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BTS 5th Muster: Magic Shop Merchandise

The fifth of the Muster series fan meetings titled BTS 5th Muster: Magic Shop this time took place in two cities - Seoul and Busan. It was named after the song from their album Love Yourself: Tear. It was the next that kind of events after the 4th edition Happy Ever After. The members of Bangtan Boys met with their fans on four different occasions - on June 15 and 16, 2019 at the Asiad Auxiliary Stadium in Busan and on June 22 and 23 at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena in Seoul. They performed with 18 songs including Boy With Luv, Magic Shop and IDOL. The final show was streamed through their official channel on VLIVE although you had to pay to be able to view the content.

As always Big Hit Entertainment prepared a new collection of BTS merchandise for the fans who attended the shows. This time the fans were given a chance to get a collection consisting of 24 items which were manufactured by Compact.D company.

BTS 5th Muster Magic Shop Merchandise

We start with a T-shirt that comes in two colors - navy and white. It has the title "Magic Shop" on the back written in Korean and a tag with the names of all members. It is available in two sizes - M and L.

The second product is a mood light with a transparent acrylic middle panel featuring the title of the 5th Muster and a wooden frame. The set includes 7 special photo cards. The dimensions of the mood light are 265 x 178 x 28.5 mm and the size of the photo cards is 75 x 100 mm. It comes in a sturdy cardboard box. In the package you will also find a USB cable and a user manual.

The third item is a made of polyester navy picnic mat with the tag with Magic Shop logo. It comes with a transparent PVC bag and a white pouch. The size of the mat is 924 x 725 mm and the size of the bag is 213 x 328 mm.

Next we have a photo prop with a silhouette of a chosen member. It comes in 7 variants including Suga, Jin, J-Hope, RM, V, Jimin and Jungkook. It is made of acrylic and its size is 258 x 93 mm.

The pop-up card set consists of a the card itself and 3 special photo cards. It is available in both Seoul and Busan versions. It comes in a nice navy package. The size of the product is 70 x 100 mm.

The badge also comes in two variants - Busan and Seoul. It is composed of two parts - the bigger with the event's title and a smaller round with the number 1 (Busan version) or number 2 (Seoul version).

Next we have a ticket holder that will help you to keep your ticket in a safe place. It has a transparent window so you're not going to need to take it out at any point. It comes with three hologram photo cards and a lanyard and has a small tag with the logo of BTS on one side and the logo of ARMY on the other. It is made of polyester and PVC and its size is 70 x 120 mm.

The hair pin set consists of 2 bigger pins (black and silver) and 1 smaller pin (black). They are made of metal and acrylic.

The mini key ring consists of a panel with the title of the BTS 5th Muster (28 x 18.8 mm), a photo of a member of your choice (29 x 39 mm) and two charms - a smaller star (12 x 1.4 mm) and a bigger star (16 x 19.2 mm). It is available in 7 variants.

The image flag comes in 7 options - every BTS member is here available. It is composed of a flagpole made of PVC (375 x 290 mm) and a flag (290 x 210 mm) made of polyester.

The acrylic stand comes in 7 variants. It is composed of 4 parts - the silhouette of your favourite member, a stand and two acrylic panels. The size of the product is 154 x 235mm.

Other items in the 5th Muster: Magic Shop are a desk note (240 x 100 mm), a set of two sheets of deco stickers, a rhombus-shaped scarf made of polyester, another voice key holder that's similar to those from the previous Musters, a set of 35 guestbook photo cards (5 of each member) sized 65 x 110 mm, a mini photo card set (70 x 100 mm), a set of 7 posters (500 x 800 mm), a white shopper bag, a stamp made of wood and rubber (Busan or Seoul version), a stainless mug, an Airpod case and a shoulder bag available in two colors - white and navy.

Additionally the attendees could win some exclusive BTS goods at the Play Zones where they could relax and play some interesting games. The merchandise included photo cards and postcards.