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Enhypen Merchandise

Enhypen is a boy band under Be:Lift Lab, a joint venture between CJ ENM and Big Hit Entertainment. It was formed through a survival TV show titled I-Land on Mnet. The final 7 contestants including Jay, Heeseung, Sunghoon, Jake, Jungwon, Sunoo and Ni-Ki joined the group and debuted with their first mini album Border: Day One on November 30, 2020.

There are some interesting collections of Enhypen merchandise prepared by Be:Lift for the fans. That includes a line of fashion, as well as typical collectibles we are familiar with when it comes to other KPop groups and soloists. Some of the goods are released for the premieres of their albums including the 2022 extended play Manifesto: Day 1.


Enhypen Official Logo Merchandise

On November 17, 2020 on the official store Weverse, a debut selection of logo collectibles showed up. It was available through the global, American and Japanese version of the store. The collection was accompanied by the official light stick of the group, which came out before the group actually debuted, on November 30.

There are eight pieces of Enhypen merchandise (including the light stick) available for the fans. The first one is the official black slogan with the group's logo on one side and its name alongside the names of all members on the other. A reflective film was used to give some of the elements a shine. The second item is a keyring with 2 different charms, both made of a silver-toned metal. One of the charms showcases the logo of Enhypen engraved in openwork. Next we have a set of 2 badges. The first one is bigger and you can spot on it the group's name. On the smaller one you will find the logo of Enhypen.

Enhypen Official Logo Merchandise

The next piece of Enhypen merchandise is a set of 100 pages memo pad and 7 cards with special messages handwritten by the members. All comes in a sturdy elegant black box, on which you will spot some details printed in silver foil. The next item is a set of 10 clips made of steel with either a name of a single member or the Enhypen's logo printed in white. All clips come in a beautiful tin case. Next there is a simple cable protector made of PVC, which will help you protecting your smartphone cable from breaking or any damage. It can be used for any charging cable.

The final piece of Enhypen merchandise is a photo card binder. You can spot the logo of the group on the front and the names of all members alongside the name of the group on the spines, all engraved in silver foil. The binder can be opened and closed with a magnetic snaps. The different pages inside can contain different sizes of photo cards including the (almost) standard 55 x 86 mm, 55 x 91 mm and 70 x 100 mm. You will find inside 25 sleeves and 2 zip bags. 1 extra photo card is included inside. It measures 55 x 91 mm.

Border: Day One Uniform Collection

The first extended play of Enhypen was released on November 30, 2020. It is composed of 6 tracks including the intro Walk the Line, Given-Taken, Let Me In (20 CUBE), 10 Months, Flicker and the outro Cross the Line. Given-Taken was chosen as the lead single. The mini album reached number 2 on the Gaon Weekly chart and was the second best-selling release of November in South Korea (after BTS's Be).

A special line of fashion was prepared for the premiere of the album. It was released on December 10, 2020, and consists of 20 different pieces of apparel (but unfortunetely does not contain any shoes).

Enhypen Border: Day One Uniform Merchandise

You could get a black cap with a brass label and the group's logo embroidered on the side, a colorful bandana scarf with a print design inspired by the two versions Dusk and Dawn of the album, a short beanie with the same brass label as the cap, 2 variants of the blouson jacket made of faux suede and synthetic leather - one black and the other red - both with a big name of Enhypen on the back, a chain bracelet made of surgical steel, in a black elegant box, a brooch with two different chains and a charm, a black crossbag with a splattered paint design, an earrings with the Enhypen logo charm and small chains, a black gloves with the word "Dusk" on the right one and "Dawn" on the left one, a black or white hoodie with a big design on the back available in either M or L size, a leather jacket with a brass label on the back, two variants of a long sleeve T-shirt made of Cotton (size M and L), a chain for your face mask decorated with alphabet charms representing the word Enhypen, a mini crossbag with the same brass panel as all other items, a set of 3 srcunchies in different colors, a shirt with buttons available in 2 different variants made of Cotton, 3 different sweaters with the label at the bottom on the front, a sweatpants featuring the name of the group on the left leg which will be very useful if you are an active person (available in both M and L sizes), and finally 2 versions of a matching sweatshirt made of Cotton fleece (M and L).

Border: Day One Album Goods

To commemorate the premiere of Border: Day One, a special selection of Enhypen merchandise was released. It consists of 4 different collectibles. The first one is a set of 2 navy L-Holders. The set comes with a big photo of the group with a holographic print on the back. It will perfectly fit in both of the L-Holders. The second product is a mini photo frame, featuring one of the 7 members of Enhypen. Each of the photos are translucent and come with a paper frame. A special acrylic transparent stand holds the frame in place. It features the word "Enhypen" on one side and a name of a member on the other.

Enhypen Border: Day One Album Merchandise

The third item is a pencil case made of PVC. It features the holographic logo of Border: Day One, and comes with a metal rectangular charm. As a bonus you will get a sheet of transparent stickers, which you can use to decorate the case. The final piece of merchandise in the collection is a set of 7 postcards. Each of them features a name of a single member, his date of birth and his autograph. Each postcard comes in a separate envelope.

En-Connect Fanmeeting Merchandise

The first fanmeeting of the group titled En-Connect was held on February 6 and 7, 2021 at the BlueSquare Mastercard Hall in Seoul. On the first day the members met with their fans in person, at the venue, and on the second day they performed online for anyone who couldn't participate in the event on February 6.The group performed their songs 10 Months, Flicker, Given-Taken and Chamber 5 and some covers of BTS (I Like It, Boy In Luv) and EXO (Love Me Right).

Enhypen En-Connect Fanmeeting Merchandise

The fans from the official fandom Engene could purchase some interesting Enhypen merchandise, which were available online. The collection is composed of a 7 different can badges, each with a face of a single member (delivered at random after ordering), a photo garland with 8 elements and a string, a set of 2 L-Holders with 2 unit photos, a black long sleeve T-shirt featuring the logo of the event and some drawings along with writings of the members (available in M and L size), a paper stand with 2 different group photos, and a set of 7 postcards in a light blue envelope.

The next piece of Enhypen merchandise is a set of 7 individual member posters, followed by 4 sheets of stickers in a set, an En-Connect ticket in a white envelope, and a set of 8 random trading cards (7 normal including 1 unit sheet plus 1 special card) chosen out of 78 variants.

The trading cards are also available in bundles - either 5 sets or 10 sets. If you choose to purchase a batch with 5 sets you will get a paper frame to hold your cards. If you buy a batch with 10 sets, aside from the paper frame you will also get 7 exclusive photo cards and a beautiful box.