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Twice 1st Tour Twiceland: The Opening Merchandise

Twiceland was the first concert tour of Twice that started with three performances in Seoul on February 17-19, 2017 at the SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium. Soon after the girls traveled to Thailand and Singapore for additional concerts that took place at the Thunder Dome in Bangkok on April 8 and at The Star Theatre in Singapore on April 29. The tour concluded with two Encore events at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium in Seoul on June 17-18. A total number of 36 000 people attended the concerts.

The members performed the songs from their first three albums: The Story Begins, Page Two and Twicecoaster: Lane 1. They also covered the hit songs of other KPop artists like Seventeen (Pretty U) and EXO (Overdose).

The events were followed by the second tour titled Twiceland Zone 2 – Fantasy Park held in 2018.

The concert in Seoul was recorder and released on DVD on December 28 and on Blu-ray on January 26, 2018 (with additional goods like photo books and photo cards).

The girls prepared a collection of Twice merchandise for the initial concerts in Seoul. The line consists of 18 different collectibles that are a really big treat for the fans. They were manufactured and distributed by Copan Global Co.,Ltd, a company that's also known from creating collectibles for other KPop groups such as BTS and Monsta X.

Twice 1st Tour Twiceland: The Opening Merchandise

We start with the official Twice light stick called the Candy Bong. The inspiration for this item comes from the track Candy Boy from the group's first extended play The Story Begins. It was officially introduced on October 18, 2016 and incorporates the colors of Twice - neon magenta and apricot. It can be connected to your smartphone through Bluetooth connection and be manipulated with the use of a special app that's available online. It comes with a cradle and can be used as a mood light. In the package your will also find a white strap and a user manual. The size of the light stick is 105 x 205 mm.

The second item is a set of 22 photo cards. It includes 2 cards of each member and 4 group cards. The size of each one is a standard 55 x 85 mm. It comes in a pink package.

The third product is a binder for your collection of photo cards. It has 22 sleeves and its dimensions are 363 x 308 x 50 mm.

Next there's an iRing - often called a smartphone holder ring or smart ring. It comes in two options - pink or silver and has a red Twice logo on it. The dimensions of this accessory are 135 x 40 x 6.2 mm.

The white T-shirt come in two sizes: M and XL. It has a cotton candy on front and a small Twiceland logo at the back and on two red tags.

The ballpoint pen comes in 9 variants - you can choose your favourite member: Nayeon, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Jihyo, Mina, Dahyun, Chaeyoung and Tzuyu. The length of the pen is 137 mm.

Next we have a Candy Bong mini light key ring that can project a photo of the member of your choice. It works exactly the same as the key ring found in the We Under The Moonlight collection of another JYP Entertainment's group GOT7. The size of this product is 45 x 120 mm.

If you need a container to pack your Candy Bong you should definitely consider buying the official pouch in a sling bag style. It has a Twice logo and the words "One In A Million" on the strap. It can be opened and closed by a zipper. The size of the pouch is 130 x 270 mm.

Next there's another piece of fashion. It's a black zip-up hoodie with a word "Twlnd" on front and words "Twlnd The Opening" at the back. It is available in two sizes: M and XL.

Two different sets of postcards are available - photo version and character version. The first one includes 18 member postcards (2 of each member) and 4 group postcards. The second one consists of 10 sheets - 9 of each member plus 1 group sheet. The size of the photo cards from both sets is 100 x 145 mm.

Another piece of Twice merchandise in this collection is a slogan with a photo of all members on one side and the group's name with a logo on the other. The size of the slogan is 1000 x 200 mm.

The white eco bag has a picture of a small rollercoaster on front and Twiceland logo in a circle at the back. The size of the bag is 380 x 380 mm.

The portable charger is a very useful collectible. It has a capacity of 10 000 mAh and you can use it for charging your mobile devices for example. The dimensions of the item are 147 x 74.6 x 14.2 mm. It comes with a USB cable.

The other products are a set of 10 L-Holders (220 x 310 mm), a set of 10 posters (762 x 525 mm), a black card holder made of leather (70 x 110 mm) and a set of 9 cartoon character stickers.

Three additional items from the Knock Knock official goods were later added to the collection: two variants of jigsaw puzzle and a Twicezine magazine. The puzzle come in two options - 500pcs (520 x 380 mm) and 1000pcs (735 x 510 mm) and with two different photos on the cover. In Twicezine you will find 100 pages full of content - concept photos, interviews and behind-the-scenes photos from the photoshoot for the Christmas edition of Twicecoaster: Lane 1 album. The three products were not available on-site (with the exception of Bangkok show where the 500pcs puzzle and the magazine were available for purchase at the venue). They were also present at the pop-up store that was opened from February 21 to 28, 2017 and located at Common Ground in Achasan-ro, Seoul.