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Blackpink Vinyl Records

If you are a collector and a fan of the group, and you would like to improve your collection by adding some Blackpink vinyl records to it, luckily there are several examples of vinyls released as an alternative to a traditional physical formats such as CDs and Kihno kits.

Blackpink is a very popular girl group which provides us with tons of merchandise prepared for multiple occasions. They often release their albums in multiple physical formats. There are currently four different LP records released. That includes two group editions which came out for The Album, and two editions released for the members' solo albums (Rose and Lisa). All of them are highly valuable collectibles which you will be proud to own, or give to a person you care about who happens to be a big fan of Blackpink. Let's see in details what kind of interesting records you can get.


The Album Vinyl Record

The Album is the first Korean full-length album of the group. It had its premiere on October 2, 2020 under YG Entertainment, and was distributed by YG Plus and Interscope Records. It was a big success of the group in South Korea and overseas.

It consists of eight songs including How You Like That, Ice Cream (featuring Selena Gomez), Pretty Savage, Bet You Wanna (featuring Cardi B), Lovesick Girls, Crazy Over You, Love To Hate Me, and You Never Know. It is worth noting that Ariana Grande co-composed Ice Cream while David Guetta helped with the music for Lovesick Girls. The members including Jennie and Jisoo co-wrote Lovesick Girls.

Two variants of a Blackpink vinyl record were released for The Album. The first one is a regular edition which comes in a standard package, while the second one is a limited special edition packed an a hardcover box. Both of them will be worth adding to your KPop vinyl collection, especially if you already own other formats The Album comes in including 4 CD versions, a standard American CD version along with the international counterpart, and 4 exclusive cassette tapes released for the United Kingdom market.

Blackpink The Album Vinyl Record

The standard Blackpink vinyl of The Album has a black cover featuring a pink Blackpink logo, and an artwork depicting a shining crown designed by a South Korean studio VBstudio. The disc is composed of a pink colored vinyl, and is housed in a gatefold sleeve inside which you will find 8 different pictures of the girls, and the credits. The back of the gatefold showcases the tracklist.

This double sided Blackpink vinyl features 4 songs on side A (How You Like That, Ice Cream, Pretty Savage, Bet You Wanna), and the rest of the songs on side B (Lovesick Girls, Crazy Over You, Love To Hate Me, You Never Know). It was pressed by GZ Media, released by YG Entertainment, and distributed through Interscope Records by UMG Commercial Services.

The second LP record of The Album was a special limited edition available worldwide in only 18888 copies, from which each of them was numbered. Each of the units comes in a sturdy box with a little bit modified cover on the front, and is full of wonderful collectibles which you will definitely like. Aside from the Blackpink vinyl record which now is black instead of pink, and packed in a separate silver slip case, you will receive a set of 4 photobooks, each of them consisting of 60 pages of outstanding pictures of the members taken during the promotional photo shoot, a set of four standing double sided photo cards (1 card per each member), a set of 20 postcards, 20 square Polaroid photos in a set (5 per each member), a set of 5 pin buttons (1 per each member of Blackpink plus 1 album logo pin), one sheet of stickers, 8 big group photo cards including 6 regular and 2 transparent photo cards, and a special card with a unique number on the front and printed autographs of all members on the back.

Everything comes in a square box of a dimensions of 330 x 330 x 50 mm, which weights around 3.05 kg.

Rose -R- Vinyl Record

The next Blackpink vinyl record was released as an alternative physical format for the debut single album of Rose titled -R-. The single came out on March 12, 2021 under YG Entertainment and Interscope Records. YG Plus, Inc. Korea was responsible for the distribution. It was printed in South Korea.

On -R- you will find four tracks including the lead single On The Ground and Gone, alongside the instrumental versions of both songs on the CD format. Rose participated in writing the lyrics for two songs.

Blackpink Rose -R- Vinyl Record

This Blackpink vinyl is - similarly to The Album - a limited edition and full of interesting merchandise. The cover significantly differs from the regular CD version, it showcases a collage of multiple photos of Rose. At the bottom of the cover you can spot the title of the release written in a small font.

The vinyl record contains two tracks from the album on side A, while side B holds the instrumental versions.

Additionally to the 45 RPM vinyl LP which measures 301 x 301 mm (12 inches), inside the package you will find a large lenticular photo card (300 x 300 mm), four large double-sided photo cards sized 309 x 309 mm with a transparent insert of the same size, a gatefold with some unique beautiful pictures of Rose (309 x 309 mm), a lyrics slave (306 x 305 mm), a mini flip book in a rectangular form with a hardcover featuring the sentence "Too match darkness for a rainbow" and consisting of 120 pages (135 x 65 x 10 mm), 3 metal badges including 2 white and gold, and a single gold, all in a shape of heart with a small letter "R" in the middle. The final item you will get with the package is a double sided folded poster of a size of 870 x 580 mm. As you can see this Blackpink vinyl is a sophisticated product which will please even the most demanding collectors.

All collectibles come in a square durable box of a size of 322 x 322 x 26 mm which makes it an ideal Blackpink gift.

The item was available for pre-order between March 4 and 16, 2021. Although it is a limited edition, it is still available for purchase for a reasonable price considering the high quality of the product.

The newest addition to the Blackpink vinyl record collection was the LP format released for the debut single album of Lisa titled Lalisa.