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2016 BTS LIVE "The Most Beautiful Moment in Life On Stage: Epilogue" Merchandise

The Most Beautiful Moment in Life On Stage: Epilogue is the extension of the third world tour of BTS that was first announced the day after the release of the album The Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever on March 21, 2016. The tour started on May 7 with the performance in Seoul at the Olympic Gymnastics Arena. The members continued the Epilogue tour with the concerts in Taipei (Taiwan), Cotai (Macau), Nanjing (China), Osaka and Nagoya (Japan), Beijing (China), Manila (Philippines), Bangkok (Thailand) and Tokyo (Japan). The performances gathered a total number of 144 000 spectators.

Big Hit Entertainment did not forget about the fans and prepared a collection of BTS merchandise you will be proud to become the owner of. The collection was composed of 20 completely new items and 2 items that were previously released. The maximum number of each product you could purchase at the venue was 3 (although you could buy only 1 image picket). The only exception was the official light stick fuse set - you could get as many as you wanted. The remaining stock were available online through the official BTS shop after the shows.

2016 BTS LIVE The Most Beautiful Moment in Life On Stage: Epilogue Merchandise

The four items that we're already familiar with are the first version of the official light stick and a fuse set for the light stick.

The first of the new ones is the 2016 version of the official BTS slogan. It has the name of the group written in Korean on front along with the names of the members. The size of the slogan is 850 x 220 mm. It comes in a zipper bag sized 250 x 180 mm.

The second item is a phone accessory set consisting of an earcup (15 x 35 mm) and a cord tie (54 x 18 mm). The earcap looks exactly like a small light stick and the tie has a BTS logo on it with a lightning instead of the letter "T".

Next we have a substantial collection of BTS apparel including a zip-up hoodie (free size) with a logo of the extension on front, a white T-shirt with the same logo available in two sizes (S and M), a black shoulder bag with two white stripes (410 x 440 mm), a bandana (600 x 600 mm), a camp cap (free size), a pink and white hair band (830 x 120 mm) and a set of two wrist bands (75 x 70 mm).

The next item is an image picket with a photo of a smiling member available in seven options. You can choose your favourite member: RM, Jimin, Jin, J-Hope, Suga, V and Jungkook.

The program book available here is very similar to the one from the HYYH On Stage collection of merchandise. This time we have a 100 pages of content instead of 88. The text is written both in Korean and English. The size of the book is 182 x 256 mm.

The photo set consists of 15 sheets (2 of each member and 1 group photo). The size of each sheet is 135 x 190 mm. This nice set comes in a dark blue package and will definitely please you.

The set of mini photo cards consists of 8 sheets randomly chosen from 49 member cards and 7 group cards sized 90 x 60 mm. They come - similarly to the photo set - in a dark blue package.

If you like jigsaws you can get a puzzle from The Most Beautiful Moment in Life On Stage: Epilogue collection. The size of the complete puzzle is 340 x 250 mm and it consists of 300 pieces. The item comes in a package sized 180 x 125 x 34 mm.

Another phone accessory after the earcup and cord tie is a white phone case with a logo of the tour. It will be perfect for your iPhone 6 (70 x 140 mm), iPhone 6 Plus (82 x 160 mm) or Galaxy Note 5 (78 x 154 mm).

A tumbler set comes with a white pouch with the photo of the whole group and a tumbler itself. The size of this reusable tumbler is 95 x 176 mm and the size of the pouch is 150 x 270 mm.

The other items in this BTS merchandise collection is a set of stickers including 3 sheets (148 x 210 mm), a dark blue card case (73 x 113 mm) with a strap, a white shopper bag (565 x 370 mm) and a towel (800 x 350 mm) commemorating the concerts in Seoul.