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JBJ95 Merchandise

JBJ95 is a duo consisting of Kenta Takada and Kim Sang Gyun. It was formed under Star Road Entertainment and Hunus Entertainment in 2018, after JBJ disbanded in April 2018. Both members participated in the survival TV show Produce 101 Season 2, and after they were eliminated joined a temporary group JBJ alongside fellow contestants Roh Tae Hyun, Jin Longguo, Kim Donghan and Kwon Hyun Bin.

After the activities of JBJ concluded on April 30, 2018, the duo decided to continue their collaboration and created JBJ95. They debuted with the first mini album titled Home on October 30, 2018, and the lead single of the same name.

There are many collections of JBJ95 merchandise officially released by Star Road Entertainment, prepared for the duo's concerts, showcases and fanmeetings including the first online fanmeeting Retro:95 held in 2020. There are also collectibles released in conjunction with the premiere of the third album Spark in 2019.

Home Concert In Seoul Merchandise

The first concert of JBJ95 took place at the KBS Arena over two days on December 28 and 29, 2018. These were the first of the series of concerts the members performed as part of their Asian tour. They were followed by the events in Japan (Tokyo and Osaka), Thailand and Philippines.

On December 25, 2018, a collection of JBJ95 merchandise was announced on the duo's social media. The fans who attended the Seoul concerts had an opportunity to get a selection of 8 goods.

The first 2 items were the official JBJ95 light stick and the promotional slogan. The light stick has a white handle and a hexagonal head, both featuring the logo of the group. The size of the product is 165 x 225 mm. The cheering slogan has the name of the group and the names of the duo on one side, and their logo alongside the event's title on the other. The item is black and its size is 600 x 200 mm.

JBJ95 Home Concert In Seoul Merchandise

Next we have a mini photobook consisting of 20 photos, that includes 20 photos of Kenta and 10 of Sang Gyun. On the cover you will spot the signatures of both members. The photobook measures 189 x 131 mm and comes with a yellow slip case with a cut out window on the front.

The coloring book will be a pleasant piece of JBJ95 merchandise for both younger and more mature audience. It is composed of 14 pages of coloring book, and comes with 2 photos of the duo, and 2 signature cards. The whole item measures 212 x 297 mm.

Next there is a postcard book composed of 12 different cards. That includes a single sheet with a picture of both members, and 11 illustration sheets. The size of the product is 150 x 100 mm.

The grip tok (also known as popsocket) will be a great addition to your smartphone accessory collection. It showcases the logo of JBJ95 printed on a black background. It is of a standard size, and its diameter is 40 mm.

The last 2 pieces of JBJ95 merchandise are a blanket with a photo of the duo (1100 x 750 mm), and a white eco bag (360 x 400 mm).

Awake Showcase Selection

On March 26, 2019, the second extended play of the duo was released. It consists of 6 songs including Friend Zone, Awake, Who Am I, Milky Way, Leave It To Me and Lookin 4 Love. It features the eponymous track which serves as the lead single. The album reached number 3 on the Gaon Weekly chart, and sold 16,375 copies during its premiere month.

JBJ95 Awake Showcase Merchandise

To promote the album a special showcase was organized. It took place at the Yes24 Live Hall in Seoul on March 26, 2019. 6 different pieces of JBJ95 merchandise were prepared for the fans who attended the event and wanted to get something related to the group.

The selection is composed of an L-Holder featuring a photo of both members (220 x 310 mm), 2 different variants of a hand mirror with the logo of the second mini album Awake - blue and orange (95 x 165 mm), a water bottle also in 2 variants (500 ml), a black hoodie with the album's logo on the front (free size), 2 mini banners (each with a single member) of a size of 150 x 300 mm, and a set consisting of 2 sheets of stickers with a single photo card added randomly out of 2 versions (139 x 195 mm).

1st Asia Fanmeeting Tour Awake In Seoul Goods

The duo began their first Asian series of fanmeetings titled Awake with the performances in Seoul, on June 8, 2019. It took place at the Daeyang Hall of the Sejong University. 6 JBJ95 merchandise were available at the venue. That included 2 items we're familiar with - the light stick and the smart grip for your phone.

4 other products were prepared for the event. The first one is a blue LED fan which will be useful during hot Summer days. It is powered by internal battery and can be connected to a power source via a USB cable. The dimensions of the item are 110 x 48 x 220 mm.

JBJ95 1st Asia Fanmeeting Tour Awake In Seoul Merchandise

The second item is a white T-shirt available in a single, free size. You could get one of 2 different options - blue and gold. Both feature the same Awake logo on the front.

The third piece of JBJ95 merchandise is a card wallet. It has the logo embossed on the leather, and is available in 2 different options - mint and ivory. The size of the wallet is 68 x 105 mm.

The last item is a second version of the signature sticker set. It contains 2 sheets of stickers and a random photo card of a single member of JBJ95. The product measures 139 x 195 mm.

Spark Showcase Merchandise

The third mini album of JBJ95 had its premiere on August 6, 2019 under Star Road Entertainment. It is composed of 5 songs including In the Morning, Unreal, the title track Spark, Hey, Summer and Crush. It repeated the success of its predecessor and managed to peak at number 3 on the weekly Gaon chart. It was the 11th best-selling release of August in South Korea with 24,125 copies sold.

To commemorate the album's release, a special showcase was held at the Yes24 Live Hall in Seoul on August 6, 2019.

JBJ95 Spark Showcase Merchandise

The attendees had a chance to obtain 3 pieces of JBJ95 merchandise, including the light stick. The second item is a photo set, composed of 9 postcards (1 group and 4 per member sheets) of a size of 100 x 148 mm, and 5 photo cards (1 group and 2 per member sheets) measuring 70 x 100 mm.

The second item is another version (ver. 2) of the mini banner. Both variants feature a single member, and are made of PET and plastic. The size of the banner is 150 x 300 mm.

Summer Tale #1 Fanmeeting

The fanmeeting titled Summer Tale #1 was held at the Blue Square iMarket Hall in Seoul on September 22, 2019. It was organized to inaugurate the creation of their official fandom Jjakkung. During the 130 minutes long fanmeeting, the duo performed 8 different songs including their hit Spark.

The fans had a chance to get 5 completely new pieces of JBJ95 merchandise. The first item is a memo pad note available in either blue or yellow color. It features a sun and moon logo and measure 80 x 80 mm.

JBJ95 Summer Tale #1 Merchandise

The second item showcases the same design. It is a mug, which can contain around 340 ml of your favourite beverage. There are 2 variants to choose from - blue and yellow. Both measure 80 x 95 mm.

The next item is the third version of the signature sticker set (season 3). As always you will receive 2 sheets of stickers, along with a photo card randomly chosen out of 2 variants. The size of this JBJ95 merchandise is 139 x 195 mm.

The last 2 items are a hair band with the sun and moon logo, and a charm.

Celebrity Party Concert In Seoul Collection

On December 6, 2019 the group released their holiday song titled Only One. Along with the track, a concert titled Celebrity Party was held in Seoul on New Year's Eve at the Yes24 Live Hall on December 31. It was the second concert of the duo after Home in 2018.

The collection of JBJ95 merchandise prepared for the event consisted of 6 items. That includes the official acrylic JBJ95 light stick introduced in 2018.

The first item available at the venue was a set of masking tape. You will get 2 rolls including a photo roll (30 mm x 5 m) and a text roll (15 mm x 5 m).

JBJ95 Celebrity Party Concert In Seoul Merchandise

The second one is a Celebrity Party photo set. Inside the package you will find a set of 15 different photos including 5 group and 10 solo sheets, and 2 message cards with a handwritten message from each of the members. All of the photos measure 100 x 150 mm.

Next we have 2 pieces of JBJ95 merchandise showcasing the logo of the concert. The first one is a simple black pouch opened and closed with a zipper. It measures 180 x 120 mm. The second product is a black tin case in a rectangular shape with a rounded edges. The dimensions of the case are 95 x 65 x 20 mm. The item comes with 2 photo cards.

The final item is a luggage sticker set similar to the signature sets. This is the first version (season 1) and consists of 2 sheets of stickers you can stick to your carrier for example, and 2 extra photo cards. The size of the item is 170 x 230 mm.

Online World Fanmeeting Retro:95 Selection

The first online fanmeeting of JBJ95 titled Retro:95 was held over two days on August 8 and 9, 2020. The first event was in Korean and the second in Japanese. It was broadcasted live through Bbangya TV Live.

To promote the event, a special selection of JBJ95 merchandise was offered for the fans online. The notice about the goods showed up on the official social media of the duo on July 28, 2020. The pre-orders opened on July 30 and closed 10 days later on August 10.

This time the fans had a chance to become the owner of 7 different items. All of them were manufactured by Copan Global. The collection starts with a USB stick which looks like a cassette tape. It can contain up to 16 GB of data, and is of a size of a standard photo card (85 x 55 mm).

JBJ95 Online World Fanmeeting Retro:95 Merchandise

The second item is a set of 6 photo cards of the same size as the stick. There are 2 group and 4 solo sheets in a set. If you like the pictures you should think about getting a set of mini posters. Inside the package you will find 6 sheets sized 290 x 420 mm (2 group and 4 individual posters).

Next we have a ticket book and a photo card binder. The book can contain your collection of tickets, and measures 170 x 218 x 30 mm. Inside you will find 2 extra tickets. The binder will be perfect if you're looking for additional space for your photo card collection. Its dimensions are 241 x 239 x 40 mm and it comes with 2 bonus photo cards. Both items feature the logo of Retro:95 on the cover.

The last 2 pieces of JBJ95 merchandise are a pack of 10 logo stickers and a cold cup with the logo of the event, of a capacity of 530 ml.

Online Fanmeeting Boys are Blooming: Full Bloom Merchandise

The second fanmeeting broadcasted online titled Boys are Blooming: Full Bloom was held on December 19, 2020 at 6:00 PM Korean Standard Time. It was streamed live through Oncast. The tickets for the event cost 44,000 KRW.

A selection of JBJ95 merchandise was announced in December of 2020. The pre-orders began on December 15 and lasted until December 21. They were available on the official website of the duo. The shipping began on January 22, 2021.

JBJ95 Online Fanmeeting Boys are Blooming: Full Bloom Merchandise

The collection begins with a DVD containing the fanmeeting. Inside the package you will find a 120 pages photo book with pictures taken during the event, and 4 different photo cards. The package measures 150 x 215 mm. You could get it for 49,000 KRW.

The second item is a set of photos. It includes a single message photo ticket, 3 polaroids, 3 posters and 3 photo cards. The set costs only 15,000 KRW. Additionally there is a keyring with a photo from the same photoshoot. It is available in 2 variants - you could get one with Sang Gyun and one with Kenta. The keyring features a small charm made of suede. The product is made of metal and acrylic and is 85 mm long.

The other collectibles in the collection were a set of 5 randomly selected trading cards (54 x 86 mm) and a smart grip holder (40 x 40 mm).