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(G)I-DLE Albums

There are 6 (G)I-DLE albums released. That includes 1 studio album, 4 extended plays and 1 single album. They were manufactured by Cube Entertainment. Loen Entertainment (later as Kakao M and Kakao Entertainment) was responsible for the distribution.

The KPop group consisting of Soyeon, Miyeon, Soojin, Minnie, Yuqi and Shuhua debuted with their first EP I Am in 2018. The leader Soyeon is the composer of all title tracks of (G)I-DLE and many other songs from their releases.

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The list of all (G)I-DLE albums in order is below.

I Am Mini Album

I Am is the debut mini album of (G)I-DLE that was released in a physical format on May 3, 2018 (although it was available digitally the day before, on May 2). It came out under Cube Entertainment and was distributed by Loen Entertainment. The EP is composed of six songs including Latata (the title track), $$$, Maze, Don't Text Me, What's in Your House and Hear Me. Latata was composed by Big Sancho and the leader Soyeon, who also wrote the lyrics. She is also responsible for the lyrics of all the songs on I Am except Hear Me.

The first of (G)I-DLE albums managed to reach number 6 and 5 respectively on the weekly Gaon's and Billboard's US World charts. It also ranked number 11 on the Billboard's Best K-pop Album of 2018 list. It's worth mentioning that I Am is the biggest-selling release of the girl group in the United States with more than 34,000 copies sold.

(G)I-DLE I Am Mini Album Cover

A special showcase took place at the Blue Square iMarket Hall on May 2, 2018 during the members performed the title track along with Maze.

I Am mini album is available in 1 version and come in a sturdy cardboard box with a magnetic closure. It measures 160 x 220 mm. Inside the package you will find a CD disk featuring a photo of all members, 2 photobooks - one with 32 pages and the other one with 32 pages, an ID photo card randomly chosen out of 6 options (each represents one member) that measures 75 x 96 mm, a random photo card of a size of 86 x 52 mm (out of 12 options), 1 purple logo sticker (200 x 50 mm), and 1 sheet of cartoon stickers also added randomly out of 6 options (70 x 70 mm). Both photobooks are of the same dimensions and measure 150 x 210 mm.

One poster sized 750 x 520 mm was issued for this album.

I Made Mini Album

The second extended play of (G)I-DLE titled I Made came out under Cube Entertainment on February 26, 2019 and was distributed by Kakao M Corp. The album consists of 5 tracks - Senorita, What's Your Name, Put It Straight, Give Me Your and Blow Your Mind. Senorita serves as the title song and was composed and arranged by Soyeon with Sancho. She also wrote the lyrics for all the songs. Minnie composed (alongside FlowBlow) Blow Your Mind for which a music video was released on February 19, 2019, before the premiere of the second of the (G)I-DLE albums.

A re-arranged version of Put It Straight (Nightmare Version) was later released as single on October 18 after the members performed it on the eight episode of a TV show Queendom. Genie Music was responsible for the distribution.

(G)I-DLE I Made Mini Album Cover

I Made peaked at the second position of the Gaon's Weekly Chart and reached number 5 on the Billboard's US World Album. It also topped the Five Music Chart in Taiwan.

The package of I Made is the same in size and shape as the previous one (160 x 220 mm). Inside you will find a CD disk, a 112 pages photobook (150 x 210 mm), 1 square sticker featuring one of the members (70 x 70 mm), a rectangular logo sticker with a red background (200 x 50 mm), and 1 random photo card with a picture of a single member of (G)I-DLE. It's a little bit bigger than the standard size and measures 70 x 95 mm.

A poster of a dimensions of 520 x 750 was prepared for this album.

I Trust Mini Album

The third of (G)I-DLE albums titled I Trust was released on April 7, 2020 by Cube Entertainment (although the digital edition was available on April 6). It was scheduled to be released in March but was eventually postponed.

The EP consists of 5 tracks including Oh My God (the title song), Luv U, Maybe, Lion and the English version of Oh My God. The lead single was again composed by Soyeon (with Yummy Tone) and was arranged by these two. Soyeon also, by herself, wrote the lyrics for all the songs. Lion was previously released as part of the EP Queendom Final Comeback that came out on October 25, 2019 and contains the newly produced songs of each KPop girl groups that participated in Queendom.

(G)I-DLE I Trust Mini Album Cover

I Trust is the first album of (G)I-DLE that topped the weekly Gaon's chart. It also reached number 4 at the US World Albums chart of Billboard.

I Trust is the first release of the group that is available in two different versions - True (black cover) and Lie (white cover). Both come with a paper slip cover of a size of 188 x 180 mm. They are composed of a CD disk with music (which is loosely placed in an envelope), a photobook with a 100 pages of pictures (188 x 257 mm), a 16 pages brochure showcasing one of the members of (G)I-DLE (254 x 360 mm), a mini poster randomly chosen out of 12 options (360 x 500 mm), a random photo card from three types consisting of 6 sheets (18 in total) that measure 88 x 64 mm, and finally a translucent photo card added randomly out of 12 options (88 x 64 mm). All comes in a package of a dimensions of 188 x 257 mm.

Two additional pieces of goods were available for the pre-orders - a lenticular photo card (randomly chosen out of 2 options) of a size of 88 x 64 mm featuring three members on each, and a random poster (out of 6) that measure 750 x 520 mm.

Dumdi Dumdi Single Album

Dumdi Dumdi is the first single of the group. It came out in both Korean and Chinese versions digitally and as a physical edition on August 3, 2020 under Cube. On the CD you will find only two songs including I'm the Trend and the eponymous title track. The members including Soyeon, Minnie, Yuqi and Soyeon contributed to the creation process of the songs.

The single reached number 2 on the Gaon weekly chart and was the 6th best-selling release of August 2020 in South Korea (it sold 123,108 copies that month). It was the second most popular album on the list of any girl group behind ITZY and their record Not Shy.

(G)I-DLE Dumdi Dumdi Single Album Cover

There are 2 different physical versions of Dumdi Dumdi you can choose from - Day (yellow cover) and Night (purple cover). Both contain a CD disk in a separate package, a 32 pages booklet, a set of postcards, 1 photo card selected out of 12 options, 1 invitation added randomly out of 6 variants, a selection of stickers, and a folded poster of a dimensions of 390 x 590 mm.

2 other posters were issued for this release. Both feature all members of (G)I-DLE and measure 520 x 750 mm.

I Burn Mini Album

The fourth mini album of the group titled I Burn had its premiere on January 11, 2021 under Cube and Republic Records. It is the next installment into the "I" series of albums. On the CD you will find 6 songs including Hann (Alone in Winter), Hwaa, Moon, Where Is Love, Lost and Dahlia. Hwaa was selected as the lead single.

It is worth noting that I Burn is the last release of the group featuring the original lineup, since Soojin left (G)I-DLE in August of 2021.

(G)I-DLE I Burn Mini Album Cover

The extended play managed to reach number 3 on the Gaon Weekly chart. It later became the 3rd best-selling release in South Korea in January of 2021. It sold 159,268 copies that month and was the highest positioned release of any KPop girl group that month. It was ultimately the 52nd most popular album of the year.

Physically, I Burn comes in 3 versions including Winter, Flower and Fire. All of them are in a rectangular format and come with a sleeve cover. Iside the package you will find a booklet, a CD disk, a lyric paper, a mini poster, a postcard, 1 photo card, a lucky card, and a sticker.

Some pre-order benefits were also offered. That includes a lucky photo card (selected out of 3 variants), and a poster added out of 3 versions.

I Never Die Studio Album

I Never Die is the first full-lenght album of (G)I-DLE. It premiered on March 14, 2022 under Cube Entertainment. It consists of 9 tracks including the lead single Tomboy, Never Stop Me, Villain Dies, Already, Polaroid, Escape, Liar, My Bag, and a CD-only song - an explicit version of Tomboy.

(G)I-DLE I Never Die Studio Album Cover

This is the first of the (G)I-DLE albums without Soojin. The members including Yuqi, Soyeon and Minnie co-produce the songs on the album.

I Never Die managed to reach the 2nd position on the Gaon weekly chart. It was also the 5th best-selling release in South Korea in March of 2022. It sold a total number of 193,000 units that month.

The first of studio albums of the group is available in 3 different versions - RiSKY, SPOiLED and CHiLL. All of them are square and come with a PET film. Inside you will find several interesting pieces of merchandise including the CD disk, a booklet, a lyric paper, 1 sheet of stickers, a random photo card, a set of secret pocket with photo evidence 1 and photo evidence 2 cards, and a mini poster. 1 additional poster showcasing sll members was issued for this release.