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KPop Hoodies

If you are a big fan of some of the South Korean groups you probably own one or more KPop hoodies which are a very important items for many members of a typical fandom. The hoodies often feature a logo of a boy or a girl band of your interest. The logo is placed either on front in the center of the item or on the left side of the chest. Less often you will find a logo on the back of the KPop hoodie. Of course the back side can also be used for other purposes - for example for listing the names of all members of the group or even their date of birth and other numbers related to them. There are many officially released items that were prepared for the fans as a souvenir they can own. These KPop hoodies were created to commemorate different events like concerts, fan meetings and showcases. They feature the title of a particular event on front, the date the event took place on the back along with a list of all cities the group or artist visited if we're talking about a world tour for example.


You can find a various different designs on a hoodie from a simple logo of a group or related to their album to more sophisticated graphics showcasing the members. Some of the items have some words written on one or both sleeve (or other details), at the bottom on the front and back, or on the left side on the front. As the name of the item suggests it has to have a hood - it cannot be a simple sweatshirt. The hood seldom features anything on it but there are a few exceptions including a fan made Red Velvet and iKON KPop hoodies. The first one features a name of a member of your choice and the second one has a name of the male group from YG Entertainment. As you can see there are many products with some interesting designs that you will definitely like.

The official KPop hoodies are a part of many collections prepared in conjunction with a concert or other event. These are one of the most popular items among the fans so the groups willingly release them. They can be a perfect items to support your favourite bands along with the light sticks. Of course these are a limited quantity collectibles so it's very difficult to get them outside the venues. Sometimes you can spot them on various e-commerce websites online from the second-hand sellers who happened to attend the event and had a chance to acquire one or more pieces. These apparel can be very expensive and usually are sold out before you can even start to consider a purchase.

KPop Hoodies

A good alternative can be a fan made goods. These KPop hoodies are easily accessible so you will not be having any problems. The price is relatively lower so if you are on a budget this will be a perfect solution. They come in many different sizes which is an additional advantage (the official ones are often available only in one free size). You most likely will be able to get anything from 2XS to 4XL. Of course they are manufactured in China most of the time so the measurements are typically smaller than the US size. Be prepared for a purchase of a little bit larger KPop hoodie than what you're used to. You should definitely think about getting one, two or even more sizes larger item. These pieces of fashion are made of a composition of cotton and polyester and should be very comfortable to wear.

The colors in which the official hoodies are available are mainly black and white. But of course there are examples of other tones: a green free sized one from Seventeen In Carat Land - 2018 SVT 2nd Fan Meeting, a pink pullover released for the ACE World Tour To Be An Ace In USA or a grey one from iKON Debut Concert Showtime collection. You will find a bigger variety when it comes to unofficial items. The fan made KPop hoodies are available in many colors including black, red, pink, yellow, green and white.

Some of the pieces of fashion become almost iconic among the fans. One example is KPop donut hoodie which become famous after it was showcased by many artists including Jungkook from BTS, Lay from EXO and Jay Park who was wearing it in a music video for his song My Last from his third album Worldwide.