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GWSN Merchandise

GWSN (literally Park Girl) debuted under Kiwi Pop on September 5, 2018 with the song Puzzle Moon and their first extended play titled The Park in the Night: Part One. The name GWSN refers to three directions: west, south and north with the letter G representing word "ground". The group is composed of members from South Korea - Seoryoung, Seokyoung, Anne, Minju, Lena, Japan - Miya and Taiwan - SoSo. In 2018 the girls received an award as the best new group at the Seoul Success Awards.

In conjunction with the release of their second EP The Park in the Night: Part Two the girls prepared a collection of GWSN merchandise for the fans. The physical edition of the album itself can be a great piece to collect, as well as other releases of the group including The Other Side of the Moon.


The Park in the Night: Part Two Goods

After the release of the extended play The Park in the Night: Part Two and the title track Pinky Star (Run) a line of official goods showed up on the various online KPop shops. The line consists of 6 different items and were manufactured by a South Korean company Copan Global that specializes in creation, production and distribution of KPop merchandise. It was responsible for many artists including GOT7, Apink, BTS, Seventeen, Monsta X and Teen Top.

GWSN The Park in the Night: Part Two Merchandise

The first item is the official light stick (you can call it a pen light). It has a white handle with a rainbow colored extension. The size of the light stick is 240 x 23 mm. It comes in a translucent pouch with a zipper.

The second item is the official slogan. On one side we can see the group's name GWSN and the names of all members written in English. On the other we can spot each letter from the name in a particular color - W in yellow, N in blue, S in green and G in pink. The slogan is made of suede and the size of it is 200 x 650 mm. You will get it in a transparent pouch.

Next we have a set of 8 posters - 1 group and 7 posters of each member. The size of each one is 420 x 300 mm. The set comes with one sheet of stickers sized 297 x 210 mm. It does not come in a tube but in an envelope.

Next is a blanket with photos of each member and the group's logo on a dark blue background. The size of the blanket is 1400 x 100 mm. It's made of polyester.

A square badge has a white archway doors on a dark blue background with the words saying "Girls in the Park. The Park in the Night". It is made of brass and its size is 30 x 30 mm.

The last item in this collection of GWSN merchandise is a smart pop - an accessory for your smartphone. It is often called a grip tok in Korea but you can also know it as a popsocket. The diameter of the product is 39 mm. It is made of PVC and ABS.