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Twice 2nd Tour: Twiceland Zone 2 - Fantasy Park Merchandise

Twiceland Zone 2 - Fantasy Park was the second concert tour by Twice after Twiceland – The Opening and its Encore extension, that opened with the three events in Seoul. The concerts that took place at the Jamsil Indoor Stadium on May 18-20, 2018 gathered the audience of 18 000 people. The girls continued the tour in Japan (Saitama and Osaka), Singapore, Thailand (Bangkok) and Indonesia (Jakarta). The event in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia was planned but was eventually canceled due to the safety issues at the venue.

JYP Entertainment prepared a very interesting collection of Twice merchandise. A total number of 23 items was available for purchase.

Twice 2nd Tour: Twiceland Zone 2 - Fantasy Park Merchandise

We start the collection with a white clock with the logo of Twice on front. It was designed by Jeongyeon. The size of the clock is 115 x 170 mm.

Next we have a cutlery set of a spoon, fork and knife that was designed by Mina.

The third item is a Dubu cushion made of polyester. Obviously Dahyun is the person behind the design. The dimension of this square cushion are 350 x 280 x 250.

Next there's a purple hard pouch made of stainless steel with Tzuyu's drawing of a cute dog on one side and her signature on the other. The size of the item is 180 x 110 mm.

The Twice's official light stick Candy Bong is also included. The size of the light stick is 105 x 250 mm. It comes with a stand and a strap in a nice white box. It needs 3 AAA batteries to operate.

Next we have a series of 6 pieces of clothing. The first one is a T-shirt with the title Fantasy Park at the back and a graphics designed by Chaeyoung on front. It comes in two options - white or black and two sizes - M and L. The second one is a leather bracelet made of leather and brass with a small pendant with the logo of Twice. Next there's a black waist bag made of polyester (400 x 190 mm), a white windbraker made of polyester with the title Twiceland at the back (free size) and a black ball cap made of cotton. The final item is a zip-up hoodie with a logo from the group's fifth mini album What Is Love?. It is made of cotton and comes in two sizes: M and XL.

A special badge set is available in two variants: A or B. Both consists of 8 badges representing the lead tracks from the albums they released so far: Ooh-Ahh, Cheer Up, TT, Knock Knock, Signal, Likey, Heart Shaker, What Is Love?. The size of the badges from the set A is 20 x 20 mm and from the set B is 25 x 32 mm.

Next there's a series of three badges from the Twiceland Zone 2 - Fantasy Park tour: one with the tour's logo (A: 20 x 20 mm), one with w merry-go-round (B: 20 x 25 mm) and one with Candy Bong (C: 20 x 25 mm). They are made of brass and epoxy.

The navy laptop pouch is made of polyester. It has the words "Fantasy Park" on the cover. It can be opened and closed with a zipper that has a small pendant with the logo of Twice attached to it.

In the collection we have another edition of photo binder book for your collection of photo cards. It is made of paper and PVC and includes 30 sleeves. The size of the binder is 260 x 310 mm.

You can also purchase a set of Twice photo cards for your binder. The set comes in two options - A or B. Both consists of 18 different cards that come in a tin box - pink or navy depending on the version.

Next there's a Twiceland Fantasy Park photo book full of content related to the tour. The size of the product is 188 x 250 mm.

The pop-up card comes in 9 variants. Every member is here available: Jeongyeon, Nayeon, Momo, Jihyo, Sana, Mina, Dahyun, Tzuyu and Chaeyoung. It comes with a special card with handwritten message from the chosen member.

In the collection we can spot a series of three Twice cartoon character goods. The first one is a key ring with two small pendants. It is made of brass, PVC and acrylic and its length is 62 mm. Next there's a pin button that's available in nine different versions. They are made of steel and their diameter is 65 mm. The last item is a character sticker set that is composed of a 1000 mm long roll and one sheet of stickers (180 x 240 mm).

We finish the collection with two last items - an image picket (9 versions, 295 x 430 mm) and a clear frame made of acrylic and PVC (9 versions, 235 x 323 mm). Both with the photos of Twice's members' faces.