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Woodz Albums

The artist released 5 Woodz albums so far, including 4 extended plays and 1 single album. They premiered under Yuehua Entertainment and were distributed by Stone Music Entertainment and Genie Music. The soloist debuted with his EP titled Equal on June 29, 2020.

Here's the list of all Woodz albums in order.

Equal Mini Album

The artist debuted with his first solo album titled Equal on June 29, 2020. The extended play was released by Yuehua Entertainment and distributed by Stone Music Entertainment and Genie Music Corp. Korea. It features 7 tracks including Lift Up, Accident, Love Me Harder, Noid, Waikiki (featuring a South Korean singer and songwriter Colde), Buck (featuring a Korean rapper Punchnello), and Memories. Love Me Harder acts as the lead single. It was composed by Woodz himself, alongside Poptime and Nathan. The duo of composers also produced the song. The lyrics were written by Woodz. The soloist is also responsible for the composition and lyrics of all songs on the album.

The first of Woodz albums debuted and peaked at number 4 on the Gaon Weekly chart during the 27th week of the year (between June 28 and July 4, 2020). It stayed at the 4th position for 2 weeks. It was the 2nd placed soloist on the list during the first week (behind Baekhyun's second mini album Delight), and 1st soloist during the second week.

Woodz Equal Mini Album Cover

It sold 60,000 copies of the regular edition of the album in its premiere month reaching number 15 on the Gaon Monthly chart. 5,769 units of the Kihno edition were also sold that month. Another 77,450 copies were sold in July which resulted in an 8th place on the chart. Equal eventually became the 61st best-selling album in South Korea with a total number of 143,791 copies purchased.

The physical edition of the first of Woodz albums is available in 3 versions - 2 regular (Earth and Cosmic), and a single Kihno version.

The regular edition measures 153.5 x 215.5 mm and is composed of a CD disk containing the music, a photobook with 84 pages full of nice pictures of Woodz (144 x 204 mm), a set of 10 postcards (144 x 204 mm), a set of 20 stickers randomly selected from a lot of 40 different variants, and 2 random photo cards added out of 25 different options (55 x 85 mm). All goods included in the package are different in both versions of Equal, except the stickers and the photo cards.

The EP came with a selection of pre-order benefits including a folded poster of a size of 408 x 288 mm, a regular poster sized 525 x 770 mm, 1 random ID photo chosen out of 3 variants (50 x 40 mm), a cartoon sticker showcasing a drawing of the Moon and Sun with words "Woodz Moodz", and a rare polaroid photo which are not included in all copies of the EP.

The Kihno edition comes in a square box of a dimensions of 102 x 102 x 31 mm. It is composed of the Air Kit (60 x 60 x 13 mm), a square card containing the title and all the credits (94 x 94 mm), 1 photo card added at random out of 2 variants (54 x 86 mm), and a 36 pages booklet (94 x 94 mm). It was manufactured by Muzlive Inc.

Woops! Mini Album

The second extended play and the second of Woodz albums in general had its premiere on November 17, 2020 under Yehua Entertainment. It was for the second time distributed by Stone Music Entertainment and Genie Music. On the CD you will find 6 songs including Trigger, Bump Bump, On My Own, Thanks To, Sweater (featuring a Korean singer Jamie), and Tide. Bump Bump was chosen as the title track. It was composed by Woodz and Nathan and arranged by Nathan. Woodz is the author of the lyrics. He is also credited as the co-composed and the lyricist of all other tracks on Woops!.

The mini album reached number 2 on the Gaon chart during the week between November 15 and 21, 2020, behind only BTS's BE. During its premiere month it sold 91,677 units and became the 12th biggest seller of the month, and the 4th best-selling soloist after Taemin and his EP Never Gonna Dance Again: Act 2, Kai and his eponymous debut mini album, and Mino and his second self-produced release titled Take. By the end of the year Woops! sold a total number of 95,531 copies and became the 91st most popular release of 2020 in South Korea.

Woodz Woops! Mini Album Cover

Physically, the EP is available - similarly to its predecessor - in 3 different versions including 2 regular versions, Love (pink cover) and Allergy (black cover), and a Kihno edition.

The regular 2 versions are in a square shape with a luminous print on the cover. They measure 170 x 170 mm and consist of a CD disk with the music, an 84 pages photobook (159 x 159 mm), a set of 6 frame photos (159 x 159 mm), random 2 stickers chosen out of 16 different variants, and 1 randomly included photo cards added out of 25 options (55 x 85 mm). The stickers and the photo cards are the same in both versions of the album. All other goods are different.

Once again a collection of additional goods was included with the second of Woodz albums if you pre-ordered your copy. You had a chance to get a different CD plate (2 different additional variants in each version of the EP), a 40 pages behind photobook containing some MV and jacket making pictures of a size of 125 x 50 mm (only Love version of Woops!), a 72 pages flip book measuring 125 x 150 mm (only Allergy), a limited photo card selected randomly out of 6 variants (55 x 85 mm), a poster sized 525 x 770 mm (Love or Allergy version), and a special rare polaroid photo.

For the second time a Kihno edition was available for the fans. It measures 102 x 102 x 31 mm and is composed of an Air Kit (60 x 60 x 13 mm), a title and credit card (94 x 94 mm), a photo card selected out of 2 options of a size of 54 x 86 mm, and a booklet with 36 pages inside (90 x 90 mm).

Set Single Album

The first single of the artist and the third of Woodz albums overall came out on March 15, 2021 under Yehua. It consists of 3 songs - the lead single Feel Like, Touché (featuring a singer and rapper Moon Sujin), and Rebound. Feel Like was composed by both Woodz and Nathan. Woodz is credited as the lyricist. He also co-composed and co-wrote other 2 songs.

Set peaked at number 4 on the Gaon chart, and was the 2nd best-selling release of any solo artist on the list behind Rose and her album -R-. It sold 79,449 units in March 2021 and eventually became the 10th most purchased release in South Korea that month.

Woodz Set Single Album Cover

The third of Woodz albums comes in 2 regular and 1 Kihno versions.

The regular edition - version 1 (red cover) and 2 (black cover) are of a rectangular shape. Inside the package you will find a CD disk with a plate selected randomly out of 2 variants, an 84 pages photobook containing some interesting pictures (210 x 297 mm), a postcard added at random out of 2 variants (144 x 204 mm), and 2 random photo cards select from a lot of 25 different options (55 x 85 mm).

3 pieces of goods were included as a pre-order benefit with Set - 2 random QR photo cards of a regular size (12 variants), 2 postcards randomly chosen out of 12 variants (144 x 204 mm), a poster (525 x 770 mm), and a limited polaroid photo.

The package of the Kihno version is of a dimensions of 102 x 102 x 31 mm. Inside the square box you will find an Air Kit (60 x 60 x 13 mm), a card containing the title and credits (94 x 94 mm), a single random photo card chosen out of 4 variants (54 x 86 mm), and finally a 36 pages booklet (54 x 86 mm).

Only Lovers Left Mini Album

The third extended play of Woodz titled Only Lovers Left was released on October 5, 2021 under Yehua. There are 6 songs featured on the release including Multiply, Thinking Bout You, Sour Candy, Kiss of Fire, Chaser and Waiting. Kiss of Fire and Waiting serve as the double title tracks.

The album managed to reach a quite high position on the Gaon chart - number 4. It sold 52,500 copies in October of 2021 and was the 17th most purchased record of the month in South Korea.

Woodz Only Lovers Left Mini Album Cover

There are 2 unique versions of the physical edition - White and Black, with the colors of the covers corresponding to the names. They are square and measure 171 x 171 mm. Inside the package you will find a CD disk, a 96 pages photobook, 1 sheet of logo stickers sized 159 x 159 mm, a set of 3 postcards, 2 lyrics bookmarks, a random photo card included out of 12 different sheets, 1 message photo card selected from a lot of 12 unique variants, and a folded poster featuring Woodz, measuring 420 x 297 mm.

You could also acquire 2 pre-order benefits including a hologram photo card chosen out of 3 options, and a very limited Polaroid photo included in only a selected first press units of Only Lovers Left.

Colorful Trauma Mini Album

Colorful Trauma is the fourth extended play of the artist. It had its premiere on May 4, 2022 under Yehua, and consists of 5 songs - Dirt on My Leather, Hijack, I Hate You, Better and Better, and Hope to Be Like You. I Hate You was chosen as the lead single, and was released with an accompanying music video.

The album followed the footsteps of its predecessor and reached number 4 on the Gaon chart. It sold a total number of 87,509 units in May 2022 and finished the month as the 13th biggest seller. It sold additional 8,173 copies in June.

You can get Colorful Trauma in 3 different physical versions. That includes the normal versions Colorful and Trauma, along with a special limited digipack version.

Woodz Colorful Trauma Mini Album Cover

The regular edition measures 145 x 205 mm and contains a CD disk, a photobook, 3 die-cut stickers randomly chosen out of 12 unique pieces, 1 postcard selected out of 3 options, 2 photo cards of a standard size of 55 x 85 mm included out of 12 variants, and finally a folded poster measuring 360 x 250 mm.

2 pre-order bonus items were included - a hologram photo card selected out of 6 variants, and a Polaroid picture once again available in a very limited quantity.

The limited digipack edition measures 150 x 149 mm. Inside the package you will find a CD disk, a booklet with 24 pages in it, 2 die-cut stickers out of 6 unique options (2 logo, 2 portrait and 2 silhouette sheets), 1 randomly selected photo card (out of 6 variants), and a folded poster included out of 4 options.