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Enhypen Albums

There are 5 Enhypen albums available including a studio album, 1 repackage and 3 extended plays. They were released by Belift Lab, and distributed by Stone Music Entertainment and Genie Music Corp. Korea. All of them were certified at least double Platinum by Korea Music Content Association for selling more than 500,000 copies. Their biggest seller Dimension: Dilemma sold more than 1,000,000 units. The members debuted with the first installment into the Border series in November of 2020.

Here's the list of all Enhypen albums in order.

Border: Day One Mini Album

The debut mini album of the group titled Border: Day One was released on November 30, 2020 by Belift Lab, a joint venture of CJ ENM and Big Hit Entertainment. Enhypen is the first group produced by the company. The EP was distributed by Stone Music Entertainment and Genie Music Corp. Korea. On the CD you will find 6 tracks including Intro: Walk the Line, Given-Taken, Let Me In (20 CUBE), 10 Months, Flicker and Outro: Cross the Line. Given-Taken serves as the lead single. It was produced by Wonderkid and "Hitman" Bang. It was named the 34th best KPop song of 2020 by Dazed the 28th song that helped define KPop in 2020 by BuzzFeed.

To support the release of the first of Enhypen albums, a special showcase was held by the group and was broadcasted through Youtube several hours before the premiere. The same day of the release a show titled Enhypen Debut Show: Day One was hosted by Mnet.

Enhypen Border: Day One Mini Album Cover

Border: Day One reached number 2 on three different charts including Gaon Weekly, Oricon, and Billboard Japan's Hot Albums charts. It sold 318,528 copies in November and became the 2nd best-selling release of the month in South Korea. It sold additional 61,464 units in December finishing the year as the 24th most purchased release with a total number of 379,992 copies bought by the fans.

The extended play was certified Platinum by the Korea Music Content Association on February 11, 2021 (for selling more than 250,000 units), and then double Platinum on September 9, 2021 for selling twice that amount.

The physical edition of the first of Enhypen albums is available in 2 different versions - Dusk (dark blue cover) and Dawn (light blue cover). Both are of a roughly square size and measure 204 x 214 x 135 mm. They come with a plastic slip cover and 6 clear story covers of a dimensions of 204 x 214 mm featuring different words. Inside the package you will find a CD disk containing the music on a separate panel (120 x 120 mm), a photobook with 136 pages of beautiful pictures, a bookmark chosen out of 3 variants with a hidden message under a sticker (110 x 47 mm), a set of 8 postcards including 1 group and 7 individual member sheets (120 x 170 mm), and 2 photo cards selected randomly from a lot of 21 different versions (54 x 86 mm).

2 different variants of a poster was issued for Border: Day One. Both showcase all members of Enhypen and measure 445 x 594 mm.

Some of the first pressed copies of the album contained a very rare polaroid photo. You could get either a mini variant measuring 54 x 86 mm or a wide variant of a size of 86 x 108 mm. They were available in a very limited quantity - only 150 of each variant (300 in total) were prepared.

To support the premiere of the debut Enhypen album, a special line of apparel was released. 20 different pieces were made available for the fans. That includes a ballcap, bandana, beanie, bracelet, brooch, a logo earrings, crossbag, gloves, hoodie, a leather shirt, a long sleeve T-shirt, a mask chain, a mini bag, scrunchy, 2 different types of shirt, sweater, sweatpants and sweatshirt.

Also a special line of merchandise was prepared to support the release of the first of Enhypen albums. You could get 4 different collectibles including a set composed of 2 L-Holders and a group photo, 7 different mini photo frames, a pencil case with stickers, and a set of 7 postcards.

Border: Carnival Mini Album

Border: Carnival is the secon extended play of Enhypen. It had its premiere on April 26, 2021 under Belift Lab and was once again distributed by Stone Music Entertainment and Genie Music. Similarly to the first of Enhypen albums, it features 6 tracks including Intro : The Invitation, the title song Drunk-Dazed, Fever, Not For Sale, Mixed Up and Outro: The Wormhole. Drunk-Dazed was produced by Wonderkid and "hitman" Bang.

The album topped several charts including the weekly Gaon, Oricon, Japan Hot and Billboard's US World charts. It was the biggest seller in April of 2021 in South Korea with 522,136 copies sold. It sold another 100,485 units in May and finished the month as the 5th most purchased album. Border: Carnival is the second of Enhypen albums after Border: Day One to receive a Platinum certification by KMCA, and the first to be certified Double Platinum (for at least 500,000 copies sold). It also received Gold certification by Recording Industry Association of Japan for selling more than 100,000 units.

Enhypen Border: Carnival Mini Album Cover

The mini album is available in 3 different versions - Up (dark blue cover), Hype (black cover) and Down (light grey cover). All three are of a square shape and their dimensions are 190 x 190 mm. They contain a different sized photobooks - 104 pages in Up, 112 pages in Hype, and 100 pages in Down version. The box has a cut out rectangular window in the middle of the front cover. Each copy contains a CD disk in an envelope (120 x 120 mm), a 16 pages lyrics book (100 x 140 mm), a square signature sticker of a size of 75 x 75 mm, a carnival ticket featuring all members of Enhypen (150 x 70 mm), a folded group poster (760 x 520 mm), 1 random lenticular photo card selected out of 7 variants, and 1 regular photo card chosen from a lot of 15 variants (1 group plus 2 per each member sheets). All photo cards issued for this Enhypen album are of a size of 54 x 86 mm. All merchandise available with Carnival are unique to the version of the album you will be getting.

A special limited to 450 pieces polaroid photo was included in some of the first press copies of the EP.

Dimension: Dilemma Studio Album

The first studio album of Enhypen was released under Belift Lab on October 12, 2021. It was distributed by Stone Music Entertainment and Genie Music Corp. Korea. The record consists of 8 songs including the intro Whiteout, Tamed-Dashed, Upper Side Dreamin, Just a Little Bit, Go Big or Go Home, Blockbuster, Attention, Please!, and Interlude: Question. Tamed-Dashed serves as the lead single for which a music video was released.

The third of Enhypen albums reached number 1 on several weekly charts including South Korean Gaon, Billboard's US World, and both Japanese Oricon and Billboard Japan Hot Albums. Dimension: Dilemma sold 1,139,099 copies during its debuting month and additional 42,862 copies the next month. With the total sales of 1,205,949 units it finished the year 2021 in the top 10 reaching number 9. It was the first Enhypen album to receive a Million certification from the Korea Music Content Association (on April 7, 2021).

Enhypen Dimension: Dilemma Studio Album Cover

The release is available in 4 different versions - 3 regular including Scylla (purple lettering), Odysseus (orange lettering), and Charybdis (blue lettering), and 1 essential version. All of the regular are of the same rectangular shape and measure 160 x 220 x 30 mm. Inside the package you will find the CD disk in a separate envelope, a photobook with a cover in a color of the letters from the album's cover consisting of 112 pages (Scylla and Charybdis versions) or 120 pages (Odysseus version), a 20 pages lyrics book of a size of 100 x 148 mm, 1 sheet of stickers (150 x 210 mm), a folded mini poster selected out of 7 different variants (450 x 210 mm), a regular photo card with a picture of a random member or the whole group (8 versions in total), and finally a hologram photo card selected out of 7 options. All goods in this Enhypen album are unique to the version you will be purchasing.

If you were lucky enough to order one of the first press units you could receive additional pieces of merchandise - a special OS player accordion card of a dimensions of 496 x 120 mm, a Polaroid photo limited to only 330 pieces, and a group poster of a size of 570 x 390 mm.

The essential version of Dimension: Dilemma is square and much smaller than its regular counterparts. It has a slip cover inside which you will find a CD disk with a tray attached to a photobook, a random type A photo card selected from a lot of 21 variants (3 per each member of Enhypen), a single type B card chosen out of 3 variants, a top loader for the photo cards with the logo of the album, a mini poster (420 x 125 mm), and a single square sheet of stickers (100 x 100 mm). The photobook counts 52 pages and measures 140 x 25 mm.

There are 69 different photo cards to collect with this release. All of them measure 54 x 86 mm.

Dimension: Answer Repackage Album

The repackage of Dimension: Dilemma titled Dimension: Answer came out on January 10, 2022 under Belift Lab. Stone Music and Genie Music were once again responsible for the distribution. Aside from the regular tracks from the previous Enhypen album it contains 3 bonus songs including the lead single Blessed-Cursed, Polaroid Love and Outro: Day 2.

Dimension: Answer reached number 1 on the Gaon Weekly chart, the Oricon and the Billboard Japan charts. It also peaked at number 13 on the US Billboard 200 chart. It sold 723,478 units in January of 2022 becoming the most popular album of the month. It did not achieved the success of its predecessor but nevertheless on April 7, 2022 it received the triple Platinum certification from KMCA.

Enhypen Dimension: Answer Repackage Album Cover

There are only 2 versions of this Enhypen album - No (gray cover) and Yet (white and blue cover). Both come with a slip cover and contain a CD disk with the music in a special holder of a dimensions of 161 x 218 mm, a photobook with different number of pages (112 in No and 116 in Yet version), a lyrics book (28 pages), a photo stand of a size of 105 x 150 mm, a paper dice in a single sheet you need to fold (120 x 180 mm), a selection of stickers on a single sheet measuring 120 x 120 mm, a photo bookmark selected out of 7 different options (65 x 160 mm), 2 type A photo cards chosen from a lot of 7 sheets, and 2 type B cards selected out of 7 options. There are 18 different photo cards to gather if you want to complete the whole collection. All of them are of a close to standard size: 54 x 86 mm.

Similarly to the previous Enhypen album, Dimension: Answer was available with several pieces of merchandise added to some of the first press copies. That included a 297 x 190 mm OS brochure, a limited to 350 sheets Polaroid photo, and a group poster of a size of 390 x 570 mm.

Manifesto: Day 1 Mini Album

The third mini album of Enhypen titled Manifesto: Day 1 premiered on July 4, 2022 under Belift Lab. It features 6 songs including Walk the Line, the title track Future Perfect (Pass the Mic), ParadoXXX Invasion, TFW (That Feeling When), Shout Out and Foreshadow.

The extended play reached the 2nd position on the Gaon weekly chart, and topped both Oricon and Billboard Japan's Hot Albums charts.

Enhypen Manifesto: Day 1 Mini Album Cover

The physical edition is available in a total number of 6 versions. That includes 3 regular versions D, J and M, and 3 Engene versions marked by the same letters.

The normal edition contains a CD disk in an envelope, a photobook with 92, 76 or 80 pages depending on the Manifesto: Day 1 version you will be getting, 2 random photo cards selected out of 14 variants, 1 random postcard (7 options), a card with a message from a random member of the group, a can badge of a diameter of 35 mm, 1 sheet of a tattoo stickers, a folded poster with lyrics.

Some of the first press units of the album also contain a very rare instant photo. It is limited to a small amount of only 450 pieces.

The Engene version measures 140 x 140 x 16 mm and is composed of a CD disk, a square photobook with either 48 or 52 pages, 2 randomly selected out of 14 options photo cards, 1 sheet of stickers, and a folded lyrics poster.