon Section#1 We Are Your Vision In Bangkok Fanmeeting Goods

The group came back with their second extended play titled Take Over the Moon on October 29, 2019. It features 6 songs including Moonwalk, Yeah Yeah Yeah, Love Talk, King of Hearts (performed by Winwin, Lucas, Hendery and Yangyang), Face to Face (performed by Kun, Ten and Xiaojun) and We Go Nanana. The EP peaked at number 5 on the Gaon Weekly chart.

To promote Take Over the Moon, a special fanmeeting tour was organized. The members visited three countries including China, Bangkok and Seoul, between November 23 and December 28, 2019. On December 14 and 15 WayV gave performances in Bangkok at the Thunder Dome Muang Thong Thani. The attendees had a chance to get a total number of 12 different pieces of WayV merchandise including the official light stick.

The collection starts with the official slogan commemorating the events. It features the whole group on one side and the name of the group written in both Korean and Chinese, alongside the members' names the title of Take Over the Moon on the back. The size of the slogan is 1000 x 200 mm. It comes in a transparent pouch made of PVC, sized 250 x 170 mm.

WayV Take Over the Moon Section#1 We Are Your Vision In Bangkok Fanmeeting Merchandise

The second item is a high definition photo. You can choose a variant featuring your favourite member. All photos measure 210 x 297 mm.

The third piece of WayV merchandise is a fabric poster. On each of them you will find a picture of a single member of WayV and his name at the bottom printed in white color. The dimensions of the posters are 1016 x 680 mm.

Next we have a photo charm set composed of an acrylic charm which looks like an ID card. The charm features a picture of a chosen member of WayV, his name and date of birth. At the bottom you will also spot the title of the second EP. As a bonus you will receive a photo card with the same picture as on the charm. The size of the photo card is 55 x 85 mm.

Next there are two beautiful badges - the first one with a "V" logo, and the second one showcasing the title Take Over the Moon. They measure 33 x 22 mm and 30 x 26 mm respectively. It will be a great present for anyone who is a big fan of the sub-unit. Additionally you can also purchase a badge with the name of WayV written in Chinese (the Weishen V version).

The next piece of WayV merchandise is a black name tag. It measures 220 x 25 mm and features a name of a selected member including Ten, Kun, Winwin, Lucas, Xiaojun, Hendery and Yangyang. On the strap you will find the words "WayV 0117" symbolizing the date of the debut.

The tattoo sticker set is composed of 2 sheets of temporary tattoos and a single photo card with a member of your choice. There are naturally 7 variants to choose from. The size of each sheet is 182 x 257 mm. The photo card is of a regular size you can find in almost all KPop albums - 55 x 85 mm.

The name wappen set is composed of 2 wappens - the first one with the English name of a chosen member written in black on a white background, and the second with his Chinese name written in white on a black background. Both are of the same size and measure 70 x 25 mm.

The final 2 pieces of WayV merchandise are eco bag of a dimensions of 370 x 420 mm with a big logo on the front, and a black hoodie with a letter "V" on the left side of the chest, and the title of the EP on the back. The hoodie has a big front kangaroo pocket and a matching drawstrings. It is made of Cotton and Polyester.

Take Over the Moon Section#1 We Are Your Vision In Seoul Fanmeeting Collection

On December 22, 2019 the members met with their fans in Seoul. The fanmeeting took place at the Sejong University Daeyang Hall and lasted for 90 minutes.

This time a slightly different selection of WayV merchandise was available for the attendees. Additionally to the new collectibles they could get the items present at the group's Bangkok fanmeeting including the official light stick, the promoting slogan, name tags, eco bag, fabric posters and hoodie.

At the event you could get some new interesting items including the second mini album of the group. Also a batteries for the fanlight were offered (for 2,000 KRW for 3), alongside the extra battery compartment (1,000 KRW).

WayV Take Over the Moon Section#1 We Are Your Vision In Seoul Fanmeeting Merchandise

The first new item was the official mini fanlight keyring. It was manufactured in South Korea by Sun Entertainment Co., Ltd. It weights 180 g and its dimensions are 104 x 73 x 262 mm. You need three LR41 coin batteries to power up the keyring. It can produce the light in green color.

The second piece of WayV merchandise is a postcard book. It is composed of 10 different sheets including 7 individual member and 3 group postcards. The size of each of them is 127 x 278 mm.

Next we have a special package of goods - a Season's Greetings prepared for the new 2020 season. Inside the package you will find a 14 pages desk calendar (170 x 230 mm), a hardcover diary with 120 pages in it (174 x 233 mm), a set of 11 posters (200 x 287 mm), a sheet of 2 photo and handwriting stickers (200 x 287 mm), a set of calendar postcards with a paper stand (101 x 160 mm), a DVD disk containing around 20 minutes of video content in a white envelope (125 x 130 mm), a 12 pages mini brochure (174 x 233 mm), and finally a set of 8 trading cards in a set selected out of 3 different sets - A, B or C (63 x 88 mm). Inside each set you will find 1 group and 7 individual member cards.

The last 3 items in this collection of merchandise are a badge from the Take Off collection featuring the logo of the second EP, 7 A4 photos, and a cushion cover with a picture of a single member of WayV (7 options).

Beyond Live 2nd Line Up Beyond the Vision Concert Merchandise

Beyond Live is a streaming service broadcasting live KPop concerts. It was created by SM Entertainment and Naver in April of 2020 as an alternative to traditional concerts. Soon after JYP Entertainment joined forces with SM and created Beyond Live Corporation to further expand the platform.

Numerous concerts of different groups were broadcasted since the service was established. The first concert was held on April 26, 2020 and featured SuperM. It was followed by the concert by WayV and other artists including NCT Dream, NCT 127, TVXQ, Super Junior, Twice, Stray Kids, Baekhyun, Xiumin and SHINee.

The concert of WayV titled Beyond the Vision was broadcasted live on May 3, 2020. A special selection of WayV merchandise was prepared for those fans who wanted to get something commemorating the event. A total number of 4 collectibles showed up on the official SM Entertainment store.

WayV Beyond Live 2nd Line Up Beyond the Vision Concert Merchandise

The first one is an A2 poster featuring a single member of the group on a red background. Naturally there are 7 options to choose from. The exact size of each poster is 420 x 594 mm.

The second one is a postcard book similar to the one available at the We Are Your Vision Seoul concert. It consists of 10 sheets including 3 group and 7 single member postcards. All of them measure 127 x 178 mm.

Next we have a film set with 2 pictures of a chosen member in slightly different poses. The item is made of PET and measures 70 x 118 mm. The final item is a set composed of 1 ID photo card (55 x 85 mm), 1 regular photo card (55 x 85 mm), 1 photo (19 x 109 mm) and 2 sheets of deco stickers (122 x 109 mm). There are 7 variants to choose from, each of them showcases a single member of WayV.

In June of 2020 a special ticket set showed up. Inside the package you will find a special AR photo card (55 x 85 mm) and AR ticket (70 x 130 mm) which after scanning with a help of an app will allow you to watch the highlights and self-camera clips from the concert. Other pieces of WayV merchandise in the set are photo invitation card (120 x 165 mm), a ticket holder (240 x 165 mm) with a paper stand (153 x 50 mm), 4 different stickers, and an envelope. 7 different variants are available, each with an AR card and invitation card representing a single member of the group.

After the concert a special brochure was prepared for the fans. It consists of a photobook with 72 pages of pictures taken during the event (280 x 355 mm), and a single, randomly chosen photo card showcasing a member of WayV. The card is of a typical size and measures 55 x 85 mm. Similar items were released after the concerts of other groups including NCT 127, Super Junior, NCT Dream and SuperM.

Awaken The World Album Goods

On June 9, 2020 WayV came back with their first full-length album titled Awaken The World. It was released by Label V and SM Entertainment, and distributed by Dreamus. It features 10 songs including Turn Back Time, Bad Alive, Unbreakable, After Midnight, Interlude: Awaken the World, Only Human (performed by Winwin, Lucas, Hendery and Yangyang), Domino, Up from Here, Electric Hearts and Stand by Me. The album reached number 3 on the Gaon Weekly chart and number 9 on the Billboard US World chart.

As usual, the group prepared a new collection of WayV merchandise to promote the release. You could get 6 items. The sales began on July 24, 2020 and the delivery started a month later on August 25, 2020.

The first one is a set of photos, extremely popular item in SM Entertainment, released for many of their artists. The set consists of 8 4x6 photos including 1 group and 7 single member sheets. All measure exactly 4 x 6.3 inches. Additionally you can get a HD photo featuring your favourite member. It measures 210 x 297 mm.

WayV Awaken The World Album Merchandise

Next we have a set of stickers in a shape and size of a typical photo card - 55 x 85 mm. There are 8 stickers in the pack (1 group plus 7 single member). They come in a transparent pouch with the title "Awaken The World" on it. The size of the pouch is 120 x 100 mm.

Among the items you will find another postcard books composed of 8 sheets. As all the other they measure 127 x 178 mm.

The final 2 pieces of WayV merchandise are a 2 badges (type A featuring the title of the album and type B in a shape of a CD disk), and 2 different griptoks (black and red) of a diameter of 40 x 40 mm.

Photobook Goods and Merchandise Designed by Ten

On November 13, 2020 a photobook titled Holiday was released. It was available in 7 different options, each of them representing a member of the group, and consisting of some interesting collectibles. Inside the package you will find a 136 pages photobook (225 x 297 mm), a postcard book with 10 sheets (150 x 210 mm), 9 posters in A4 format (200 x 287 mm), a set of 2 sheets of stickers (140 x 257 mm), a letter (127 x 178 mm), a paper envelope (132 x 138 mm), a group photo (127 x 178 mm), 4 different individual member photo (2 type A (127 x 178 mm) and 2 type B (102 x 152 mm)), 1 polaroid photo (88 x 107 mm) and 1 photo card (55 x 85 mm).

In December of 2020 a special photobook related goods and another collection of WayV merchandise designed by Ten showed up on various KPop stores online. The pre-order sales began on December 11 and closed down on December 20. They were sequentially delivered starting from February 18, 2021.

WayV Photobook Merchandise

2 different products related to the Holiday photobook were released - a set of 4x6 photos (7 individual member plus 1 group sheet), and a set of a flipbook and a photo card of a standard size representing a chosen member of WayV. The flip book measures 65 x 135 mm. The whole set weights 85 g.

Another selection of WayV merchandise was composed of items designed by Ten. The first one is a set of 2 sheets of tattoo stickers (120 x 180 mm), 11 luggage stickers of different shapes and sizes, and a single photo card featuring a picture of a selected member.

WayV Designed by Ten Merchandise

Next we have a smartphone deco set related to a single member of WayV. Inside the package you will find 2 sheets of colorful stickers (120 x 180 mm), a photo card, and a clear back film for either iPhone 11 Pro (61 x 135 mm) or Galaxy S20 (57 x 142 mm). The weight of the set is 45 g.

The other items were a keyring made of acrylic and metal showcasing a letter "V" in a very fancy design (50 x 50 mm), a black eco bag made of Cotton (370 x 420 mm), and a black sweatshirt made of Cotton with the same design as on the keyring.