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KPop Stickers

Stickers are an inseparable part of every KPop merchandise collection that's being released for the concerts and other events. They are present with the albums, as a set or separately, added to other products as a bonus. You can find them on a single sheet or in a die-cut form. The KPop stickers are available in a variety of shapes - square, round, rectangular and even in a shape of a silhouette of a particular artist. In the collectibles collection prepared for the release of the Red Velvet's album The Red we could find a set of 30 pieces consisting of 10 rectangular pieces sized 55 x 85 mm (in a size of a standard photo card), 10 oval pieces sized 60 x 87 mm and 10 round pieces sized 54 x 54 mm.


The stickers often depict the images of the artist or their cartoon characters representation. A perfect example is a set of 9 KPop stickers with the character of each Twice member that we could purchase during their 1st Tour Twiceland: The Opening. It is nicely packaged in a colorful box with a transparent window so we can actually see what is inside without opening the box. Sometimes the logo of the album or event is used instead of the images. There are some sets out there that are composed only of logos and doesn't contain any pictures of the members of our favourite group. Like in a case of the reform stickers that were prepared for the EXO From Exoplanet #1 - The Lost Planet tour composed of 6 sheets sized 210 x 297 mm. or when the set of 17 round and 2 rectangular pieces was released during the Seventeen In Carat Land - 2019 SVT 3rd Fan Meeting.

KPop Stickers

When it comes to the packaging there are many options to do it. We can get our KPop stickers in a paper envelope, a cardboard box or even a plastic pouch made of PVC.

We can regard this particular good as a collectible or use it as a decoration item. Some of the fans often keep them as they are and think it would be a waste to use them, whereas other are convinced this is their obligation to decorate their belongings with the stickers they bought. Often the name itself suggests what's their purpose - during the BTS 5th Muster: Magic Shop the members of the official fan club A.R.M.Y had a chance to purchase a set of two sheets of KPop stickers with the photos of their favourite boy group. In other case in the collection prepared in conjunction with the release of the album Veri-Us the fans of Verivery had an opportunity to get a beautiful set of 4 sheets and 6 luggage stickers made of PVC. These were available in three different versions - A: Retro Version, B: Verivery Version and C: Official Version. You could use them to decorate your carrier to give it a much more distinctive look. But that's not the only thing you can paste them on. The average fan like to decorate his laptop, diary, journal or even a car.

Sometimes the KPop stickers are included as a bonus with other collectibles. During the debut concert of Loona titled Loonaverse for example a pack of three pieces were added to each acrylic light stick that was bought. They were randomly chosen out of 12 different options. During the Stray Kids' Unveil Op. 03 : I Am You showcase you could find three stickers in a set Lucky Envelope together with 1 postcard and 2 photo cards.