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BTS 3rd Muster ARMY.ZIP + Merchandise

3rd Muster ARMY.ZIP + was the third fan meeting with the official BTS fanclub A.R.M.Y. It took place on November 12 and 13, 2016 at the Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul. 38 000 people attended the event. The group performed various songs like Boy In Luv, Dope, Fire, Blood Sweat & Tears.

The event was accompanied with a sale of the official BTS merchandise. The attendees had a chance to get 25 items - 18 new and 7 previously released.

The fan meeting was followed by the 4th Muster titled Happy Ever After.

BTS 3rd Muster ARMY.ZIP + Merchandise

The collection starts with the first version of official BTS lightstick. The official light stick fuse set of three fuses was also available. We cannot also forget about the official 2016 version slogan with the words "Bangtan Sonyeondan" written in Korean. The size of the slogan is (850 x 220 mm). It comes in a zipper bag (250 x 180 mm).

There's also a bracelet in two options - you can choose between black and red one - and a lanyard (20 x 480 mm).

The official badge set consists of 4 different badges - Army Bomb (16 x 30 mm), BTS logo (25 x 30 mm) and two thunderbolts (16 x 25 mm).

The lightstick key ring is the last item that was already released before the 3rd Muster took place. The size of the key ring is 100 x 49 mm and it comes in a box (55 x 55 x 110 mm) with 3 mercury batteries.

The new products from the 3rd Muster merchandise collection made especially for the event start with green and black baseball jumper (free size) with the logo "Army Zip +" at the back. Then we have another two pieces of BTS fashion - a black baseball jersey (free size) and white ball cap.

BTS 3rd Muster ARMY.ZIP + Player Baseball Jumper

The size of the glove bag is 375 x 480 mm.

Next we have a player photo card set that consists of 7 randomly chosen cards of the BTS members: Suga, Jin, RM, Jungkook, J-Hope, Jimin, V. The size of each card is 60 x 90 mm.

BTS 3rd Muster ARMY.ZIP + Player Card Set

The photos in the photo set are also randomly chosen. The size of each one is 90 x 140 mm.

In the poster set you will get 8 different posters sized 510 x 740 mm.

Acrylic stand is currently a very rare item that's difficult to find. If you find it you should definitely grab it as soon as possible. Every member of BTS is available. The size of the stand is 98 x 135 mm.

The coloring book consists of 30 pages of black and white drawings. The size of the book is 148 x 210 mm.

BTS 3rd Muster ARMY.ZIP + Player Coloring Book

The photo album has 24 pages of sleeves to store your photos in. It comes with 7 mini photos. The size of the album is 210 x 224 mm.

If you need a phone case for your iPhone you can get one. Two variants are available - for iPhone 6 (70 x 140 mm) and iPhone 6 Plus (82 x 160 mm).

The voice key holder stores the voice messages from the members which are played after the button is pushed. Similar item comes also in the 4th Muster and HYYH on stage Tour collections.

The magnet set consists of 7 magnets with the cartoon characters of BTS members.

The coasters come in a set of 7. They can be placed under a glass or mug to protect the surface underneath. The size of the product is 80 x 85 mm.

BTS 3rd Muster ARMY.ZIP + Player Coaster Set

The ballpen is available in 7 versions. You can choose a member of your choice. The size of each pen is 32 x 140 mm.

The other items are sticker notes (4), desk pad (460 x 360 mm) and a white shopper bag with the Muster logo on front.

BTS 3rd Muster ARMY.ZIP + Player Desk Pad