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OnlyOneOf Unknown Art Pics 0.1 Photobook

OnlyOneOf Unknown Art Pics 0.1 Photobook
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Signature Photobook Unknown Art Pics 0.1 is the second photobook of OnlyOneOf. It was announced on the official social media accounts of the group on June 5, 2020, and then officially released on October 23, 2020.

It should be considered as one of the most precious collectibles related to the group. It will definitely be a bright spot in your collection if you choose to get it.

The cover of the photobook is black. You can spot its title on the front and the logo of the group on the back, both printed in a holographic print.

The book features some beautiful pictures of all members of the group including KB, Rie, Yoojung, Mill, Junji, Nine and Love (before he departed OnlyOneOf the following year). They are spread on a total number of 76 pages and are exceptionally nice to look at.

OnlyOneOf Unknown Art Pics 0.1 Photobook

As a bonus you will also receive a set of 7 photo cards, each of them depicting a single member of the group. They are of a typical size you can find in many currently released KPop albums and measure 55 x 85 mm. The back side of each of the cards features a signature of the member the card is related to.

The photobook itself measures 140 x 190 x 13.5 mm. This official piece of merchandise was manufactured in South Korea. It is a genuine item from RSVP Corp., the company of OnlyOneOf. You can get it from Ebay for a rather expensive price. But if you're looking for a gift, there's nothing more ideal than this.

The item was preceded by the first photobook of the group titled Unknown Art Pics 1.0. It came out in February of 2020.

Available From Ebay ▼
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