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NCT 127 Albums

There are 10 NCT 127 albums released including 3 studio albums, 4 extended plays and 3 repackages, all of them under SM Entertainment. They were distributed by the companies including KT Music Corp. (later as Genie Music), iRiver, Dreamus, Caroline, EMI and Virgin.

6 of the NCT 127 albums (Regular-Irregular, We Are Superhuman, Neo Zone, Neo Zone: The Final Round, Sticker and Favorite) were certified at least Platinum by Korea Music Content Association. The sub-group debuted with their first EP titled NCT #127 in 2016.

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NCT #127 Mini Album

The debut extended play of the group titled NCT #127 was released by SM Entertainment digitally on July 10, 2016 and physically on July 11. It was distributed by KT Music Corp. Lee Soo-man - the founder of SM - served as the executive producer. The first of NCT albums features 7 songs including Fire Truck, Once Again, Wake Up, Another World, Paradise, Mad City (Taeyong, Jaehyun and Mark) and Switch (featuring SR15B). Fire Truck and Switch both serve as the title tracks. The first one was composed by Greg Bonnick and DJ Hayden Chapman from LDN Noise, Jeremy "Tay" Jasper and Ylva Dimberg (The Kennel), and arranged by LDN Noise. Taeyong, Mark and Jaehyun wrote the lyrics alongside Lee Seu-ran from South Korean music publisher Jam Factory. Taeyong and Mark were also credited as the lyricists of Once Again and Mad City.

NCT 127 NCT #127 Mini Album Cover

NCT #127 debuted at number 2 on the Gaon Weekly Chart and peaked at number 1 in its third week. It also reached number 2 on the Billboard's US World Chart. The NCT album was the 3rd best-selling South Korean album in July of 2016 with 60,118 units sold. It sold 83,272 copies in 2016 and became the 32nd most purchased release this year.

The mini album comes in a small hardcover photobook format with a paper wrapper featuring the pictures of NCT's members. It is composed of a CD disk attached to the back side of the front cover, the photobook itself, 1 random photo card chosen out of 14 variants (2 per member of NCT 127, 7 members took part in this comeback), and 1 square sticker of the sub-group.

2 posters were issued for this release. 1 random was added to each pre-order.

Limitless Mini Album

Limitless is the second extended play of NCT 127. It came out digitally on January 6, 2017 under SM Entertainment. The physical edition was available since January 9 and once again was distributed by KT Music. This time 9 members were featured instead of 7 (with the addition of Doyoung and Johnny). On the CD you will find 6 songs including the title track of the same name as the NCT 127 album, Good Thing, Back 2 U (AM 01:27), Heartbreaker, Baby Don't Like It and Angel. The lead single Limitless was produced by Kenzie, Harvey Mason Jr., Kevin Randolph, Patrick "J. Que" Smith, Britt Burton, Dewain Whitmore and Andrew Hey. Kenzie also wrote the lyrics.

Good Thing was previously released as a collaboration with a fashion magazine W Korea and models from a South Korean agency ESteem. Five members of NCT participated in the project - Taeyong, Yuta, Mark, Jaehyun and Winwin.

NCT 127 Limitless Mini Album Cover

Limitless topped both Gaon and US World charts and reached number 4 on both Billboard US Heatseekers and Taiwanese Five Music charts. It also charted in Japan (on number 13) on the Oricon chart.

The physical edition of this NCT album is available in three versions - A, B and C. All three come in a very original package - a big envelope containing some interesting goods. You can distinguish between the versions by looking at the sticker on the plastic wrap - they are all different. Inside the envelope you will find a CD disk in a red plastic case, a 116 pages lyrics book (200 x 100 mm), a set of 10 square photos (1 group plus 9 individual member sheets) of a size of 200 x 200 mm (either variant A, B or C depending on the album version you will be getting), a folded poster with the silhouettes of all members of NCT 127 (900 x 200 mm), another folded poster - this time with a photo of a single member - chosen randomly out of 9 variants (400 x 600 mm), and 1 postcard included randomly out of 14 variants (100 x 150 mm).

On top of that you will get a collection of many different stickers - 2 logos, 1 square drawing of all members of NCT 127, 1 random square photo sticker featuring all members (out of 3 options), 3 graphic stickers (version 1) chosen randomly out of 17 variants, 3 random graphic stickers (version 2) added from a lot of 9, 1 drawing sticker representing the face of a random member, a set of 9 stickers with the silhouettes of all members, 9 stickers with their faces, 1 big silhouette sticker (out of 9 variants), 1 random sheet of drawing stickers (9 options) and 1 alphabet sheet of stickers.

A poster of a size of 920 x 610 mm was included if you pre-ordered your copy of this NCT album.

Cherry Bomb Mini Album

Cherry Bomb is the next of NCT albums. It is the third EP of the sub-unit NCT 127, and was released under SM on June 14, 2017. It was distributed by Genie Music (previously known as KT Music). Lee Soo-man once again came back as an executive producer of the album. On the CD you will find 7 tracks - the title Cherry Bomb, Running 2 U, 0 Mile, Sun & Moon (performed by Johnny, Taeil, Yuta, Taeyong, Doyoung and Jaehyun), Whiplash (performed by Mark, Jaehyun, Taeyong, Taeil and Doyoung), Summer 127 and the performance version of Cherry Bomb. The lead single was composed by Dem Jointz, Jennifer Decilveo, Deez, the duo Jakob Mihoubi and Rudi Daouk from Jay & Rudy, the trio Michael Woods, Kevin White and Andrew Bazzi from Rice N' Peas, and MZMC. It was arranged by Jointz, Deez and Yoo Young-jin. Taeyong and Mark, alongside Deepflow, Lim Jung-hyo and Oh Min-joo wrote the lyrics. The lyrics consist samples from the American song for children titled If You're Happy and You Know It. The two members of NCT were credited as the co-lyricists of all songs except Sun & Moon.

NCT 127 Cherry Bomb Mini Album Cover

The third of NCT 127 albums reached the 2nd position on both Gaon Weekly and Billboard US World charts. It later became the 2nd best-selling South Korean album in June of 2017 after only Hwang Chi-yeul's first extended play Be Ordinary (with 105,877 units sold). It was also the 26th most purchased release of 2017 (Limitless was 27th).

Cherry Bomb come in a square photobook physical format similar to the one of NCT #127 mini album. It measures 150 x 150 x 21 mm. It consists of a CD disk with the music, a photobook with 136 pages full of pictures and illustrations by a South Korean artist Bang Sang-ho, and a random photo card added from a lot of 9 sheets. The photo cards are of a standard size and measure 55 x 85 mm.

If you were lucky enough you could have found a very rare signed polaroid photo in your copy of the album. Only 900 (100 per member) were prepared.

2 posters of a dimensions of 620 x 920 mm were issued for this release.

Regular-Irregular Studio Album

The first full-length studio album of NCT 127 titled Regular-Irregular had its premiere on October 12, 2018 under SM Entertainment. iRiver for the first time was responsible for the distribution. The NCT album came out a year and four months after Cherry Bomb. It features 10 members (after Jungwoo was added in September of 2018).

Regular-Irregular consists of 11 tracks including City 127, the title Regular, Replay (PM 01:27) (performed by Taeil, Yuta, Johnny, Jaehyun, Doyoung, Jungwoo, Winwin and Haechan), Knock On, No Longer (Doyoung, Jaehyun, Taeil, Haechan and Jungwoo), Interlude: Regular to Irregular (narrated by Yuta, Johnny, Jungwoo and Winwin), My Van (performed by Taeyong, Jaehyun, Yuta, Mark and Jungwoo), Come Back, Fly Away with Me, the English version of Regular, and a bonus track Run Back 2 U.

NCT 127 Regular-Irregular Studio Album Cover

The lead single of this NCT album was composed by Mike Daley, Mitchell Owens, Wilbart "Vedo" McCoy III, George Kranz and Yoo Young-jin. The lyrics were created by Coogie and Tommy $trate, alongside Taeyong and Mark. Both members co-wrote also City 127, My Van, Come Back and the English version of Regular.

Regular-Irregular debuted at number 1 on the Gaon Weekly chart and stayed there for 2 weeks. It also reached the 2nd and 5th positions of Billboard's US World and US Independent Albums respectively. It entered the Billboard 200 chart (at number 86) and was the first of NCT 127 albums to do so. In Japan the studio album charted on the Oricon chart at the position number 6.

With 273,075 units sold it became the most popular South Korean release in October 2018. It was the second best-selling release of any of NCT albums after NCT 2018 Empathy. It finished the year on 17th position and sold 292,341 copies.

On December 6, 2018 Regular-Irregular was certified Platinum by Korea Music Content Association for more than 250,000 units sold.

Two versions of the physical edition of the album are available - Regular (yellow cover) and Irregular (blue cover). Both come in a plastic wrapper and a plastic envelope with a black sticker on it. They measure 215 x 277 x 10 mm and have a folded dust jacket. Inside the package you will find a CD disk, a photobook with 48 pages of pictures, a 12 pages lyrics book, 1 random postcard chosen out of 10 variants (110 x 145 mm), and 1 random photo card added out of 10 options (55 x 85 mm). The CDs, photobooks and photo cards are unique, while the lyrics book and postcards are the same in both versions of this NCT 127 album.

1 poster chosen randomly out of 10 versions (360 x 510 mm) was added to each pre-order. Each poster features one of the members of NCT 127.

Regulate Repackage Album

The repackage of Regular-Irregular titled Regulate was released on November 23, 2018. It includes three additional tracks - Welcome to My Playground, Simon Says, and the Korean version of Chain, the title track of NCT's Japanese EP of the same name. Simon Says - chosen as the lead single - was composed by Anne Judith Wik, Ronny Svendsen, Jin Suk Choi, Bobii Lewis and Yoo Young-jin. It was arranged by Yoo and Dsign Music.

NCT 127 Regulate Repackage Album Cover

Regulate was physically released in 10 different versions, each of them with a square slip cover depicting one of the NCT 127 members. Each version is composed of a CD disk, a 48 pages photobook of a size of 266 x 265 x 6 mm, a written letter from the member the version is related to, and a single photo card randomly added from a lot of 10 sheets. The photo cards measure 55 x 85 mm. All goods are the same in all versions of the album except the letters.

A poster with a photo of all members was prepared for this release. Its dimensions are 610 x 920 mm.

We Are Superhuman Mini Album

The fourth extended play of NCT 127 was released on May 24, 2019 (although the physical edition was available only from May 27, 2019) by SM Entertainment and Capitol Music Group. It was distributed by Dreamus, Caroline (United States) and EMI (United Kingdom). It was another of NCT albums to be produced by Lee Soo-man. It consists of 6 songs including Highway to Heaven, Superhuman, Fool, Jet Lag, Paper Plane and Outro: We Are 127 (narrate by the members), and features 2 tracks as the lead singles - Superhuman and Highway to Heaven (released on July 18, 2019).

Superhuman was composed by Adrian McKinnon, TAK and 1 Take, with the arrangements by Yoo Young-jin. The lyrics were written by Park Seong-hee, Lee Seu-ran, JQ, Amelie and Rick Bridges. Mark is credited as the co-writer of Jet Lag. Highway to Heaven was previously released as single on May 14, 2019.

NCT 127 We Are Superhuman Mini Album Cover

To promote the EP in the United States, the group appeared on different TV shows including The Late Late Show with James Corden and Good Morning America. We Are Superhuman was released during the group's first world tour titled NEO CITY – The Origin that began with the performance in Seoul on January 26, 2019.

We Are Superhuman topped both Gaon Weekly and Billboard US World charts. It entered Billboard 200 chart (on position number 11) and reached number 6 on the Japanese weekly Oricon chart. It also entered multiple charts around the world - in Australia, Canada, France, United Kingdom and Spain.

The NCT 127 album was the second (after only GOT7's ninth extended play Spinning Top: Between Security & Insecurity) biggest seller in May of 2019 with 226,636 copies sold. It also finished the year on number 20 on the list of most purchased Korean releases in 2019.

It was the second of NCT albums after Regular-Irregular to receive a Platinum status from Korea Music Content Association.

The EP is available in 2 regular physical versions - Korean and American. Both come in a photo book form with a hardcover of a dimensions of 203 x 145 x 17 mm. The Korean version has a paper wrapper featuring the name NCT 127. Both versions include a CD disk attached to the from cover, the photobook itself (72 pages, 139 x 195 mm), a round holographic photo card of a diameter of 60 mm depicting a random member of NCT 127, and 1 photo card included randomly out of 9 variants (55 x 85 mm).

In the American version you will also find a bonus group postcard and a folded poster with all members on it.

2 posters - 1 group plus 1 individual member (out of 9 versions) poster were added if you pre-ordered your copy of the mini album.

A Kihno version also came out. It comes in a square box of a size of 101 x 101 x 33 mm and is composed of a Kihno Kit itself (60 x 60 mm), a folded accordion book with the pictures of all members (810 x 90 mm), and 1 random photo card (9 variants, 55 x 85 mm). Another poster was issued for the Kihno edition. Its size is 610 x 920 mm.

A series of 13 limited edition vinyl records with a graphics on the disk was also released. The series includes 9 individual member versions, 1 We Are Superhuman logo version (Amazon exclusive), and 3 group picture LPs made exclusively for various online stores (Newbury Comics (limited to 1000 units), FYE and Urban Outfitters). All of the disks come in a plastic transparent package.

Neo Zone Studio Album

Neo Zone is the second studio album of NCT 127. It was released by SM on March 6, 2020, with Dreamus, Caroline and Virgin serving as the distributors for South Korea, United States and United Kingdom respectively. It was another of NCT albums to be produced by Lee Soo-man. On the CD disk you will find 13 tracks - Elevator (127F), Kick It, Boom, Pandora's Box, Day Dream, Interlude: Neo Zone, Mad Dog (performed by Taeil, Doyoung, Mark and Taeyong), Sit Down!, Love Me Now, Love Song, White Night, Not Alone and Dreams Come True. Kick It serves as the leading track. It was produced by Dem Jointz, Mayila Jones, Rodnae "Chikk" Bell, Deez, Ryan S. Jhun and Yoo Young-jin. The lyrics were written by Wutan, Rick Bridges and danke. Taeyong, Mark and Johnny were credited as the lyricists of Pandora's Box, Mad Dog and Love Song. Dreams Come True was a pre-release single that came out on January 27, 2020, with a music video that was uploaded on NCT's official Youtube channel.

Neo Zone topped both the Gaon Weekly and Billboard US World (the third of NCT albums to do so after Limitless and We Are Superhuman) charts, and debuted on the 5th position on Billboard 200 chart. It also reached the highest position on iTunes in 33 countries. With 723,150 units sold it became the biggest seller of March in South Korea. Soon afterwards the NCT 127 album exceeded 750,000 copies in sales and was certified triple Platinum by KMCA.

NCT 127 Neo Zone Studio Album Cover

The second full-length album of NCT 127 is available in three physical versions - N and C (both released on March 6, 2020), and T (released on March 20). N (yellow cover) and C (red cover) versions come with a plastic sleeve and consist of a CD disk, a 60 pages photobook (145 x 205 x 4 mm), a 20 pages lyrics book (145 x 205 mm), 36 postcards in a set (145 x 205 mm), 1 sheet of stickers sized 205 x 145 mm, 1 folded poster (576 x 408 mm), 1 random round photo card depicting 1 member (60 x 60 mm), and 1 regular photo card randomly chosen out of 9 variants (55 x 85 mm). All goods are unique in both versions of the album.

Version T is a little bit different than the two above. It comes in a plastic packaging is composed of the CD in a transparent sleeve (130 x 130 mm), a 160 pages photobook (220 x 298 x 95 mm), a folded poster of a size of 576 x 408 mm, a pack of logo stickers of a various sizes (100 x 130 mm), 1 sheet of stickers featuring all 9 members (205 x 145 mm), a single lenticular card (160 x 110 mm), 1 round photo card (9 options, 60 x 60 mm), and 1 regular photo card (9 options, 55 x 85 mm).

A Kihno edition of Neo Zone is also available. It was released on March 27, 2020. It comes in a sturdy square box and is composed of a Kit itself, a folded accordion book (810 x 90 mm), and 1 photo card randomly selected out of 9 variants (55 x 85 mm).

Neo Zone: The Final Round Repackage Album

The second repackage album of NCT 127 came out on May 19, 2020. It features four new songs including the title Punch, Non Stop, Prelude and Make Your Day (performed by Doyoung, Taeil, Jaehyun, Haechan and Jungwoo). Punch was composed by Kenzie, Dem Jointz and Keynon "KC" Moore. It was arranged by Kenzie, Dem Jointz, Harold "Alawn" Philippon and Ryan S. Jhun.

The Final Round also topped both Gaon and US World charts and became the 2nd best-selling KPop album in May 2020 (after Baekhyun's 2nd solo mini album Delight) with 409,620 units sold. It's worth noting that NCT Dream's Reload was 3rd on the list.

NCT 127 Neo Zone: The Final Round Repackage Album Cover

It was eventually certified Platinum for more than 500,000 copies sold.

The physical edition of this NCT 127 album is available in 2 different versions - 1st Player and 2nd Player. Both come with a CD disk, an 88 pages photobook of a dimensions of 145 x 205 x 185 mm, 1 randomly selected postcard featuring 1 of 9 members (125 x 175 mm), a single folded poster with a photo of all members of NCT 127 (394 x 274 mm), 1 round photo card (9 versions, 60 x 60 mm), and 1 photo card of a standard size chosen out of 9 variants (55 x 85 mm). All merchandise except the postcards are different in both versions of Neo Zone: The Final Round.

This time two versions of the Kihno edition were released, both on June 15, 2020. They feature a different group photo on the cover and are composed of a Kihno kit (60 x 60 mm), a folded and double-sided accordion photo book (810 x 90 mm), and 1 random photo card added from a lot of 9 sheets. All goods are different in both versions of the Kihno album. The box comes with a plastic sleeve and its size is 101 x 101 x 33 mm.

Sticker Studio Album

The third full-length album of the group titled Sticker was released by SM Entertainment on September 17, 2021. It was distributed by both Dreamus and Virgin Music. The album is composed of 11 songs including the eponymous title track, Lemonade, Breakfast, Focus, The Rainy Night, Far, Bring the Noize, Magic Carpet Ride, Road Trip, Dreamer and Promise You.

The release managed to reach the highest position on 4 different charts including the Gaon Weekly, Oricon, and both US World and US Independent Albums charts of Billboard. It was the biggest seller of its premiere month and the second best-selling release of the year behind only Butter of BTS.

NCT 127 Sticker Studio Album Cover

Sticker was certified Double Million by KMCA. It sold almost 2.5 million copies so far.

The record is available in 12 different physical versions - 2 regular (Sticky and Seoul City), and 10 jewel case versions, 1 per each member of NCT 127 including Taeil, Johnny, Taeyong, Yuta, Doyoung, Jaehyun, Jungwoo, Mark, Haechan, with the additional group version.

Sticker was followed by its repackage titled Favorite.

Favorite Repackage Album

The reissue of the group's third studio album titled Favorite had its premiere under SM on October 25. It features all songs from its predecessor along with 3 new tracks - the title song Favorite (Vampire), Love on the Floor and Pilot.

The repackage reached number 2 on the Gaon weekly chart, and topped both the US World and US Independent chart. It also peaked at the highest position on the Oricon chart. It was the 3rd best-selling album of its debuting month and the 13th most popular release of 2021.

NCT 127 Favorite Repackage Album Cover

The release did pretty well selling almost a million copies. It received a Triple Platinum certification for more than 750,000 copies sold.

Physically, it's available in 2 normal versions (Catharsis and Classic), and 2 Kihno editions.

The Kihno edition comes in either Poetic or Tragic version. Inside the package you will find the Air Kit, an accordion photos, a poster featuring all members of NCT 127 measuring 610 x 920 mm, and 1 photo card selected out of 9 variants.