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Kang Daniel Merchandise

Kang Daniel is a vocalist under his own companies Konnect Entertainment and KD Corporation Ltd. In 2017 he participated in the survival TV show Produce 101 Season 2 broadcasted on Mnet. He eventually won the program and became a member of Wanna One. The temporary group disbanded in January of 2019. Daniel began his solo career with a release of his debut mini album titled Color on Me on July 25, 2019, and the lead single What Are You Up To.

There are several collections of Kang Daniel merchandise officially released by Konnect, including those prepared for his fanmeetings and to promote his albums including the 2022 full-length record titled The Story.

Color On Me Fanmeeting Tour Merchandise

The first collection came out in relation with the artist's first fanmeeting tour titled after his debut album. During the tour the vocalist met with his fans in four cities including Singapore, Bangkok, Taipei and Kuala Lumpur. A fifth city - Hong Kong - was scheduled, but the event was eventually canceled. The tour began in Singapore at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on August 16, 2019.

The attendees had a chance to get commemorating Kang Daniel merchandise at the venue. They could purchase a total number of 7 items. That included the promotional glow stick in three colors - yellow, red and blue, which came with a sheet of transparent deco stickers you could use to decorate the stick with. The size of the item is 300 x 15 mm. A commemorating slogan was also available. It is yellow and features the title of the tour and the name of the artist. It measures 800 x 200 mm.

Kang Daniel Color On Me Fanmeeting Merchandise

The third item is an acrylic keyring showcasing the silhouette of the artist wearing an elegant blue suit. It comes with a small yellow charm, and measures 33 x 83 mm.

The next piece of Kang Daniel merchandise is a set of 2 L-Holders which will be perfect if you collect KPop stationery. The first one features a face of Kang Daniel, while on the second you can find him wearing a black suit. Both L-Holders are of a size of 220 x 311 mm.

Next we have a postcard set composed of 8 sheets (4 positioned vertically and another 4 horizontally). The size of each postcard is 148 x 210 mm.

2 different magnets was available in the collection - version A (yellow), and version B (grey). Both have a picture of Daniel in the middle and the title of the tour at the top. The size of both versions of the magnet is 70 x 116 mm.

A limited offer was available at the fanmeetings. You could get all products mentioned above in a single package.

Color On Seoul Fanmeeting Goods

Kang Daniel continued his fanmeetings in Seoul, at the Ilsan KINTEX over two days on November 23 and 24, 2019. Additionally a special play exhibition was held from November 22 to 24. The event was titled Color On Seoul.

A special collection of Kang Daniel merchandise was available at the venue, which was split into 5 distinctive selections.

The first one was composed of the official light stick of the artist and several items related to the fanlight. The first one was the official light stick cross bag. It is in a shape of a tube and features the logo of the soloist on the front. It will be perfect to protect the fanlight during the fanmeeting or other event. It measures 110 x 235 mm and cost 15,000 KRW. Next there are 2 different deco straps. The first one is black and features the artist's name. It comes with three charms - a simple chain, a chain with his logo, and a rectangular with word "Danity", which is the name of his official fandom. The second one is white. It showcases the words "Kang Daniel" and "Danity", and comes with a colorful logo charm. The straps measure 20 x 140 mm and 25 x 140 mm respectively. The last piece of Kang Daniel merchandise in this part is a set of 3 round deco stickers you can decorate the light stick with. Each of them has a diameter of 80 mm.

Kang Daniel Color On Seoul Merchandise

The next part of collectibles consists of a photo set an magnet. The photo set is available in 3 variants (version A: pink cover, B: blue cover, C: white cover), and is composed of 15 sheets. Each of them measures 127 x 178 mm. The magnet comes in 2 options - white (A) and pink (B). It measures 70 x 116 mm and features the title of the fanmeeting Color On Seoul on the front, alongside a picture of Kang Daniel.

The third part contains 3 different collectibles. The first one is a Danity keyring with a green element feauturing a paper plane logo. Its size is 38 x 21 mm and it costs just 8,000 KRW. Next there is a set of 3 mini badges - a small light stick, a paper plane, and the title of the event. They measure 15 x 30 mm, 9 x 6 mm and 31 x 9 mm respectively. The final product is an acrylic stand with a silhouette of Daniel wearing casual clothes. The dimensions of the stand are 106 x 126 mm.

The fourth part consists only 1 piece of apparel - a bucket hat. It is black and comes in only one size. At the bottom you can spot a small grey logo of the artist. The size of this item is 300 x 300 x 150 mm.

The last part contains 2 pieces of stationery. The first one is a desk calendar with 2 sheets of stickers and a postcard. It has 34 pages and measures 255 x 287 mm. The next item is a diary with 240 pages in it. It comes with the same 2 sheets of stickers as the calendar, a postcard and a polaroid bookmark. All is packed in a package sized 134 x 188 x 22 mm.

Kakao Friends Collection

In February of 2020 a collection of Kang Daniel merchandise showed up on numerous KPop stores online. The items were created thanks to a collaboration with Kakao Friends, a cartoon characters based on the emoticons from the messaging app KakaoTalk.

Kang Daniel Kakao Friends Merchandise

The collection is composed of items such as Airpod cases, body pillow, pocket pouch, transparent deco stickers (2 sheets), a face keychains (4 variants), a selection of figures in a pink box (2 versions), a glitter card wallet, a glitter case for your smartphone, a pop-up case and a grip phone case (all for iPhone 11 Pro), a hairband, a hip bag, a black face mask, a mini keychain, a rubber kitchen gloves, a shake tumbler, 2 different soft keyring, and a black keyring with 2 charms.

Many of the collectibles come with a bonus photo card, and all of them feature a cartoon character representing Kang Daniel, or his signature.

Magenta Album Merchandise

Magenta is the third mini album of Kang Daniel. It was released by Konnect Entertainment on August 3, 2020 and distributed by Sony Music Korea. It is composed of 6 songs including Flash, Waves (with Simon Dominic and Jamie), Who U Are, Runaway, Movie and Night. Who U Are serves as the lead single. Waves was previously released on July 27, 2020.

Magenta topped the weekly Gaon chart, and was the best-selling album of August in South Korea with 330,824 units sold. It was the 31st most purchased release of 2020.

To support the release of the EP, a special selection of Kang Daniel merchandise was prepared for the fans. You could get a total number of 6 items. That includes 4 different metal badges. The first 2 feature the covers of both versions of the album (A and B), while the other 2 showcase the covers of the second extended play titled Cyan (version A and B). All badges are of a size of 20 x 20 mm, and cost 10,000 KRW. You could get it also in a set of 4 for a discounted price of 32,000 KRW.

Kang Daniel Magenta Album Merchandise

The second collectible is another acrylic stand. It depicts a silhouette of Daniel wearing a fancy yet elegant suit. The size of the item is 36 x 102 mm.

The third product is a nice phone accessory - a phone strap. If you are a fan of the vocalist, you will be glad to buy it for your smartphone. You will find on it the title of the album Magenta and the name of the artist printed in white. It is made of TPU and measures 300 x 13 mm. As a bonus you will receive a single photo card with a picture of Daniel.

The final piece of Kang Daniel merchandise in this collection is a hologram pouch. It features the title of the EP, its logo, and the color magenta written in a hex format "#FF00FF". The pouch is made of PVC and measures 115 x 80 mm. A photo card - different from the one added to phone strap - is included inside the package.

Yellow Album Selection

The fourth extended play of the artist had its premiere on April 13, 2021 under Konnect. On the CD you will find 5 different songs including Digital, Paranoia, Misunderstood (with Omega Sapien), Antidote and Save U (with Wonstein). Antidote was chosen as the title track, while Paranoia was released earlier on February 16, 2021.

Similarly to the previous release, Magenta, it reached the highest position on the Gaon Weekly chart.

A small selection of Kang Daniel merchandise was available for purchase. That includes 2 badges with the covers of each physical version of Yellow - A (gold) and B (grey). Both measure 20 x 20 mm and come in a package of a size of 85 x 55 mm. You could get both badges in a convenient set.

Kang Daniel Yellow Album Merchandise

The third item is a silver bracelet with an adjustable length of 160 to 200 mm. It comes with a small logo of the artist. The size of the package is 100 x 70 mm. Inside you will find a bonus photo card.

Next we have 2 paper sachets in a set. Inside the package you will find 2 cards with strings attached to it - Antidote and Paranoia version. Both with the title Yellow and the hex value of #FFFF00 on the back. The size of the item is 80 x 120 mm. It comes in a black and yellow envelope.

The last piece of Kang Daniel merchandise prepared to commemorate the album's release is a pouch for your tablet PC. It is black and features the logo of the artist in a bright yellow color on the front in the middle. The dimensions of the pouch are 225 x 295 mm. A small benefit is included - a single photo card showcasing the artist.