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ONF Albums

There are 9 ONF albums released so far. That includes 1 studio album, 1 repackage, and 7 extended plays (including a special Summer popup album). They came out under WM Entertainment, were manufactured by CJ E&M (later as Stone Music Entertainment), and distributed by Stone Music with Genie Music Corp., Korea. The music on the group's releases was produced mainly by a South Korean production team Monotree.

The group debuted with their first EP titled On/Off in 2017.

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Below you will find all ONF albums in order.

On/Off Mini Album

The debut extended play of the group had its premiere on August 2, 2017 under WM Entertainment. CJ E&M served as the manufacturer and the distributor.

The release consists of 5 songs including the title track of the same name as the EP, Difficult, If We Dream, Original and Cat's Waltz. The lead single was composed and arranged by two members of a South Korean production team Monotree - Nopari and Hwang Hyun. Wyatt co-wrote the lyrics for the single, and contributed to the lyrics of Cat's Waltz.

ONF On/Off Mini Album Cover

The first of ONF albums reached number 9 on the Gaon chart. It sold 7,390 copies during the whole August 2017, which made it the 24th most popular album of the month when it comes to sales.

The physical edition of On/Off comes in 1 version. It has a transparent plastic sleeve and measures 142 x 124 mm. Inside the package you will find a CD disk in a jewel case (120 x 120 mm), a photobook with interesting pictures, 22 different stickers in a set (7 silhouettes, 7 faces and 8 name stickers), and 1 photo card randomly chosen out of 8 variants (59 x 86 mm).

1 poster (added out of 2 versions) was added to the package as a pre-order benefit. Both sheets measure 594 x 420 mm.

You Complete Me Mini Album

The second EP and the second of ONF albums was released by WM Entertainment on June 7, 2018. It was manufactured and distributed by Stone Music Entertainment (previously known as CJ E&M).

On the CD you will find 6 tracks including Complete, Fly Me To The Moon, Good Morning, Fifty Fifty, Incomplete and 86400. Hwang Hyun of Monotree came back to produce the main song Complete. Wyatt was credited as the co-writer of Incomplete.

ONF You Complete Me Mini Album Cover

To promote the album, on the day of the album's premiere, ONF held a showcase at the Hoe Hung-dong New World venue in Seoul, during which they performed their new songs.

You Complete Me peaked at number 8 on the Gaon weekly chart during its first week of the debut, and managed to stay on number 9 during the following week. It later become the 17th most purchased release in June 2018 in Korea with 13,034 units sold. It sold additional 5,202 copies the next month.

The second of ONF albums comes in 1 physical version, similarly to the On/Off, with a plastic slip cover. It is rectangular rather than square, and is composed of a CD disk (120 x 120 mm) placed on a special tray (210 x 148 mm), a 100 pages photobook (210 x 148 mm), 1 random polaroid picture of a size of 89 x 108 mm chosen out of 35 different variants (5 per each member of ONF), 1 selfie photo card added at random out of 25 options (4 unit and 3 per member), and 1 regular photo card selected randomly from a lot of 23 different sheets (2 group and 3 per member). All photo cards are of a standard size and measure 55 x 85 mm. If you would like to complete the collection you will have to gather a total number of 48 different cards.

2 group posters were issued for You Complete Me as a pre-order bonus. The size of both is 594 x 420 mm.

To commemorate the release of You Complete Me a special selection of official merchandise was prepared by WM Entertainment. The collection consists of 7 strap keyrings (each with a name of a single member of ONF), a set of 23 polaroids (2 group and 21 individual member sheets), and an image picket showcasing the whole group.

We Must Love Mini Album

The third extended play of the group titled We Must Love came out on February 7, 2019 under WM Entertainment. Stone Music Entertainment and Genie Music Corp., Korea provided the distribution.

It was the last of ONF albums to feature Laun.

ONF We Must Love Mini Album Cover

We Must Love is composed of 5 songs - the lead single of the same name, Ice & Fire, Yayaya, Happily Never After and I Do. For the third time Hwang Hyun was the composer and arranger of the group's title track. Ice & Fire was co-composed by a South Korean singer Woodz. All songs except the lead one were co-written by Wyatt, 2 of them with MK (Yayaya and Happily Never After).

A special showcase was held at K-Art Hall at Olympic Park in Seoul to support the release of the ONF album. A promotional tour titled We Must Love Asia Tour 2019 was organized, during which the members visited several countries all around Asia including Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan.

It was the biggest success of ONF, reaching number 5 on the Gaon weekly chart. It was the 24th best-selling album in Korea in February with 8,696 units sold.

The physical edition of We Must Love looks like a large envelope and consists of a CD disk containing the music (120 x 120 mm), a photobook with 60 pages full of nice pictures (160 x 200 mm), 1 random postcard added at random out of 7 variants (170 x 120 mm), 1 unit photo chosen randomly out of 3 versions (93 x 80 mm), 1 random group photo (3 options, 150 x 100 mm), and 1 square photo card selected randomly out of 7 variants (87 x 87 mm).

2 posters of a size of 594 x 420 mm were issued for this release.

Similarly to the previous of ONF albums, a special collection of merchandise was released to promote We Must Love. It consists of 8 posters in a set (1 group and 7 single member sheets), a set of 30 polaroid photos (2 group and 28 single member photos), and finally a set composed of a 2 group postcards, 2 sheets of stickers (28 stickers in total).

Go Live Mini Album

Go Live is the fourth mini album of ONF. It premiered on October 7, 2019 under WM. It was the first of ONF albums not featuring Laun, who left the group on August 23, 2019.

There are 5 songs featured on the EP - Why, Asteroid, All Day, Moscow Moscow and Twinkle Twinkle. Why serves as the lead single. It was composed by Hwang Hyun alongside MK, and arranged by Hwang. Wyatt contributed to the lyrics, and also co-wrote All Day. MK is credited as the co-composer of Asteroid.

ONF Go Live Mini Album Cover

As usual the members of ONF held a special showcase that took place at Yes 24 Live Hall in Seoul, where they performed with the songs from Go Live.

The EP was another of ONF albums to chart in the top 10 of the weekly Gaon chart (on 8th position). It repeated the success of its predecessor and was the 24th most popular album of the month in Korea, with the sales in October reaching 14,538 copies.

Go Live comes physically in a similar format as the group's debut On/Off. It has a transparent sleeve and is composed of a CD disk in a jewel case (145 x 123 x 19 mm), a 100 pages photobook (142 x 123 x 10 mm), 2 random Morse message cards out of 16 different sheets split into 2 versions - O-N Signal and OFF Signal, a random ONF Store Receipt Card with a QR code on each one (6 options), and 2 selfie photo cards added randomly out of 2 lots of 6 (ON version and OFF version, 12 in total).

This time the group again released a selection of goods as a treat to their fans. The collection consists of 3 interesting items including a black hoodie with a logo designed by E-Tion, 26 polaroids in a set (2 group plus 4 sheets per each member of ONF), and stationery set. The stationery set is composed of a memo pad with a masking tape, a note with a sheet of stickers, and a photo card calendar with 14 cards.

Spin Off Mini Album

The fifth extended play of the group and the fifth ONF album overall was released on August 10, 2020 by WM Entertainment. It consists of 7 songs including the lead single Sukhumvit Swimming, Belle Epoque, Geppetto, Good Good, Cactus, Message and a new version of New World.

The title song was composed and arranged by Hwang Hyun, Yoon Jong Sung, and MK, with the lyrics provided by Hwang Hyun, MK and Wyatt. MK was credited as a co-composer of all tracks except Message, Belle Epoque and Cactus, while Wyatt contributed to the lyrics of all of them except the third and the last track.

ONF Spin Off Mini Album Cover

New World was previously released on an EP titled Road to Kingdom Final consisting the songs from the TV show Road To Kindgom in which ONF participated in.

Spin Off charted in the top 3 on the weekly Gaon chart (at 3rd position) during its debuting week, and was the second most popular release of any boy group that week only behind Treasure's first single The First Step: Chapter One. With 62,677 copies sold in August it was the 10th most purchased release of the month, and the biggest seller of all ONF albums.

The physical edition of Spin Off comes with a sleeve cover and is composed of a CD disk in a jewel case (145 x 123 x 19 mm), a 104 pages photobook (142 x 123 x 10 mm), and 2 random photo cards chosen out of 2 different lots of 18 sheets (36 in total, ON Team and OFF Team version).

If you were lucky enough you could also get a very rare event card in your copy of the album (assuming you purchased a first press copy). It was limited to only 100 pieces.

2 posters were prepared for the fans as a pre-order benefit. The dimensions of both are 429 x 594 mm.

Another selection of goods related to the premiere of the ONF album was available for purchase. It was manufactured by 101X and consists of a polaroid set (5 sheets per member of ONF, 30 in total), a set of 6 single member posters with a random group photo card (out of 2), a grip tok (6 variants), 6 acrylic stands featuring a silhouette of each member of the group, a black T-shirt, and a tumbler.

ONF: My Name Studio Album

The first full-length album of the group titled ONF: My Name was released on February 24, 2021 by WM Entertainment. It was distributed by Stone Music Entertainment. On the CD you will find 11 songs including Beautiful Beautiful, My Name Is, Thermometer, Secret Triangle, The Realist, the interlude On-You, Trip Advisor, Feedback, I.T.I.L.U, the English version of Beautiful Beautiful, and the 2021 version of Lights On, which is a CD-only track.

Beautiful Beautiful was chosen as the lead single. It was the first song with which ONF won an award on the music TV show. They gained their first win on The Show on SBS.

The first studio album of the group reached number 3 on the Gaon weekly chart. It also peaked at the 34th position on the Japanese Oricon chart.

ONF: My Name Studio Album Cover

There are 3 versions of the physical edition of the record. That includes A (red cover), B (blue cover), and C (purple cover). Inside the package of all of them you will find of course a CD disk with the music, a 72 pages photobook, 3 photo cards randomly selected out of 18 variants, a special My Name card added at random out of 6 options, a 1:1 Secret Voice Ticket depicting one of the members of ONF, and a special event card.

3 unique posters were prepared for this release. All of them feature the whole group and measure 594 x 420 mm.

City of ONF Repackage Album

The reissue of the group's first studio album was released on April 28, 2021, two months after the initial premiere. It is composed of all tracks from its predecessor and 3 new songs including Ugly Dance, My Genesis (Übermensch), and The Dreamer. Ugly Dance serves as the lead single, for which an accompanying music vide was released.

City of ONF Repackage Album Cover

The first repackage of ONF is available in 2 physical versions - City and ONF. Both measure 170 x 215 mm and aside from the CD disk contain a photobook with 100 pages full of pictures, a 16 pages lyric book, 2 randomly selected photo cards included out of 18 variants, 2 citizenship cards (including 1 random added from a lot of 6 options, and 1 standard Fuse card), a virtual currency banknote, and a newspaper of a size of 280 x 400 mm.

2 different posters were prepared for the album. Both measure 594 x 420 mm.

Popping Summer Popup Mini Album

Popping is the first popup album of ONF and their sixth extended play. It premiered under WM Entertainment on August 9th, 2021. It features 5 songs including the eponymous title track, Summer Poem, Summer Shape, Dry Ice, and Summer End. The lead single was produced by Hwang Hyun from a production team MonoTree. WYATT contributed to writing the lyrics for all songs except Summer Shape.

The Summer album sold 93,475 copies during August 2021 and was the 10th best-selling release of the month. It ultimately sold 111,696 units by the end of 2021 and was the 99th most popular release of the year in South Korea.

ONF Popping Summer Popup Mini Album Cover

3 physical versions of Popping were released. You can get either 38°, 12°, or -10° version, with each of the covers depicting all members of the group. The dimensions of the packages are 143 x 124 mm. Inside you will find a CD disk containing the music, an 8 pages lyric book of a size of 120 x 120 mm, a 72 pages photobook, 2 randomly selected selfie photo cards added out of 11 unique standard-sized sheets, a special Summer photo card called Cool Food included from a lot of 18 variants, a limited edition photo card called Hot Food (only 5,000 pieces were manufactured), and a message letter selected randomly out of 6 options.

3 different group posters were prepared for this Summer album. Each of them was designated to the particular version. They measure 594 x 420 mm.

Goosebumps Mini Album

The seventh mini album of the group titled Goosebumps had its premiere under WM on December 3, 2021. On the CD you will find 5 songs. That includes the lead single of the same title, Whistle, Fat and Sugar, Alarm and Show Must Go On.

Following the release of the EP, the members enlisted into the military.

Goosebumps managed to reach number 2 on the Gaon weekly chart.

ONF Goosebumps Mini Album Cover

The album sold 109,805 units in December of 2021 and was the 5th most purchased release of the month (and the 3rd group on the list behind NCT and Ateez).

There are 3 different physical versions available - Dahlia (purple cover), Spun Sugar (light blue cover), and Skydiver (dark blue cover). All of them are of the same size and measure 143 x 124 mm. They contain some beautiful merchandise including the CD disk, a photobook with 72 pages of pictures inside, 1 random selfie photo card chosen out of 18 variants, a regular photo card included randomly out of 18 options, 1 secret selfie photo card added out of 6 options, a single secret photo card (6 variants), and a square message card that looks like a diskette.

3 posters were issued for this record. On each of them you can spot all members of ONF. They measure 594 x 420 mm.