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BTS Hoodies

There are plenty of interesting options if you're looking for a nice gift for your friend or a family member which happens to be a big BTS fan. One of the most popular are BTS hoodies which will be perfect for anyone who is fond of KPop, for either girls or boys. The hoodies are often included in a larger collections of merchandise prepared for different occasions including concerts, fan meetings and showcases. There are still available online, although for a rather higher prices.

You can easily get some official BTS hoodies released by the group or a custom made, created by the fans and based off their own designs and the official photos and logos.

If Autumn is right about the corner or you're preparing for a chilly early spring and want to get something warm to wear a BTS hoodies will be a perfect items to have. There are many different styles of this piece of apparel so you can be sure you will find something that will match your style. Depending on the style you want to achieve you can choose between a pullover and a zip-up. The difference between these two are that the second one has a zipper. The first one - as the name suggests has to be pulled over your body to wear.

There are three different materials the BTS hoodies are made of. You can get it in either 100% Cotton which will be very soft and pleasant in touch, polyester with moisture wicking capabilities, and a combination between these two in different ratios. Some of the items are made of fleece which will keep you warm.

If you prefer the original BTS hoodies officially released by Big Hit Entertainment you will have to look for them on the e-commerce websites on the internet, or various KPop stores. The stores and the third-party sellers will offer the hoodies around the time the event for which a new collection of merchandise was prepared for is held. These products often feature the logo, and will probably incorporate the title of the event. They show up alongside other pieces of apparel, as well as other merchandise in general.

House Of BTS Pop-Up Store Hoodies

A great example of a BTS hoodie is the one included in the collection manufactured for the 2015 tour titled BTS Live HYYH On Stage or The Most Beautiful Moment In Life On Stage. The tour was organized to promote the second part of their album of the same name. The attendees of the opening concert in Seoul on November 27, 2015, had a chance to purchase 21 different collectibles. At a special booth when the merchandise were offered you could get a black BTS hoodie available in a single, free size, and with a white drawstrings. The hoodie has the logo of the album and the tour printed in white ink on the front, and some white details on the sleeves. The pullover was accompanied my other pieces of fashion including black T-shirt with a similar logo, a black beanie, two pairs of socks - black, and red and white, and a white bandana with some red details.

BTS HYYH On Stage Hoodie

The next BTS hoodie comes from the second concert tour by the group. The tour titled 2017 BTS Live Trilogy EP. III: The Wings. The tour began with double concerts in Seoul held over 2 days between February 18 and 19, 2017. This time the fans had an opportunity to add to their collection a zip-up hoodie. It had a logo of the tour on the front and additional small details on the sleeves. It was available in two different sizes including M and L. Similarly to the previous example the fans had a chance to become the owner of other fashion items. Besides the BTS hoodie you could take home a black T-shirt with the identical logo on the front (size M or L), a black beanie (one free size), black ball cap, a bandana (measuring 600 x 600 mm), and a set of two wristbands - one with the star logo and the second with words "The Wings Tour". Also a hair band and earrings with the same star logo were available.

BTS The Wings Tour Hoodie

A very similar to the previous hoodie was included in the selection for the 2018 tour Love Yourself. The tour intended to support the release of three albums from the Love Yourself series - Her, Tear and Answer. It was the second biggest tour in the world in 2018, selling 800 000 tickets. The BTS hoodie was one of the most interesting items included in the collection of 40 products prepared for the Love Yourself tour. It has the title of the tour on the left sleeve and a small red detail at the top on the back. It also has a drawstrings and a zipper. Almost as a tradition, a small selection of apparel was offered for those people who could attend the concerts. The selection was composed of two different types of T-shirt - white and black, both available in either M or L size, a white ball cap, a white bandana, bracelet with a small round charm, slippers, and a set of two wristbands - white and red, with the words "BTS World Tour" and the initials "LY" respectively. Two other T-shirts were also manufactured - version 1 and version 2, both available in four sizes - M, L, XL and 2XL.

A year later a really big collection of merchandise including a BTS hoodie, was released for the extension of the Love Yourself tour titled Speak Yourself. The extension included 16 new dates in different cities all over the world including north America, South America, Europe and Asia. All collectibles were available on the site as well as online. The collection consisted mainly of apparel but also other regular goods. Among the items you could find two different BTS hoodies. The first one was black and included the logo of the concert tour on the back, while the second one was light and featured a picture of all members of the group composed of V, J-Hope, Jimin, Jin, RM, Jungkook and Suga, printed on the back. Both items were prepared in M and L sizes.

Additionally a special line of merchandise was prepared for the fans from US, UK and EU. The line consisted of apparel and only apparel. The collection included 2 BTS hoodies, different designs of T-shirts, 2 long sleeve T-shirts, and one pair of joggers. The first hoodie showcase a cool graphic with the word "BTS" at the top, while the second one is a cropped hoodie and features a really nice rainbow design. All items in the collection are available in a variety of sizes - S, M, L and XL.

The new world tour of the group titled Map Of The Soul was scheduled to begin at the Seoul Olympic Stadium in South Korea on April 11, 2020 but due to world situation it was eventually canceled. A special online concert was later held over two days October 10 and 11, 2020 in replacement of the canceled tour. The tour was organized to support two BTS' albums - Persona and 7. The merchandise - including a BTS hoodie were supposed to be released at the venues but were made available online instead.

BTS Map Of The Soul Tour Hoodie

The only hoodie available in the collection was black and featured the word "tour" on the back written in all caps. It had a zipper and a nice hood. Three different sizes were available - M, L and XL. A matching black jacket was also released. It has the same logo on the back and a big kangaroo pocket on the front. It can be also referred to as an anorak. Of course the BTS hoodie was accompanied by a large selection of apparel such as T-shirts, bags and bucket hat.

As you can see there is a variety of official BTS hoodies available for you to wear. Though it can be a little bit tricky to get them, especially after all these years the events took place. But with desire and a little bit of luck you will most likely find what you're looking for. It is always a very good and cute gift for boys, girls or kids in general.