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BTS Plush Dolls

Currently there are several different collections of BTS plushie/plush dolls officially released or licensed by Big Hit Entertainment (later as Hybe). The first one was released as a part of Hip Hop Monster collection and the other three are from BT21 selection of merchandise.


Hip Hop Monster Plush Dolls

The line of Hip Hop Monster merchandise was released in conjunction with the BTS webtoon that showed up online in 2014. The webtoon features Rap Monster, Suga, Jin, J-Hope, V, Jimin and Jungkook. Among the collectibles you could find a USB memory sticks, figurines, toys, notebooks, stickers, picket fans, mouse pads and a collection of plush dolls.

The collection consists of 7 character dolls depicting each member of BTS. Initially only one doll of each character could be bought via one registered account on the official Big Hit Entertainment online shop.

BTS Hip Hop Monsters Plush Dolls

Every BTS plush doll is wearing a black vest with a logo of Hip Hop Monster on front and the name of a member at the back. They are made of PP cotton and are 200 mm/8.5 inch tall. They come in a box sized 145 x 135 x 251 mm.

BT21 Plush Standing Doll

BT21 is a joint project of BTS and Line Friends which was brought to life to create new cartoon characters for the messaging app Line. The app was launched in 2011 by Naver Corporation.

The set consists of 7 characters and their names are: Chimmy (160 x 100 x 270 mm), Cooky (160 x 110 x 290 mm), Koya (180 x 110 x 250 mm), Mang (170 x 100 x 270 mm), RJ (250 x 160 x 420 mm), Tata (300 x 100 x 270 mm) and Van (160 x 130 x 290 mm). Shooky is not included in this line. I don't know exactly why but probably they wanted to avoid the confusion since the doll would look too similar to the BT21 cushion. But that's just a theory. If you know something more about it just let me know.

BTS BT21 Plush Standing Doll

They are made of 100% Polyester. Every doll has two tags at the back with the additional information and the name of the character.

BT21 Winter Plush Standing Dolls

The set was prepared for the Christmas season and was released as a limited edition. The dolls are made of cotton and premium plush. Every character is included: Chimmy (180 x 120 x 260 mm), Cooky (180 x 140 x 290 mm), Koya (180 x 120 x 260 mm), Mang (180 x 120 x 260 mm), RJ (200 x 150 x 390 mm), Shooky (200 x 90 x 190 mm) and Tata (260 x 120 x 305 mm).

BTS BT21 Winter Plush Standing Dolls

Chimmy is wearing what appears to be a hood and a hand warmer. Cooky has a red pair of shoes and a scarf with pompons. Koya has a small Christmas hat and red gloves. When it comes to Mang only one detail has changed - now he has a white neck warmer instead of blue. RJ duplicated the clothes of Cooky by wearing a red scarf and shoes. Shooky is wearing a blue hat and has a small companion with white earmuffs. Tata's attire is completely different. He got rid of his polka-dot pajama and put on a blue suit, yellow scarf and a pair of white shoes. Van is wearing a blue Christmas hat and a scarf.

BT21 Spooky Halloween Plush Standing Dolls

Another special limited edition of BT21 BTS plush dolls was released for a Halloween season. This time we have 7 characters available: Mang, Tata, Koya, Cooky, Chimmy (height: 250 mm), RJ (380 mm), Shooky (190 mm). Van is not present in this collection.

BTS BT21 Spooky Halloween Plush Standing Dolls

Chimmy is covered with bandages and looks like a mummy. Cooky is wearing a black skeleton costume. Koya has black horns and bat wings. Mang looks like he put much effort into his Frankenstein costume. RJ is wearing a black costume with a hood. Shooky's style is almost the same as Koya's. The only difference is a shape of the wings. Tata has his black cape on and looks much like Dracula.

Both limited edition collections are not available from the official BT21 store but you can easily get them from third party sellers on Ebay or Amazon.