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STAYC Albums

There are currently 5 STAYC albums available. That includes 2 mini albums and 3 singles. They were released by High Up Entertainment, and distributed by Kakao M Corp. (later as Kakao Entertainment).

The group debuted with Star to a Young Culture, their first single, released in November of 2020.

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Star to a Young Culture Single Album

The group released their first single album titled Star to a Young Culture on November 12, 2020 under High Up Entertainment. Kakao M Corp. was responsible for the distribution. The EP is composed of only 2 songs - So Bad and Like This. So Bad serves as the title track. Both songs were composed by the founders of High Up, Black Eyed Pilseung - a duo consisting of Rado and Choi Kyu-sung. The producers are known for their music for KPop groups like Sistar, Miss A, Twice and Apink.

To support the release of the first of STAYC albums, a special showcase was held on the premiere day and was streamed online through the official account on Naver's V Live.

Star to a Young Culture Single Album Cover

Star to a Young Culture reached the 6th position on the Gaon Weekly chart. It sold 18,718 units during November 2020 and was the 29th best-selling release of the month in South Korea. It sold another 12,731 copies in December and finished the month at the 33rd place.

The physical edition of the first of STAYC albums comes in a single version of a square shape, and with a hardcover photobook format with a dust jacket. It measures 171 x 171 mm and is composed of a CD disk containing the music, a photobook with 72 pages with beautiful pictures of the members taken during the promotional photoshoot (165 x 165 mm), a square group postcard (120 x 120 mm), a special 4-cut card with 3 unit and 1 group picture (50 x 140 mm), 2 stickers featuring the logos of both the group and the EP (30 x 70 mm), the official STAYC fragrance card (90 x 130 mm), and 2 photo cards randomly chosen out of 12 different options (2 per each member). The cards are of a standard size included in many currently released KPop albums and measure (55 x 85 mm).

2 posters were issued for Star to a Young Culture. Both showcase a group photo and are of a size of 762 x 525 mm.

Staydom Single Album

The second single and the second of STAYC albums overall titled Staydom had its premiere on April 8, 2021 under High Up Entertainment. It was distributed by Kakao Entertainment. On the CD you will find 4 tracks including ASAP, So What, Love Fool and the remix of STAYC's debut song So Bad (Tak Remix). All tracks were produced by Black Eyed Pilseung and Jeon Goon.

The single managed to reach number 9 on the Gaon chart. It sold 56,198 units during April 2021 and was the 18th best-selling Korean release that month, and at the same time the 2nd best-seller of any KPop girl group behind only Itzy's Guess Who. Another 13,199 copies were sold the next month. STAYC was the first girl group debuting in 2020 with more than 50,000 copies sold of a single album.

Staydom Single Album Cover

Staydom comes in one physical edition. It is of the same size as its predecessor and measure 171 x 171 mm. Inside the package you will find a CD disk with the music, a photobook containing 72 pages full of nice pictures (165 x 165 mm), 1 square sheet of stickers (145 x 145 mm), another official fragrance card (90 x 130 mm), 1 random postcard featuring a single member of STAYC (120 x 120 mm), and 1 photo card selected randomly out of 12 variants (2 per each member) of a typical size of 55 x 85 mm.

A poster added randomly out of 2 variants were included as a pre-order benefit. The size of the posters are 520 x 760 mm. Both showcase the whole group.

Stereotype Mini Album

Stereotype is the first extended play of STAYC. It premiered on September 6, 2021 under High Up Entertainment and was distributed by Kakao Entertainment. It is composed of 4 songs including the opening track of the same title and at the same time a lead single, I'll Be There, Slow Down and Complex. Black Eyed Pilseung composed all of the songs along with Jeon Goon.

The mini album reached number 2 on the Gaon weekly chart and the 25th position on the Oricon chart in Japan.

The first EP of the group sold 138,148 units in September of 2021 and was the 6th biggest seller of the month and the highest positioned record of any girl group on the list.

STAYC Stereotype Mini Album Cover

2 different versions of the physical edition of Stereotype were released - type A and B. Both come with a plastic sleeve cover and contain the CD disk attached to the cover, an 84 pages photobook, a folded poster depicting a random member of STAYC of a size of 296 x 420 mm, 1 postcard selected out of 6 options, 1 randomly included standard-sized photo card added out of 12 unique sheets, the official fragrance card of a size of 90 x 130 mm, a scratch card selected out of 6 variants, and finally a random special photo card (6 options).

4 posters were prepared for this release. That includes 2 unique sheets per each of the version of the album. Mini Album

The second mini album of the girl group titled came out on February 21, 2022 under High Up Entertainment. It features 6 songs including the title track Run2U, Same Same, 247, Young Luv, Butterfly, and I Want U Baby. Run2U was composed by B.E.P, Jeon Goon and FLYT. It was the first time when Choi Kyu-sung did not participated in the production of the STAYC album.

It was the first record of the group to top the weekly Gaon chart. It also reached number 23 and 44 on the Billboard Japan's Hot Albums and Oricon charts respectivelly. It was the 2nd best-selling release of February 2022 in South Korea. It sold 212,211 copies in total and lost only to The Second Step: Chapter One of Treasure.

STAYC Mini Album Cover

The physical edition of is available in 3 different versions including 2 regular photobook versions Young and Luv, and a single jewel case version.

The normal edition comes in a plastic packaging and contains the CD disk on a special tray, a photobook with 80 pages of photos taken during the promotional photoshoot, a folded poster featuring a random member of STAYC, a wide Polaroid photo included at random out of 6 options, a single photo card selected out of 6 variants, similarly to the previous album the official fragrance card, 1 sheet of tattoo stickers, and an AR photo card.

4 different posters of a dimensions of 762 x 525 mm were prepared for this release. They were included in the packages with the first press copies of the EP.

We Need Love Single Album

The third single album of STAYC titled We Need Love was released on July 19, 2022 under High Up. It features 4 tracks including the title song Beautiful Monster, I Like It, Love and a remix of Run2U prepared by Tak. The lead single was produced by Black Eyed Pilseung and Flyt.

There are 3 different physical versions of the album available. That includes 2 regular versions Love (pink cover) and Power (green cover), and 1 special limited edition.

STAYC We Need Love Single Album Cover

The normal edition measures 171 x 171 mm and is composed of a CD disk placed in a paper envelope, a 68 pages photobook, the third fragrance card measuring 90 x 130 mm, 1 randomly chosen photo card selected out of 12 different variants, and a circle card of a diameter of 60 mm (6 options).

2 group posters were prepared for the normal version.

The limited edition measures 140 x 128 mm, and is composed of a CD disk, a 16 pages booklet, 1 photo card chosen randomly out of 6 options, and a folded poster of a size of 200 x 260 mm included out of 6 variants.