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KPop Vinyl Records

The KPop vinyl records are a rarity and are not usually chosen as the primary physical format used by the artists. Although there are some exceptions that will definitely catch your attention. They tend to cost a little bit more and usually come as a limited edition collectible. Nevertheless they can be a great alternative to the most popular CDs and Kihno devices.

There are some good examples of the vinyl records you will definitely be interested in. Several groups and solo KPop artists has released their albums on this unique format. One of them is BTS. They prepared for their fans a number of disks of a smaller diameter as an alternative to the regular editions. Definitely the artists of SM Entertainment are one of those that are very fond of the format. That includes such performers as NCT, EXO, Taeyeon, Wendy and Joy. Their records are definitely those you should check out if you care about the quality.


SM Entertainment is one of the South Korean companies who regularly release some interesting merchandise to please the fans of their groups. There is a substantial number of KPop vinyl records released by SM to date.

For example in October 25, 2021 EXO released the LP for their 7th extended play Don't Fight The Feeling. It is a 12 inches 45 RPM limited edition disk made of a clear gray material. It was manufactured and distributed by Dreamus Company. On two sides of the vinyl record you will find five songs including the eponymous opening track, Paradise, No Matter, Runaway, and Just As Usual.

Of course inside the package you will find some additional unique benefits. This particular edition comes with 7 different square photo cards (1 for each of the EXO members), and a lyric booklet containing 12 pages of text.

Next we have a limited edition release of Like Water of Wendy. The KPop vinyl record had its premiere on May 28, 2021. It was manufactured of a clear vinyl in Japan and was distributed by Dreamus. It features 7 tracks on sides A and B - When This Rain Stops, Like Water, Why Can't You Love Me?, The Road, Best Friend, and 2 instrumental tracks for the first two songs.

The next example of the vinyl record is a whole series of disks released for the 4th mini album of NCT 127 titled We Are Superhuman. It came out on May 24, 2019 under SM and Capitol Music Group. Aside from the regular CD and the Kihno edition, a large number of 13 vinyl records has been released.

That includes nine solo member versions, a single Amazon exclusive version with the album's logo on the cover, 1 Newbury Comics variant limited only to 1000 copies, and 1 for each of the stores FYE and Urban Outfitters. All of the disks come in a transparent plastic package.

As mentioned before BTS is one of those groups among which the KPop vinyl records are the most popular. Although it is worth noting that all of the releases are smaller than the regular LP format.

The first one came out for the Map of the Soul: 7 album. It is rather an additional collectible than a normal alternative for the regular CD edition. It contains only one song - the single ON. The 45 RPM disk measures 7 in and is double sided. The side B contains a remix version of ON featuring an Australian artist Sia. The vinyl was available for pre-order for a short period of time. It officially premiered on June, 2020. This official product from Big Hit Entertainment (now Hybe) was manufactured and distributed by The Orchard.

The second vinyl record of the KPop group came out after the 5th studio album titled Be was released. This time the disk contains only a single song - Dynamite. It was available for the US citizens before it was officially released on August 21, 2020. It sold out only after an hour. It was restocked soon afterwards and was sold out almost immediately once again. The disk is one-sided and measure 7 inches in diameter.

Three months later another KPop vinyl record was released. It is about the same size as the previous two and includes only a single song, the lead track Life Goes On. It was printed in USA and distributed by Big Hit Three Sixty.

Alongside the record a small selection of goods was available during the pre-order period. You could became the owner of fabric posters cover, a photo card binder, notebooks, pencils, masking tape, wallet, eco bag, a T-shirt, umbrella, pajama, pin badges, candle, key ring, and muffler.

Another example of the vinyl record BTS released is Butter. It showed up for pre-order on a dedicated website on may 10, 2021 and ultimately came out on June 18, 2021. On the disk you will find a single song - Butter. As all other vinyls it was manufactured in USA and distributed by Hybe 360 and The Orchard.

Although these are all official, there are several fan made alternatives of a size of a regular LP you can acquire. There are quite often offered on various e-commerce websites.

One of the other KPop groups that released their own vinyl records are Blackpink. There are several LPs you can currently get.

The first of the KPop vinyl records is an alternative edition of The Album. It is available in two different versions - the regular and a limited edition version. The normal package has a gatefold cover containing the double sided disk made of a pink vinyl. It showcases 8 songs including How You Like That, Ice Cream, Pretty Savage, Bet You Wanna, Lovesick Girls, Crazy Over You, Love To Hate Me, and You Never Know.

The limited edition vinyl record was manufactured in only 18888 numbered units. Each copy comes in a very elegant box and contains a number of collectibles. That includes 4 photo books, 4 standing photo cards, 20 postcards in a set, a set of 20 Polaroid pictures, 5 pin buttons, stickers, 8 group photo cards, and finally a special numbered card.

The other vinyls of Blackpink were solo releases. That includes -R- of Rose and Lalisa of Lisa.

If you are looking for other examples of KPop vinyl records you will definitely find them.

On September 16, 2021 Chungha released her own LP box set as an alternative edition of Querencia. The box contains two colored standard size disks In a separate cover, with 22 different tracks. Inside the package you will also find 2 lyrics papers, a photo book with 62 pages of pictures, a double sided folded poster, 2 postcards with a special board, an LP holder, an invoice paper, and 4 photo cards.

The next example is Must of 2PM. It has a red colored disk and a gatefold cover. Of course this is another addition to contain some special benefits. This time you will get 12 sheets of photo paper, a set of 6 thanks to postcards, a set of circle lyric posters, and a photo film. It was available with a single bonus pre-order item - a set of 6 photo cards.

After B.I left Monsta X he released his first album titled Waterfall on a 12 inches vinyl record. It has a unique dyed disc placed inside a gatefold cover. You will also get a lyrics sheet, 1 photo card with a picture of the soloist, 2 pages artist commentary sheet, and 4 postcards.

The other KPop vinyl records worth mentioning are Monsta X's All About Luv, Taeyeon's What Do I Call You, Joy's Hello, Wendy's Like Water, AKMU's Sailing, Baek Yerin's Every Letter I Sent You, Crush's With Her and IU's Flower Bookmark.