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Twice University Fashion Club Merchandise

Twice University Fashion Club merchandise was prepared for the finale concerts in Seoul of the Twicelights World Tour that began in May of 2019. The two concerts were scheduled for March 7 and 8, 2020 but were eventually canceled due to concerns over coronavirus. JYP Entertainment decided to release the collection regardless. All 25 items were available for pre-order between March 2 and March 8, 2020 on the online KPop store Withdrama. They were officially released on April 6, 2020.


The collection starts with a selection of items designed by the members to which you are probably used to by now. They are quite inventive and very special from a fan's point of view. We have an original foot mat made of polyester by Jeongyeon (450 x 350 mm), a Miguin bowl made of glass from Mina, a Dubu mini keyring which resembles a block of tofu designed by Dahyun (46 x 46 mm), a set of 6 stickers of a size of 70 x 70 mm with drawings by Chaeyoung and 3 different grip toks/popsockets from Namo (Nayeon and Momo) made of PP, ABS and epoxy (40 x 40 mm). The girls also prepared a selection of apparel including a cotton sweatpants in either black or white color available in two sizes - M and XL (Nayeon), a white or black face mask made of polyester of a size of 320 x 130 mm (Momo), a coral (L) and mint (XL) cardigan made of wool (Sana), a canvas bag of a dimensions of 400 x 315 x 130 mm with a white shoulder strap (Jihyo), and a newsboy cap with words "With You" in either M (57-58 mm) or L (59-60 mm) size (Tzuyu).

Twice University Fashion Club Merchandise

The other two pieces of apparel you can find in the University Fashion Club collection are a white T-shirt made of cotton with the logo of the Twicelights finale concerts on front (three sizes: M, L and XL), and a stadium jumper made of polyester and wool with two letters "TW" on front and the logo of Twice with a caption "Twice Univ." on the back (two sizes: M and XL).

Among the items you will find a new container for your favourite beverage - a black ceramic mug of a size of 82.5 x 97 mm.

The collection includes also the new photo cards binder book (30 pages, 260 x 310 mm) and a new edition of the Twicezine magazine (100 pages, 183 x 258 mm). Both featuring photos from the promotional photoshoot for the concerts based on a university theme.

The pictures are showcased on other interesting items in the collection. They are featured on the lenticular photo cards (58 x 88 mm) that come in a set of 10 sheets (9 individual member cards plus 1 group card), the trading cards (58 x 88 mm) in a set (4 normal plus 1 special card chosen randomly out of 100 different sheets), the image picket (9 variants, 295 x 430 mm), the photo and sticker set (45 x 152 mm), and on the university kit.

The kit features one of the members of Twice and is composed of a card board photo (190 x 260 mm), an ID card (86 x 54 mm) and two ID pictures (35 x 45 mm).

The last two new items are related to the Lovelys characters - a badge made of epoxy and brass (9 options, 23 x 35 mm), and a set of three wappen stickers that comes in three different variants - A: Na + Jeong + Movely, B: Sa + Ji + Mively and C: Da + Chaeng + Tzuvely.

The University Fashion Club collection of merchandise ends with the items we are already familiar with - the light stick Candy Bong Z, the powerbank for the bong, and a CD player from the Once Halloween 2 fan meeting that in this case comes with one sheet of round stickers featuring the members.