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Twice Once Halloween 2 Fanmeeting Merchandise

Once Halloween 2 is the second Halloween themed fan meeting with the official fandom of Twice called Once. The first one was held in 2018. The event took place on October 20, 2019 at the Hwajung Tiger Dome of the Korea University Seoul Campus in Seoul. Two performances were prepared - the first one at 1:00PM and the second at 6:00PM. The tickets cost KRW 55,000 regardless of the seat type.

Similarly to the last year's Once Halloween fan meeting that was held on October 28, 2018 you could purchase a collection of official Twice goods which were available at the store located at the venue. The store was opened from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Unfortunately the selection available onsite consisted only of 19 products. A full collection was released online on October 28, 2019 and was composed of 40 items.

Twice Once Halloween 2 Fanmeeting Merchandise

We start the collection with 10 pieces of fashion. The first item is a hoodie. As many other collectibles from previous events were designed personally by the members of Twice here we also have a chance to acquire some interesting items featuring their artworks. This one was designed by Nayeon. The hoodie comes in two colors - purple and oatmeal and two sizes - M and XL. The second one are a purple cleaner slippers from Jeongyeon showcasing Jeongvely. They are made of polyester and come in one free size (270 mm). The third product is a white bag made of canvas and was designed by Jihyo. It measures 350 x 280 mm and comes with a brown shoulder strap. Next there are a Dubu check pants. As the name suggests they are the work of Dahyun. The pants are made of checkered material (cotton) and are available in colors - red and black. You can get them in either M or XL size. Next we have the second pair of slippers. This time they are a result of a collaboration between Nayeon and Momo (Namo). The black slippers feature a bear and a butterfly, with the name Namo and a drawing depicting Candy Bong. The item is made of urethane and nylon and is available in three sizes - S: 230~240 mm, M: 240~250 mm and L: 270~280 mm. The T-shirt comes in three different designs (A, B or C) related to the Once Halloween 2 fan meeting. Three sizes are available - M, L and XL with two colors to choose from - black or white. The second hoodie in the collection is a black one and can be opened by a zipper. It features a small orange pumpkin with the word "Halloween" on front and the logo of the fan meeting on the back. The item is made of cotton and also comes in three sizes including M, L and XL. Next there is a black and orange card wallet with the logo of the event on front and a small Twice logo on the back. It measures 115 x 83 mm and is made of polyester. The last two pieces of apparel are a black messenger bag (380 x 300 mm) and a black bucket hat made of cotton.

If the collectibles related to the Candy Bong are your thing you will find here several interesting items that will catch your attention. That includes the second version of the official Twice light stick - Candy Bong Z, a special cover and power bank for the fanlight, and two variants of the official pouch (black and white). You can also get an umbrella (1110 x 880 mm) that resembles the first version of the light stick, and the official Candy Bong Z keyring (57 x 138 x 28 mm).

Two new variants of the photo binder book are available in this collection. The first one features a photo from the eight mini album Feel Special while on the second one you will spot a picture taken during the promotional photoshoot for the newest edition of Twicezine titled Twice Classic which was also available at the event.

The photos from the photoshoot were also featured on other items from the Once Halloween 2 collection. This includes a set of lenticular photo cards (9 individual member sheets plus 1 group photo card) of a standard size of 55 x 85 mm, a special photo made of paper and steel of a chosen member (250 x 350 mm), a fabric poster made of polyester (960 x 700 mm), 9 variants of the pin button set composed of a chosen member's name brooch and a pin button (55 x 55 mm) depicting the member's face, a 1000 pieces jigsaw puzzle (510 x 735 mm), and finally a set of trading cards of a bigger size than the lenticular cards (58 x 88 mm). The set is composed of 4 normal and 1 special sheet chosen randomly out of 72 normal and 18 special cards.

If you are a fan of Lovelys you can add to your collection another five collectibles - a finger strap for your smartphone (315 x 12 mm), five mini keyrings composed of one pumpkin charm and two charms depicting two Lovelys characters (Na + Jively, Jeong + Mively, Mo + Davely, Sa + Chaengvely, Tzu + Lovely), an earphones case either for your Buds or Airpods in two colors - burgundy or beige, a wappen of a height of 60 mm in 9 different variants, and a cup holder made of polyester (155 x 60 mm).

Another smartphone accessory is a black phone case designed by Sana. You can get one for your Galaxy Note 10, iPhone 7/8 or iPhone X/XS. It is made of PU and is equipped with a mirror. It comes in a transparent plastic pouch.

The other items designed by the members are a blue body pillow of a size of 670 x 320 mm made of polyester (Momo), a Miguin hand warmer that measures 70 x 80 mm and is made of ABS and silicon (Mina), a set of 2 espresso cups made of glass that can contain 65 ml of your favourite beverage (Chaeyoung), and a blue shopping bag of a size of 340 x 400 mm made of polyester (Tzuyu).

In the Once Halloween 2 collection you will also find other interesting items including a CD player that will come handy if you don't have anything to play the Twice's CDs with. The device can play standard compact discs and those containing MP3 and WMA files. The size of the item is 142 x 142 x 29 mm. In the package you will also find an earphones, a USB cable and a user manual. All comes in a nice black square box.

Two sets of badges are here available. The first one consists of a crystal ball (18 x 25 mm) with the logo of the event in the middle and a plaque (20 x 20 mm) commemorating the fourth anniversary of the debut and featuring the words "Since 2015.10.20" and the logo of Twice. The second set is composed of two album badges featuring the title of Feel Special EP - a black round one (20 x 20 mm) and white one resembling a post stamp (25 x 32 mm). All four badges are made of brass and epoxy.

The last two items in the Halloween 2 collection are a black tumbler (73 x 255 mm) featuring the logo of Twice, and a glass bottle of a capacity of 200 ml (46 x 127 mm).

Only 19 items were available at the venue including Candy Bong Z, powerbank, keyring, pouch, cover, CD player, umbrella, zip-up hoodie, bucket hat, all four badges, two binder books, Twicezine, lenticular photo card set, trading cards, fabric poster, special photo and Lovely keyring. The rest was available for purchase online.