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Enhypen Converse Footwear

If you're looking for some interesting Enhypen Converse shoes to add to your KPop collection, hopefully this article will be helpful. The members of the group can always be spotted with cool and elegant footwear during their various activities. They obviously has a great taste in everything including apparel. The fans always try to imitate their favorite boy band by wearing the same models of clothing.

The members of Enhypen very much like what they are having on their feet, especially different models of Converse. Although the brand is not officially endorsed by the members, they are having fun showing it off on various TV programs and during live performances on music TV shows.

There are plenty of examples of Enhypen Converse footwear we will go through in this article. Naturally none of them was ever released as part of a larger collection of merchandise officially released for a particular event such as fan meeting or showcase.


The members have been promoting Converse shoes even before they officially debuted. In the first episode of I-Land you could notice that Yoonwon was wearing a classic model Chuck Taylor All Star. The pair have a white body made of canvas with white sole, some red and black details, and the iconic star logo on the side. In the episode 12 Heesung could be spotted wearing a purple Converse Chuck 70 Seasonal Canvas with white sole and white shoelaces. I-Land was a South Korean survival reality show created by Big Hit Entertainment, through which the members of Enhypen were selected.

A special global vote PR video was released on the official YouTube channel of Mnet to encourage the general public to vote on their favorite participants in I-Land. The video featured Sunoo promoting himself in a yellow shirt, a matching yellow hat, and a white Enhypen Converse sneakers named Chuck 70 Vintage Canvas. The model showcases a nice and simple design based on a white collar, and with some additional red and black details.

On October 2, 2020 Sunoo presented a classic pair of black Chuck 70 during a live stream on Naver's V Live. They looked very nice with his black knit vest. He also appeared in the second debut trailer later that month in a Converse model Run Star Hike High Top. The shoes were black and had a white sole with black and brown accents.

The first example of Enhypen Converse after the group officially debuted on November 30, 2020 were Chuck Taylor All Star Classic in white variant featured by Sunghoon. He showed up in the model on the first episode of a variety show Enhypen&Hi which aired on November 11, 2020. On December 10, 2020 during the Enhypen's live performance with their song 10 Months on The Show, Jungwon showed up in a vintage plate sweater, blue jeans and a matching white version of Run Star Hike High Top, the same model Sunoo was wearing in the video teaser. Two other members of Enhypen were wearing a Converse shoes that day. Sunoo had on his feet white and beige Chuck 70 Final Club model, while Jake came in a black model with white sole, white shoelaces and the star logo, called Chuck Taylor All Star Move.

On December 17, 2020, four of the boys performed 10 Months in a Converse shoes on a TV show M! Countdown. Jay and Sunoo were wearing the same model Chuck 70 Vintage Canvas, yellow Sunflower and green Midnight Clover versions respectively. Both Niki and Sunghoon performed in a very similar black classic Chuck 70 High Top. All of the footwear feature a circle logo with black star on a white background, white sole and a matching white shoelaces.

At the end of December of 2020 a music video for Let Me In (20 Cube) was released. When carefully examining the MV you could find some interesting pieces of fashion including a new model of Enhypen Converse worn by Niki. This time the shoes called Chuck 70 Zebra Low Top Sneakers, were showcasing - as the name suggests - a pattern similar to a zebra's black stripes on a white background. This model is one of the most original inspirations any of the members can offer you.

If you're looking for some perfect examples of Enhypen Converse shoes, you should carefully watch the appearance of the boys on a variety show Weekly Idol which aired on December 23, 2020. All members except Heesung (who was wearing a black Vans) had on their feet one of the Converse models. Jake was wearing black Chuck Taylor All Star Move, Jay and Sunghoon a red and white editions of Chuck 70 High Top respectively, Jungwon an all white model of Black Ice Pro Leather, Niki a checkered black and white Chuck 70 Rivals High Top, and finally Sunoo white edition of Run Star Hike High Top. This episode is probably one of the best occasions to find some nice inspirations.

Ahead of the Enhypen's comeback with their second extended play titled Border: Carnival which came out on April 26, 2021, a special concept photos were released. On one of them you could spot Sunoo wearing another zebra pattern related model of Converse. This time it was Chuck Taylor All Star 70 Archive Zebra Overlay Low Top Egret. It is very similar to the one mentioned earlier, but with a distinction it's a little bit shorter. The shoes have a white sole and black shoelaces. They will be perfect for any fan of Enhypen who prefer a little bit more sneaker-like footwear.

The group's next release - this time a full length album - had its premiere on October 12, 2021 under Belift Lab. To promote the album, a special concept pictures were released. It was another time when you could spot the boys posing for the images with some Enhypen Converse shoes. Although the majority of the group chose Van's (in different colors and types), the rest of the members including Jay, Sunoo and Sunghoon selected Converse. All three members were wearing a colorful attires and the same model of the brand - Chuck 70. It has a black body made of canvas, a white shoelaces with matching sole.