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CIX Merchandise

CIX is a boy group formed in 2019 by C9 Entertainment. It is composed of five members - Seunghun, BX, Bae Jinyoung, Yonghee and Hyunsuk. Jinyoung finished at the 10th place during the finals of the second season of a TV survival show Produce 101 and debuted as a member of Wanna One. BX was the 9th winner of the show Mix Nine and was set to debut with a new KPop group, but YG Entertainment eventually gave up with the idea. CIX eventually debuted on July 23, 2019 with their first extended play Hello Chapter 1: Hello, Stranger.

The members released some interesting CIX merchandise for their fans, who participated in their showcase and fanmeetings. The collectibles prepared for the group's second anniversary fanmeeting titled Tennis Club scheduled for 2021 has never been released.

Debut Showcase Hello, Stranger Goods

The announcement of the group's first showcase showed up on their official social media on July 4, 2019. The event immediately sold out after the ticket sales began on the 4th of July. 16,000 people tried to get the ticket but only 5,000 succeeded. The showcase took place at the SK Handball Arena at the Olympic Park in Seoul on July 24, 2019.

The event was organized to promote their debut album Hello Chapter 1: Hello, Stranger released the day before on July 23. The extended play consists of 5 songs including What You Wanted, Movie Star, Like It That Way, Imagine and The One. Movie Star serves as the lead single, for which a music video was released. The album reached number 2 on the Gaon Weekly chart. On October 23, 2019 Hello was re-released in Japan with one additional track My New World and the Japanese version of Movie Star.

CIX Debut Showcase Hello, Stranger Merchandise

The attendees could purchase a small selection of CIX merchandise at the venue. Two items in total were prepared for the fans. The first product was the official LED penlight of the group. It measures 175 x 10 mm and features the name of the showcase written in both English and Korean. It cost 8,000 KRW. The second item is the official slogan. On the first side it showcases a photo of all five members and the title of the event, and on the other you can find the word "CIX" alongside the group's logo on a dark blue background. The size of the slogan is 600 x 200 mm.

1st Anniversary Fix Week Merchandise

The second collection of goods was prepared for the first anniversary of the debut of the group. The Fix Week was a series of events organized for the fans between July 20 and 24, 2020, including the premiere of various videos, streaming and radio events, and release of the official CIX merchandise.

The collection consists of 4 items, and was released on the first day of the Fix Week, on July 20, 2020. The first product you could get was a beautiful sandglass made of - as the name suggests - glass, and some blue ABS elements. It weights around 71 g and its dimensions are 45 x 45 x 100 mm. The second collectible was an elegant ring made of a surgical steel. It features the date of CIX's debut in Roman letters: "MMXIX VII XXIII". It is available in two sizes - 6 and 7. It will definitely be a great gift for anyone who is a big fan of the group.

CIX 1st Anniversary Fix Week Merchandise

The third piece of CIX merchandise in this collection is a black wappen with a cool design that looks like a heraldic. It incorporates a word "CIX" and a crown. It measures 50 x 30 mm. Next we have a pendant bracelet featuring the logo of the group. It is made of a surgical steel and polyester. The round pendant's diameter is 12 mm, while the length of the bracelet is 170 mm. It comes in two different colors - blue and red. All items were made in South Korea except the sandglass, which comes from China. To all orders a randomly chosen ticket in an envelope was added. Each ticket represents either a single member or the whole group. There are 6 different tickets available.

The items were available also in a special event bundle consisting of the sandglass, bracelet and the ring, alongside an envelope with 3 random member tickets and 1 group ticket.

1st Online Fanmeeting Hello, Fix Collection

Ahead of the comeback with their third mini album titled Hello Chapter 3: Hello, Strange Time, the group announced their first online fanmeeting Hello, Fix. The album was scheduled to be released on October 27, 2020 by C9 Entertainment. Earlier that year CIX had to postpone their fanmeeting tour planned for the first half of 2020.

The ticket sales began on September 21 and the event took place on October 11, 2020 at 10:00 PM Korean Standard Time.

A collection of interesting CIX merchandise was released for the fans who could purchase them online. The first one was the official light stick of the group. It was released at the beginning of 2020, ahead of the band's fanmeeting Hello FIX in U.S.A, which originally was supposed to began with the event in New York, at the Melrose Ballroom on March 6, 2020.

CIX 1st Online Fanmeeting Hello, Fix Merchandise

Aside from the light stick you could get 9 different pieces of merchandise. The first one is a badge in a shape of the official CIX fanlight. The second one was a set of two group tickets featuring a photo of all members. Both have a holographic print and measure 50 x 110 mm. The third item is a set of a polaroid photo and 3 sheets of deco stickers. The polaroid features all members of CIX and its size is 90 x 105 mm, while each sheet of stickers measure 88 x 165 mm.

Next we have a photo card set featuring two different photoshoots. You will get 12 sheets including 10 solo (2 per each member), and 2 group cards. All photo cards are of a standard size and measure 55 x 85 mm. Next there is an acrylic keyring with two pendants. The first pendant showcases a silhouette of a chosen member, while the second one is rectangular and has the member's name written in white on a green background. The pendants measure 20 x 70 mm and 10 x 30 mm respectively. The only piece of fashion in this collection of CIX merchandise is a black long sleeve T-shirt. It features the title of the fanmeeting on the left side of the chest, and a small logo of the group at the bottom on the front. It is made of a very comfortable and durable Cotton. It is available in one free size and comes with a random photo card.

A white grip tok (popsocket) will be perfect as an accessory for your smartphone. It features some handwritten words and drawings. It is made of plastic and measures 40 x 40 mm, which is a typical size when it comes to KPop popsockets. The mask strap will be perfect for anyone who would like to beautify his/her face mask. The strap is green and has the name Hello Fix along with the CIX's logo on a green background. Its dimensions are 15 x 600 mm, and it comes in a plastic pouch of a size of 125 x 195 mm.

The last piece of CIX merchandise is a rectangular blanket with a picture of all members of the group. It is made of Polyester and its dimensions are 1000 x 700 mm.

CIX Hello Undisclosed Photo Card Set

On March 8, 2021, the group announced a special piece of CIX merchandise - a set of photo cards. The sale began the same day, on the Cientmall store online, simultaneously on their Korean, Japanese and global version of the site. The goods were shipped out at the end of March.

CIX Hello Undisclosed Photo Card Set

There are 5 variants of the set available. Each of the sets features a single member of the group. There are 4 different photo cards in the package - 1 aurora type, 1 silk, 1 hologram and 1 normal type. All sheets measure 55 x 85 mm and come in a red envelope with the group's logo on it.

The item came out after their recent comeback with their fourth mini album titled Hello Chapter O. Hello, Strange Dream. It is composed of 5 tracks - Stairway To Heaven, the title song Cinema, Round 2, Young and Everything.