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The Rose Albums

There are 5 The Rose albums available including 2 extended plays and 3 single albums. They were released under J&Star Company and distributed by CJ E&M Music (later as Stone Music Entertainment) and Genie Music Corp. Korea. The band debuted with a promotional single Sorry in 2017.

Here's the list of all The Rose albums in order.

Sorry Single Album

Sorry is the debut single of The Rose. It was released under J&Star Company on August 3, 2017, and manufactured and distributed by CJ E&M Music. It was marked "not for sale" and was not available in a regular way but sold during the group's concerts, often with the autographs of all members. It contains only one song of the same name.

The Rose Sorry Single Album Cover

The physical version of The Rose album come in a photobook form with a CD disk attached to the back side of the front cover. The CD features the photos of all members of The Rose. Additional items were included if you purchased Sorry during one of the band's concerts. You could get a special large photo card and a USB stick of a size of a credit card with some bonus video material.

Like We Used To Single Album

The second of The Rose albums titled Like We Used To came out on November 2, 2017 under J&Star. It was once again distributed by CJ E&M. This time the single features 2 songs - previously released Sorry and the new track of the same name as the album.

The Rose Like We Used To Single Album Cover

Like We Used To is available in 1 version and in a form similar to the their first release. It is composed of a photo book and a CD disk attached to the front cover.

This The Rose album was crowdfunded through Makestar and came with some various bonus goods depending on the chosen tier. With the highest tier you could get a set of 5 photo cards (1 group plus 4 individual member sheets), the official slogan in a transparent plastic pouch, a set of 5 autographed polaroid photos, a bottle with The Rose logo, a set of 10 exclusive behind-the-scene photos showcasing all members, and a handwritten card addressed to you from a random member.

Void Mini Album

The first extended play of The Rose was released by J&Star on April 16, 2018. Similarly to the band's second single it was crowdfunded through Makestar. The EP contains 8 tracks including Candy (So Good), Baby, I.L.Y., Sorry, Like We Used To and the instrumental versions of Baby, Sorry and I.L.Y.

Void reached number 25 on the Gaon Weekly Chart and was the 52 most purchased South Korean release in April of 2018 with 2,446 copies sold. It peaked on number 8 on the Billboard US World chart.

The Rose Void Mini Album Cover

The physical edition is available in a slightly different format than the previous 2 The Rose albums, but still is composed of a CD disk and a photo book. This time a random photo card chosen out of 4 variants was included.

The Makestar benefits were also prepared for those who backed the project. Among the items you could find a set of 5 photo cards, the acrylic light stick of The Rose, a set of 4 signed polaroids, an exclusive mini photobook, and a handwritten letter from a single member.

Dawn Mini Album

The second EP and the fourth The Rose album had its premiere on October 4, 2018. It was distributed by Stone Music Entertainment (previously known as CJ E&M). On the CD you will find 5 songs - I Don't Know You, She's in the Rain, Take Me Down, Insomnia and the instrumental version of She's in the Rain.

The Rose Dawn Mini Album Cover

The album peaked at the 8th position on the Gaon chart and at 5th on US World chart. It later became the 34th best selling KPop release in October of 2018 with 5,515 units sold.

Dawn is available in 1 physical version. It consists of a CD disk with the music, a photo book, and 1 photo card selected randomly from a lot of 8 variants (2 per member of The Rose).

Red Single Album

Red is the third single album of the band. It was released under J&Star on August 13, 2019 and distributed by Stone Music Entertainment and Genie Music Corp. Korea. It contains three tracks including California and Red (alongside the instrumental version).

This The Rose album reached number 8 on the Gaon chart and sold 7,486 copies in August of 2019, which makes it the 34th most popular KPop release this month.

The Rose Red Single Album Cover

It comes in a different form than all other The Rose albums. Inside the square box - which comes with a transparent window on front - of a dimensions of 158 x 158 mm, you will find a CD disk with a tray (156 x 156 mm), a set of 16 cards that connect on one side and create a photo featuring all members of the group (156 x 156 mm), and 1 photo card added randomly out of 5 options (4 single member plus 1 group sheet). The photo cards are of a typical size and measure 55 x 85 mm.

A poster was issued for Red. Its size is 750 x 520 mm. It was added as a pre-order benefit.