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BTS 2nd Muster: [ZIP CODE: 22920] Merchandise

The second fan meeting 2nd Muster: [ZIP CODE: 22920] with the official fan club of BTS - A.R.M.Y took place at the Hwajung Gymnasium in Seoul on January 24, 2016. It was initially planned to happen on June 13, 2015 but had to be rescheduled due to MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) outbreak. The boys met with 9000 fans and performed 8 songs: Just One Day, Like, Boy In Luv, Dope, I Need U, Silver Spoon, Boyz With Fun and Run.

The event was followed by the 3rd this type of fan meeting titled ARMY.ZIP +.

A selection of new merchandise was prepared for the event including previously released light stick (version 1.0) and a set of 3 fuses for the light stick. All items were licensed by Big Hit Entertainment and manufactured and distributed by Compact Design Inc. For the memorabilia from the 2nd Muster [ZIP CODE: 17520] please follow this post.

BTS 2nd Muster: [ZIP CODE: 22920] Merchandise

We start with a slogan sized 360 x 700 mm. It comes in a transparent tube with a sticker with the event's logo on it.

The second item is a set of a badge (33 x 25 mm) of A.R.M.Y and nine postcards (100 x 150 mm). It comes with a nice cardboard box.

The next is a set of 8 randomly chosen mini photo cards. The size of each card is 90 x 60 mm.

Next we have a set of 11 stickers in a length ranging from 78 to 94 mm and a set of 8 posters sized 250 x 365 mm. It consists of 7 member and 1 group posters.

The acrylic stand is similar to the one from the ZIP CODE: 17520 collection. Every member is available Rap Monster, Jimin, Jin, Jungkook, V, J-Hope and Suga. The size of the stand is 150 x 250 mm.

The garland consists of 10 triangular photos of members and the event's logo and a string. The size of each triangle is 140 x 150 mm.

The BTS portable battery has a capacity of 5000 mAh. You can use it to charge your devices with a USB cable. It has a black logo of the 2nd Muster: [ZIP CODE: 22920] fan meeting. The dimensions of the battery are 102 x 64 x 12 mm.

The other products available in this series are a white hairband (790 x 120 mm), a bottle that can contain 280 ml of liquid (58 x 210 mm) and a mouse pad with the photo of all members (220 x 175 mm).