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Rocket Punch Albums

There are 5 Rocket Punch albums released so far. That includes 4 extended plays which are part of the group's series titled Color Punch, and 1 single album. They came out under Woollim Entertainment and were distributed by Kakao M Corp. The members debuted with their first release Pink Punch in August of 2019.

Here's all Rocket Punch albums in order.

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Pink Punch Mini Album

The debut extended play of Rocket Punch was manufactured and released by Woollim Entertainment on August 7, 2019, and distributed by Kakao M Corp. The first of Rocket Punch albums contains 6 tracks including Pink Punch, Bim Bam Bum, Love Is Over, Lucid Dream, Favorite and Do Something.

Bim Bam Bum serves as the lead single for which a music video was released. It was composed and arranged by Seo Yong Bae and Iggy, who as a member of a production team Oreo created the songs of many South Korean groups including GFriend, Twice, Astro, Red Velvet, Infinite and Lovelyz.

Rocket Punch Pink Punch Mini Album Cover

Pink Punch is the first installment into the Color Punch series of albums.

To support the album release, a special showcase was held on the day of the premiere at the Blue Square YES24 Live Hall in Seoul.

Pink Punch reached number 6 on the Gaon Weekly Chart during the debut week and was the 2nd best-selling album of all girl groups that week, behind only Oh My Girl's repackage titled Fall In Love. It ultimately became the 16th most popular KPop album of August 2019 reaching the sales of 16,006 units.

The first of Rocket Punch albums is available in 1 version and comes in a plastic bag with a closure, so you can seal it after unpacking. The EP is in a hardcover photobook form and contains the CD disk with the music, the photobook itself (containing 80 pages of photos), 1 sheet of clear stickers (143 x 180 mm), a pop-up card featuring all members of Rocket Punch including Yeonhee, Juri, Yunkyoung, Suyun, Sohee and Dahyun (120 x 90 mm), and 1 random photo card chosen out of 6 variants (86 x 54 mm). The album measures 178 x 180 x 10 mm while the size of the whole package including the plastic bag is 220 x 270 x 11 mm.

A random poster (out of 2 variants) was added to all pre-orders. They measure 770 x 520 mm.

Red Punch Mini Album

The second of Rocket Punch albums and their second extended play titled Red Punch came out on February 10, 2020 under Woollim Entertainment. It was manufactured by Woollim and distributed by Kakao M. 7 tracks were included on the CD - Red Punch, Bouncy, So Solo, Fireworks, Paper Star, Lilac and Girl Friend. The title song Bouncy was produced and written by Code 9 and Puravida.

Once again a special showcase was held to promote the album. It took place at the Blue Square iMarket Hall in Seoul and was broadcasted through the group's V Live account.

Rocket Punch Red Punch Mini Album Cover

Red Punch peaked at the 4th position on the Gaon chart. It sold 12,583 copies and was the 16th most-purchased release of February 2020.

The physical edition of this Rocket Punch album comes in exactly the same packaging as the group's first release. You will get a CD disk, an 80 pages photobook, a sheet of clear stickers, a bookmark showcasing all members of Rocket Punch (73 x 96 mm), and 1 photo card randomly selected from a lot of 6 variants (54 x 86 mm).

Additionally 2 posters were prepared for the release. You could get 1 random if you pre-ordered Red Punch. Both measure 770 x 520 mm.

Blue Punch Mini Album

The third extended play and the third Rocket Punch album overall has its premiere on August 4, 2020 under Woollim Entertainment. It was once again distributed by Kakao M. The mini album is composed of six tracks including the intro of the same name as the EP, the title song Juicy, Summer Punch!, One Summer Night, Twinkle Star and The The. Iggy and Seo Yong Bae returned to produce the lead single.

Rocket Punch Blue Punch Mini Album Cover

Blue Punch is the third of Rocket Punch albums to reach the top 6 on the Gaon Weekly chart. It sold 18,926 units and finished August as the 17th best-selling KPop album of the month.

The third part of the Color Punch series comes in an identical packaging as both the previous installments and is available in 1 version. Inside the package you will find a CD disk, a photo book with 80 pages full of beautiful photos, 1 mini standing card featuring a single member of Rocket Punch (76 x 118 mm), 1 sheet of colorful stickers, a 14 pages accordion book (100 x 148 mm), and 2 randomly chosen photo cards selected from a lot of 30 sheets of a dimensions of 54 x 86 mm (5 per member).

A random poster was included with this Rocket Punch album if you pre-ordered your copy. Two different variants were available, both measuring 440 x 610 mm.

Ring Ring Single Album

The first single album of Rocket Punch titled Ring Ring came out on May 17, 2021 under Woollim Entertainment. It contains only 3 songs including the opening track and the title track of the same name, I Want U Bad and Ride.

The record reached number 14 on the Gaon weekly chart, and sold 18,203 copies during its premiere month becoming the 39th best-seller of May 2021.

Rocket Punch Ring Ring Single Album Cover

Physically, the album comes in only 1 physical version. It consists of several high quality pieces of merchandise you will be proud to own. Inside the packages you will find a CD disk that looks like a vinyl LP, a 60 pages photobook with some really nice pictures of the members taken during the promotional photoshoot, 1 randomly chosen photo card included from a lot of 30 unique options, a square postcard added at random out of 6 variants (100 x 100 mm), 1 sheet of stickers with names and silhouettes of all Rocket Punch members (130 x 180 mm), and a special photo card included from a lot of 6 sheets.

Traditionally, 2 group posters were prepared for this single. Both are of a size of 610 x 440 mm.

Yellow Punch Mini Album

The fourth extended play of the group titled Yellow Punch had its premiere on February 28, 2022. It was released by Woollim on streaming, digitally and physically. On the CD you will find 6 pieces of music including the opening track of the same name, Chiquita, In My World, Red Balloon, Love More and Louder. Chiquita was chosen as the lead single. It comes with an eye-catching music video.

Yellow Punch managed to reach the 9th position on the weekly chart of Gaon. With the total sales of 13,408 units it became the 47th most purchased release of February of 2022 in South Korea.

Rocket Punch Yellow Punch Mini Album Cover

The physical edition comes traditionally in a plastic pouch of a dimensions of 220 x 270 x 11 mm. It is composed of a CD disk placed in a special pocket at the back of the cover, an 80 pages photobook with a very appealing pictures, 2 photo cards randomly selected out of 24 unique sheets, a folded poster depicting a random member 210 x 297 mm, a sheet of stickers of a size of 143 x 178 mm, and an accordion book with 14 pages in it.

2 group posters were also prepared for the extended play. They are of a rather large size of 770 x 520 mm.