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Twice World Tour 2019 Twicelights Merchandise

Twicelights is a world tour of Twice that started on May 25-26, 2019 with the concerts in Seoul at the KSPO Dome. The members visited 7 different countries across the world including Thailand (Bangkok), Phillipines (Manila), Singapore, United States (Los Angeles, Newark and Chicago), Mexico (Mexico City), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur) and Japan (7 cities).

The girls prepared a total number of 42 different pieces of Twice merchandise. Many of them were personally designed by the members themselves which actively participated in the production process. The collection also consists of products related to group's official mascots Lovelys - a small sprites that represent each member. They were featured in the music video for the Japanese track BDZ. Their names are Navely (representing Nayeon), Jeongvely (Jeongyeon), Movely (Momo), Savely (Sana), Jively (Jihyo), Mively (Mina), Davely (Dahyun), Chaengvely (Chaeyoung) and Tzuvely (Tzuyu).


The pre-order was opened for the fans on May 20, 2019 and lasted for a week until May 23. The goods were available from the South Korean online KPop store Withdrama. They could also be purchased on-site by the attendees of the event.

Twice World Tour 2019 Twicelights Merchandise

We start the collection of Twicelights collectibles with six pieces of fashion. The first one is a long sleeve T-shirt designed by Nayeon available in two options - normal and cropped version. They are made of cotton and you can get it in either black or white color. The second item is a sweatsuit designed by Momo and available in beige or sky blue option. It has Sakura twigs on both pants and hoodie. The third item is a strawberry T-shirt and crop top. This time Chaeyoung takes the credit for the design. She also is responsible for the black or white T-shirt that comes next. It is available in two sizes: M and XL. Next there's a Dubu face mask set that comes in two variants - black or white. It's needless to say that it was designed by Dahyun. The size of the mask is 175 x 95 mm. You will get 3 pieces in a black set and 4 in white. The choice is yours. The anorak jacket completes the apparel collection. It has a big logo of Twicelights tour at the back and comes in two sizes: M and XL.

Next there's a paper hanger with the photo of Jeongyeon and designed by her personally. The size of the item is 375 x 370 mm.

The body lotion contains 300 ml of fluid of a cotton candy scent. The size of the bottle is 50 x 200 mm and it was designed by Sana.

The laptop pouch comes in two sizes: 13 inch (350 x 250 mm) and 15 inch (400 x 285 mm). It is made of neoprene and polyester and you can close and open it by a zipper. The graphics on the cover was designed by Jihyo.

Next we have another object designed by a member - this time Mina. It is a Miguin (Mina's penguin cartoon character) cushion. It is made of polyester and its diameter is 400 mm.

A very interesting piece of merchandise is a trash can designed by Tzuyu. It's interesting because it proved to be the first item from the collection that sold out during the pre-order. It has the words "You can put your negative energy here" on it and the big smile with the caption "Trash can" written both in English and Korean. The size of the can is 213 x 260 mm.

Next we have two bags. The first one is pouch bag designed by Namo (Nayeon and Momo). It is made of nylon and leather and its dimensions are 370 x 230 x 140 mm. The other one is a simple eco bag that's available in three variants - white, black and orange. Each of them has the word "Lights" written four times on front and a small pink strap. The size of the eco bag is 360 x 410 mm. It is made of cotton.

The official light stick Candy Bong Z is also present in this collection. It is the second version of Twice's light stick and was revealed before the world tour started on May 2, 2019. The size of the light stick is 111 x 264 x 52 mm. It needs 3 AAA batteries to operate and can be connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth 5.0 connection.

A special pouch for the Candy Bong Z was also available. If you need to carry around your light stick than this is a perfect solution. It is made of PC, EVA and fabric and comes with a strap. The dimensions of the case is 287.5 x 140.2 x 35.8 mm.

And if you need something to charge your light stick with the Candy Bong powerbank with the capacity of 2000 mAh can come in handy. It is compatible with both Z and the old version of the light stick.

The Twicelights ring is made of real 925 sterling silver and is available in two sizes: No.11 - the inner diameter of 16.33 mm and No.18 - the inner diameter of 18.67 mm. It comes with a cubic zircornia. Both rings has the words "Twice Forever" on it. The bigger one has also the Twice logo on sides.

The set of deco stickers consists of 8 stickers with various logos representing Twice and 9 with the name of each member. They are made of paper and PVC and come in a transparent zipper bag (110 x 100 mm).

The black tumbler with a white logo of the world tour looks like a big can. It is stainless and is made of silicon. It can contain 500 ml of the beverage of your choice. The size of the tumbler is 70 x 195 mm.

The set of badges that are made of epoxy and brass comes in two options: A or B. In each of them you will find a badge representing one of three albums of Twice - Yes or Yes, The Year Of Yes end Fancy. In set A you will get three round badges sized 20 x 20 mm and in set B three stamp looking badges (25 x 32 mm).

You can also get a special black frame for your badge collection. The size of the product is 210 x 297 mm and it is made of aluminum, wood and brass. The frame itself comes with a small silver badge.

The lenticular photo card set is available in two versions - A or B. Both consist of 10 photo cards that are a little bit bigger than the standard one (55 x 85 mm) - 58 x 88 mm.

Next there's a photo card binder book that's very similar to the one from the Twiceland merchandise collection. It contains 29 sleeves. The size of the item is 260 x 310 mm.

The quick snap camera can be a nice item to add to your collection. It has a logo of the tour on front and the photo of all members from the promotional photoshoot at the back. The dimensions of the camera are 115 x 55 x 25 mm.

The acrylic stand is available in 9 options. You can get one with the silhouette of your favourite member. The size of the whole rectangular panel with the stand is 150 x 220 mm.

In the Twicelights edition of the Twicezine magazine you will find 100 pages full of photos and content related to the world tour. You can choose between two versions - black cover A and red cover B (VCR version). The size of the magazine is 183 x 258 mm.

Next there's a character mini note (64 pages) both from Yes or Yes or Fancy albums. You will get two notes in one set. The size of the item is 110 x 140 mm.

The other items are a light bulb badge (23 x 28.6 mm), a slogan of the Twice World Tour 2019 Twicelights (1000 x 200 mm), an image picket (9 options, 295 x 430 mm), accordion postcards (red or black, 100 x 150 mm), aluminum photo frame (127 x 177 mm) and a set of 9 L-Holders (220 x 310 mm).

And finally we have a character mini wireless keyboard which needs 3 AAA batteries to work. It is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 and Mac 10.9. It was manufactured by Shanghai Actto Plastics Co., Ltd. The size of the keyword is 320 x 148 mm.

Next we have a whole collection dedicated to Lovelys consisting of 7 products. The first one is a black T-shirt for a Lovely doll (L version) that was available in the Once Halloween Fanmeeting merchandise. It is made of cotton the its size is 125 x 65 mm. It was designed by Chaeyoung.

The second item is a white Lovely mood light made of silicon. It is equipped with a battery with a capacity of 600 mAh. It comes with a USB cable. The size of the light is 140 x 200 mm.

The third product is a pink cable figure of a sleeping Lovely. It is made of PVC and its size is 30 x 40 mm.

Next there's an infuser that you can use in a mug full of hot water to make your tea. It can be also used as a cup cover. It has a small Lovely figure and a heart on top. The size of the item is 100 x 120 mm.

The Lovely clear jelly case comes in six different options. Depending on your smartphone model you can choose the case for iPhone X/XS, iPhone 7/8, iPhone 7+/8+, Galaxy Note 9, Galaxy S9, Galaxy S9+. The case is made of PVC.

The key ring is available in five variants - each with Candy Bong Z pendant (9 x 20 mm) and the Lovelys figures representing two members: Na+Lovely (A), Jeong+Tzuvely (B), Mo+Chaengvely (C), Sa+Davely (D), Ji+Mively (E). It is made of brass and epoxy. The height of each Lovely is 26 mm.

If you need a new cute passport case you can get one with a graphics of sprites on the cover. You can choose between 9 versions. The size of the case is 192 x 135 mm.

Special trading photo cards were prepared for every Twice merchandise collector. They are available in a packs of 5 cards. Each pack contains 4 normal cards and 1 special card. They are chosen randomly. There are 100 different normal and 20 special photo cards.