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Victon Albums

There are 11 Victon albums available - 1 studio album, 7 extended plays and 2 singles. All of them premiered under Plan A Entertainment (later as Play M Entertainment and IST Entertainment). They were manufactured by Seoul Media, Inc. and Yein Art, Inc., and distributed by Loen Entertainment (later as Kakao M Corp.). Hanse is very active when it comes to writing the lyrics of many Victon's songs. The group debuted with Voice to New World in November of 2016.

The list of all Victon albums in order is here.

Voice to New World Mini Album

The debut extended play of Victon titled Voice to New World had its premiere on November 9, 2016 under Play A Entertainment. It was manufactured by Seoul Media, Inc. and distributed by Loen Entertainment, Inc. On the CD you will find 6 tracks including What Time Is It Now?, I'm Fine, Beautiful, Your Smile and You, The Chemistry and #Begin Again. I'm Fine serves as the lead single. It was composed and arranged by BeomxNang with the lyrics provided by BeomxNang alongside Han Seung-woo and Do Han-se.

The first of Victon albums reached number 11 on the weekly Gaon chart. It sold 8,370 copies during November and became the 24th best-selling album in South Korea that month.

Voice to New World Mini Album Cover

The physical edition of Voice to New World is available in only one version. It comes in a square hardcover photogook form and is composed of a CD disk, the photobook itself, and 2 randomly chosen photo cards. The CD disk is hidden inside a special golden envelope attached to the back side of the front cover. There are a total number of 14 different photo cards to collect that were issued for this release (2 per each member of Victon).

Ready Mini Album

The second of Victon's albums and their second extended play was released on March 2, 2017 by Plan A Entertainment. It was once again distributed by Loen Entertainment. Seoul Media was the manufacturer. This time it features 5 songs including the title track Eyez Eyez, In The Air, Blank, So Bad.. and Sunrise. The lead song was produced by BeomxNang, while Hanse contributed to the lyrics. The member co-wrote also all other songs from Ready. Chan helped with the lyrics for In The Air.

The mini album managed to reach number 6 on the Gaon chart, and eventually sold 14,421 units during its premiere month becoming the 12th biggest seller of March 2017. It sold 12,974 more copies the following month.

Ready Mini Album Cover

Physically it comes in a similar form as the first of the Victon albums. On the cover you will spot the name of the group along with their official logo. You will receive a CD disk with the music attached to the front cover, a photobook hidden inside the package, and 2 photo cards selected randomly out of 14 variants.

To support the release of the second of Victon albums, a special selection of goods were prepared for the fans. They were available for purchase online. The collection consisted of 4 items including the official slogan, the official penlight, a set of 10 postcards, and 7 different sets of L-Holders in a A4 format.

Identity Mini Album

The third mini album of Victon titled Identity came out under Plan A Entertainment on August 23, 2017. Similarly to the previous release you will find 5 songs on the CD - the lead single Unbelievable, Stay With Me, Slow Goodbye, Flower and Light. The main track was once again produced by BeomxNang. Hanse contributed to the lyrics of all songs except Slow Goodbye.

Identity Mini Album Cover

Identity peaked at number 6 on the Gaon chart and reached number 17 on the Gaon Monthly chart with 16,633 copies sold.

The physical edition of the mini album has a reflective silver cover. Inside the package you will find a CD disk containing the music, a photobook, 4 square double-sided photos inside a pouch on the back of the cover, and a single photo card showcasing a random member of Victon added from a lot of 14 different options (2 per each member).

From. Victon Mini Album

From. Victon is the fourth extended play and the fourth Victon album overall. It had its premiere on November 9, 2017 under Plan A Entertainment. The album consists of 6 tracks including the lead single Remember Me, Because of You, Have a Good Night (Stage ver.), Stay With Me, Timeline and the acoustic version of the main track. Remember Me was the first lead single of Victon not produced by the duo BeomxNang. It was composed and arranged by Good Life. Hanse once again serves as the lyricist of all of the songs. He was accompanied by Subin, Byungchan, Lim Se Jun and Chan, who wrote Have A Good Night.

From. Victon managed to reach number 14 on the Gaon chart. With the sales equal 10,743 it became the 25th most purchased Korean album of November 2017.

From. Victon Mini Album Cover

A single version of the fourth of Victon albums was released. It is composed of a CD disk, a photobook with some interesting photos of the members, a lyrics book attached to the inside part of the front cover, and finally a single photo card added at random out of 21 different options (3 per each member of Victon).

Time of Sorrow Single Album

Time of Sorrow is the first single album and the fifth of Victon albums overall. It was released by Plan A Entertainment on May 23, 2018. As all previous albums it was manufactured by Seoul Media and distributed by Loen Entertainment. It features only one eponymous song alongside its instrumental track. It was composed, arranged and written by Hidden Sound (HSND) and Nano, with Hanse and Han Seungwoo credited as the co-writers.

The single reached number 2 on the Gaon Weekly chart during the week between May 20 and 26, only behind BTS' third studio album Love Yourself: Tear. It sold 11,123 copies in May 2018 and was the 17th most popular release of the month.

Time of Sorrow Single Album Cover

The physical edition is in a rectangular photobook form. It consists of a CD disk, the photobook itself, and a photo card selected randomly out of 14 variants, placed behind the front cover. The CD plate is chosen out of 7 variants (1 per member). Additionally you could receive a special set of 7 lenticular photo cards showcasing each of the members.

Nostalgia Mini Album

The fifth mini album of the group titled Nostalgia came out on November 4, 2019 under Play M Entertainment, a company established by merging Plan A and FAVE Entertainment. It was manufactured for the first time by Yein Art, Inc., and distributed by Kakao M Corp. (previously known as Loen Entertainment). It was the only of Victon albums to date to not feature Seung Woo, who joined X1 after finishing third on the survival show Produce X 101.

Nostalgia consists of 6 tracks including the intro of the same title, main song Nostalgic Night, New World, Farewell, Here I Am and Hands Up. BeomxNang came back to produce the lead single. Hanse once again serves as the co-writer of all songs on the EP.

Nostalgia Mini Album Cover

The release reached number 4 on the Gaon chart. It was the 7th best-selling album in South Korea with the sales equal 74,103 units, which marks the biggest success of the group to date. It finished the year 2019 as the 74th most purchased release in South Korea.

It was the first of Victon albums to have more than a single physical version. You could get either Nostos (white cover), or Algos version (black cover). Both are of a rectangular shape and measure 160 x 220 x 30 mm. Inside the box you will find a CD disk with the music, an 80 pages photobook (150 x 210 mm), a randomly added message card chosen out of 6 variants (130 x 180 mm), a unit poster featuring 2 members of Victon, selected out of 3 versions (420 x 600 mm), and finally a photo card chosen randomly out of 6 variants. The photo cards are of a standard size of 55 x 85 mm. All merchandise are unique to the version of Nostalgia you will be getting except the message cards and the posters.

A special pop-up store was opened to promote the release of the album. It operated at the Yongsan I Park Mall in Seoul between November 4 and 17, 2019. If you had a pleasure to visit the store, you could get not only both versions of Nostalgia, but also 9 collectibles including the official Victon light stick, a card holder, a blue zip-up hoodie, 6 different light keyrings, a set of 2 posters (7 variants), a set of photo cards, 6 sets of 2 L-Holders, a set of 2 memo pads, and a pack of 10 stickers.

Continuous Mini Album

Continuous is the sixth extended play of the group. It had its premiere under Play M on March 9, 2020. Seung Woo rejoined Victon after X1 was disbanded due to Mnet voting manipulation controversy. On the CD you will find 5 songs - Nightmare, Howling, All I Know, Petal and White Night. Howling was chosen as the title track. It was composed by Nano, HSND and WWW, and arranged by the latter two. All songs were co-written by Hanse, Seung Woo, Chan, Seung Sik, and Se Jun, while Seung Woo and Seung Sik co-composed Petal.

Continuous peaked at the 2nd position on the Gaon chart during the 11th week of 2020, behind only ITZY's IT'z ME. It also reached number 38 on the Japanese Oricon chart. With 87,971 copies sold it became the 5th best-selling album in March, and at the same time the 2nd most popular release of any KPop boy groups that month behind the second studio album of NCT 127 - Neo Zone. It was one of 2 Victon albums featured on the best-sellers of the year list in 2020 (at number 90). The other was Mayday at number 89.

Continuous Mini Album Cover

The mini album is available in 3 different physical versions, all with a differently placed cut out circle window on the cover - Dark (top window), Blue (middle window), and Light (bottom window). The dimensions of all of them are 160 x 220 mm. Inside the sturdy box you will find a CD disk, a photo book with 112 pages full of nice photos of all members of Victon (150 x 210 mm), a lyric book chosen randomly out of 3 options (210 x 150 mm), a transparent film featuring all 7 members selected randomly out of 2 variants (210 x 150 mm), a random AR photo card selected from a lot of 7 options, and 1 regular photo card showcasing a random member. All photo cards issued for this Victon album are of a typical size of 55 x 85 mm. All goods are unique in each of the versions of the album except the lyric books, the films and the AR photo cards.

The premiere of the album was another occasion to release a selection of interesting merchandise for the fans. The collection prepared this time was composed of 6 items - a set of 7 acrylic stands, a black eco bag, a mirror grip tok for your smartphone, 2 different sets of 8 photos, a set of 8 posters, and 7 different strap keyrings.

Mayday Single Album

The second single and the eight of Victon albums overall titled Mayday was released by Play M on June 2, 2020. It was the second single of the group after Time of Sorrow. It features 3 songs - the eponymous title track, its instrumental version, and a CD-only song - a new version of New World. The main song was produced by Peter Rycroft, Tom Mann, Sebastian Coucheron, Jesper Borgen, Harold Philippon and Ryan Cheon, and co-written by Hanse and Seung Woo.

To support the release of the Victon album, a concert titled 2020 Victon Ontact Live was organized. It was broadcasted on July 12, 2020 at 5:00 PM Korean Standard Time through the official V Live account of the group on Naver.

Mayday Single Album Cover

Mayday reached number 3 on the Gaon weekly chart (behind Baekhyun's second EP Delight at number 2 and Twice's ninth EP More & More). It was the 8th best seller of June 2020 with 92,882 copies sold. It eventually sold 95,850 units in 2020 becoming the 89th most popular KPop album of the year, and the second of Victon albums in the top 100 after Continuous.

2 different physical versions of Mayday are available - Venez (color cover) and M'aider (black and white cover). The size of both is 150 x 210 mm. They are composed of a CD disk with a plate featuring a random member (7 versions in total), a 76 pages photobook, a paper stand with a silhouette of a randomly selected member of Victon (90 x 190 mm), a postcard selected at random from a lot of 14 sheets (100 x 150 mm), and a photo card added randomly out of 7 standard-sized variants (55 x 85 mm). All goods which come with the album are distinctive to the version you will be purchasing except the paper stands and the postcards.

2 different group posters (1 for each of the 2 versions of the Victon album) were prepared for some of the first-press copies. Both measure 770 x 526 mm.

To promote the album, a selection of merchandise was issued. Beside the both versions of Mayday, the fans could get 5 different items including a behind photobook, a set composed of a birth flower glass cup and a coaster, 7 different sets of a lanyard and photo card, an accordion postcard, and finally 2 sheets of stamp stickers in a set.

Voice: The Future Is Now Studio Album

The first full-length album of Victon titled Voice: The Future Is Now had its premiere on January 11, 2021 under Play M. It was originally scheduled to be released on December 1, 2020. It is composed of 13 songs - Into The Mirror, the lead single What I Said, Circle, Chess, Up to You, All Day, Carry On (performed by Seung Sik), Eyes on You (performed by Chan), Utopia (performed by Se Jun), Where is Love? (performed by Hanse), Unpredictable, Flip a Coin, and We Stay. What I Said was produced by Scott Stoddart, Daniel Kim, Tim Hawes, Ryan S. Jhun and Youha. The solo songs (except Carry On) were co-composed by the member who performed it. All the members participated also in a writing process of all the songs.

The first studio album of Victon peaked at the 4th position on the Gaon chart, and reached number 8 on the Gaon Monthly chart (by selling 89,960 in January 2021). It sold another 17,814 copies the next month and surpassed 100,000 units sold.

Voice: The Future Is Now Studio Album Cover

Similarly to Continuous, Voice: The Future Is Now comes in 3 different versions - The Future (purple cover), Is (black cover), and Now (yellow cover). It comes in a package of a rectangular shape and of a size of 161 x 216 mm. All three consist of a CD disk in a white envelope (125 x 125 mm), an 84 pages photobook (149 x 210 mm), a book with 24 pages of lyrics (149 x 210 mm), a bookmark with 2 elements - a chess piece and a card (55 x 85 mm), a mini pop-up book featuring a random member of Victon (100 x 140 mm), a randomly chosen (out of 7 variants) photo film (180 x 55 mm), a sheet of hand lettering stickers (126 x 185 mm), 1 random hand written postcard of a size of 100 x 140 mm (7 options), 1 photo card randomly chosen from a lot of 80 variants (10 per each member - 70 in total, 9 unit and 1 group card), and finally a voice photo card selected at random out of 14 options (2 per member of Victon). All photo cards released with this album are of a standard size you can find in many currently released KPop albums - 55 x 85 mm.

If you were lucky enough you could also find a special polaroid photo available in a very limited quantity.

6 different posters were issued for the ninth of Victon albums. All are of a dimensions of 770 x 526 mm.

Chronograph Single Album

The third single album of Victon titled Chronograph came out on January 18, 2022 under IST Entertainment. It features only 3 tracks including the eponymous lead single along with its English version, and Want Me.

The record reached number 8 on the Gaon weekly chart. It sold a total number of 58,341 copies in its premiere month and was the 16th most popular album of January in South Korea.

Victon Chronograph Single Album Cover

There are 3 beautiful boxed versions of the physical edition - Chronos (navy cover) and Graphein (white cover). Both measure 171 x 171 mm and consist of a CD disk, a 60 pages photobook, 2 randomly selected photo cards included from a rather large lot of 33 unique sheets, a trilogy card, and a random pop-up card added out of 6 options.

2 posters were prepared for the album. They measure 526 x 770 mm and depict all members of the boy group.

You could also get 2 special photo cards as a pre-order benefit. They are of a standard size of 55 x 85 mm and were added at random out of 12 variants.

Chaos Mini Album

The seventh mini album of the group titled Chaos was released by IST on May 31, 2022. It had been a while since the last EP Continuous came out at the beginning of 2020. The album is composed of 5 songs including Stupid O'clock, Bonnie And Clyde, Ink, Stay, In Love and Dear. Young. Stupid O'clock was selected as the lead single.

The extended play managed to peak at the 6th position on the Gaon weekly chart. With a total sales equal 40,446 copies it became the 20th most purchased release of May 2022 in South Korea. It sold additional 32,494 units the following month exceeding 70,000 copies sold.

Physically, Chaos comes in 3 different versions including the regular edition (Fate and Control versions), and a digipack version.

Victon Chaos Mini Album Cover

The normal versions consist of a CD disk, an 84 pages photobook, 2 random photo cards selected out of 33 unique sheets, a trilogy card similar to the one from Chronograph, a rectangular film photo, and 1 sheet of a tattoo stickers.

2 special pre-order photo cards were included if you bought your copy before the official premiere. They were included at random out of 12 different variants.

1 poster per each version of the album was also prepared. Both sheets depict the whole group.

The digipack edition contains a CD disk with a plate showcasing a random member of Victon and a folded poster, a 28 pages booklet, 1 photo card selected from a lot of 6 options, and 1 pre-order only photo card.

A single poster was issued for this version of the album.