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Twice Photo Cards

The Twice photo cards can be a very valuable pieces of merchandise, especially for those who are a big fans of the group. Although they are mainly included with the physical albums in many versions, they also come in a sets as part of a larger collections of goods prepared for various events such as concerts and fanmeetings. Sometimes a trading card sets are also available and are composed of several randomly selected sheets out of larger lot.

Twice debuted in 2015 with their first extended play titled The Story Begins. The album was full of interesting collectibles including a CD disk and photobook. With the package you also received 3 randomly chosen Twice photo cards - 1 kid version featuring a random member on a picture taken during their childhood days, 1 adult, and 1 unit card. There is a total number of 18 kid variants (2 per each member), 9 adult, and 3 unit variants. There are 30 different Twice photo cards issued for this release if you're willing to collect all of them. This activity can also be a great hobby.

The second mini album Page Two premiered on April 25, 2016 under JYP Entertainment. The physical edition contained 3 regular photo cards including 1 selfie version (9 different variants in total), 1 flower version (9 variants), and 1 unit card (3 variants). Additional special lenticular sheet was also included. It features a randomly selected member of Twice and comes with a special holder. Similarly to the previous release, there is a total number of 30 Twice photo cards, regardless of the Mint and Pink versions of the EP.

The first part of the Twicecoaster duology came out on October 24, 2016. There are two different versions of the EP - Apricot and Neon Magenta. Both of them contains 1 selfie Twice photo card showcasing a single member of the group, and a single hologram TT card in an envelope also selected out of 9 options. A set of additional 9 photo cards was included in the package if you pre-ordered your copy. The regular sheets are the same in both versions of the Twicecoaster: Line 1. There are 27 different pieces to gather if you want to complete the collection.

A third version of the release showed up for the Christmas season of 2016. 2 new lots of Twice photo cards were issued. Inside the package there were two randomly selected pieces - 1 regular with a picture of a random member, and 1 hologram photo card in a plastic envelope (9 variants).

The repackage Lane 2 was released in February of 2017. This time you could get a single Twice photo card selected randomly out of 9 different option. The sheets differ from each other in both available versions A and B of the album.

A special set of 9 Twice photo cards was prepared for those who pre-ordered their copies. Two sets where issued, 1 per each of the versions of the repackage.

With the next release Signal, there were 3 different Twice photo cards per copy - 1 regular selected from a lot of 9 options, different in each of the three versions the album was released in (selfie type 1 in version A, selfie type 2 in B, and Signal in C). Additionally a single hologram card was added. It was selected out of 9 options and showcases a single member of Twice. All measure 55 x 85 mm.

The pre-order benefits which came with Signal were a random poster (out of 3 variants), and a set of - this time not 9 - but 10 Twice photo cards of a slightly bigger size of 58 x 88 mm.

The first studio album of Twice titled Twicetagram had its premiere in October of 2017. Three different versions of the record were released - A, B and C. There are three different photo cards per copy. That includes 1 regular, 1 polaroid, and 1 Insta version. All of them are of a size of 55 x 85 mm and are selected out of 9 different variants. That means you need 27 different sheets to complete the collection. Once again a special benefit in a form of 9 Twice photo cards set included if you ordered your copy before the official release.

Twicetagram was followed by its repackage which came out as Merry & Happy ahead of the Christmas of 2017. It follows the pattern of the previous release and includes three different photo cards - 1 A, 1 B and 1 special version. There are 9 unique pieces of all 3 types. They measure 55 x 85 mm. The backs of the special version hold a hidden messages from the members. You need to do heat the surface first to make them visible.

Additionally 9 photo cards in a set was included in the package as a pre-order benefit.

The next release we should look at is What Is Love?. This time each of the physical copies of the extended play included a big number of Twice photo cards. Inside the package you will find a single scratch card (9 variants), with the addition of 5 randomly selected sheets added from a big lot of 90 different photo cards, 10 per each member of Twice. We can all agree that this is a wonderful treat for the fans.

2 different sets of 9 pieces were also prepared for this release as a pre-order benefit.

What Is Love? was repackaged under the name Summer Nights and released in July of 2018. As in the case of its predecessor, there are 5 unique Twice photo cards included in the package, selected at random from a lot of 90 options. 1 extra message card was also added (9 variants). It came with a single sheet of cellophane paper which is needed to read the messages. All of the cards measure 55 x 85 mm.

This time the fans could count on 3 different sets of 10 photo cards as a pre-order benefit. Each of the album versions had its own unique set.

Yes Or Yes came out at the end of 2018. It came in three different physical variants A, B and C. Each of them included 5 regular Twice photo cards selected at random from a lot of 90 options measuring 55 x 85 mm. Additionally, a selected out of 3 variants Yes Or Yes card was also included. It had a special paper holder and measured 80 x 176 mm. There are 3 sets of 10 photo cards prepared as a pre-order bonus.

The first special repackage of the previous album The Year Of Yes was released in December of 2018. The physical edition is available in 2 versions - A and B. Both include a single QR code card, and 3 random sheets chosen out of 45 variants, 5 per each member of Twice. All of them are of a standard size of 55 x 85 mm and come in a separate envelope which is attached to the backside of the back cover.

For each version of the album a single 10 card pre-order set was issued.

The 7th extended play of Twice titled Fancy You premiered in April of 2019 and is available in 3 versions. Once again we had an opportunity to find in the package 5 randomly selected (out of 90, 10 per member) photo cards, and 1 additional lenticular sheet featuring a random member. The size of all of them is 55 x 85 mm. Of course 2 sets of pre-order cards were also prepared.

All three versions of the physical edition of Feel Special came - aside from the CD disk, photo book and a lyric paper - with 5 randomly added Twice photo cards selected out of 90 variants. 1 out of 9 special golden cards was also included. There are 3 pre-order sets of 10 sheets (1 group and 9 individual sheets) in this release.

For the physical edition of More & More, 100 unique Twice photo cards were prepared. In a single copy of the album you could find 5 different pieces. There are 81 individual cards, 9 duo, 8 unit and finally 2 group cards. Additionally, if you were lucky enough, you could also get a special photo card in a plastic wrap available only with the first press copies. It measures 63 x 89 mm.