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Oneus Albums

There are 9 Oneus albums available at this point - 1 studio album, 7 extended plays and 1 single album. All of them were released by RBW, manufactured by Yein Art, Inc. and distributed by Kakao M Corp (later as Kakao Entertainment). The group debuted with their first EP titled Light Us in 2019.

The list of all Oneus albums in order is below.

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Light Us Mini Album

The debut Oneus album titled Light Us was released by RBW on January 9, 2019. It was manufactured by Yein Art, Inc. and distributed by Kakao M Corp. It contains 7 tracks including Intro : Light Us, ZigZag, Valkyrie, Red Thread, Eye Contact, Hero and Crazy & Crazy. Valkyrie is the title song. It was produced by Lee Sangho, Inner Child of a South Korean producing team MonoTree, Lee Hoosang and Minki. It was written Lee Sangho, Inner Child, and two members of Oneus - Ravn and Leedo. The song was performed on a music show for the first time on Mnet's M! Countdown on January 10, 2019. Crazy & Crazy was produced by CyA - a member of Onewe.

Light Us peaked at the 6th position on the Gaon Weekly Chart.

Oneus Light Us Mini Album Cover

The extended play is available in one version. It comes in a black sturdy black box with the logo of Oneus on front, of a dimensions of 154 x 190 x 26 mm. Inside the box you will find a CD disk with the music, a photobook with 104 pages full of photos featuring all members of the group (142 x 150 x 7 mm), a random photo card of a standard size 55 x 85 mm with a rounded edges (out of 12 variants, 2 per member), and a scratch card with a hidden message added randomly out of 6 variants, a card sticker (86 x 54 mm).

Three different posters of a size of 405 x 610 mm were issued for the album.

Raise Us Mini Album

The second of the Oneus albums was an EP titled Raise Us. It had its premiere on May 29, 2019 and was once again distributed by Kakao M. On the CD you will find 7 songs - Intro: Time, the lead single Twilight, English Girl, BingBing, White Night and Now. The title track was composed by Kim Do-hun, Lee Sang-ho and Inner Child, and arranged by the first two alongside Mingki. Leedo and Ravn were for the second time involved with the writing of the lyrics. Leedo also helped with the composition and the lyrics of White Night.

The extended play was available for pre-order between May 22 and May 27.

Oneus Raise Us Mini Album Cover

The mini album reached number 4 on the Gaon chart, two spots higher than the previous release.

Raise Us is the first of Oneus albums that comes in two different versions - Twilight (dark blue cover) and Dawn (white cover). Both of them measure 152 x 192 x 30 mm. The goods included inside are a CD in a separate packaging which can be considered as a pop-up card (140 x 190 mm), a 96 pages photobook (140 x 190 x 8 mm), a set of 8 lyrics cards (140 x 190 mm), a random postcard chosen out of 6 versions (100 x 150 mm), and 1 photo card added randomly from a lot of 6 (55 x 85 mm). All merchandise are unique in both Twilight and Dawn versions.

4 different posters were prepared for Raise Us. All of them measure 405 x 610 mm.

Fly With Us Mini Album

The third mini album of Oneus titled Fly With Us came out under RBW on September 30, 2019. It features 6 tracks including Intro : Fly Me To The Moon, Plastic Flower, LIT, Blue Sky, Level Up and Stand By. LIT serves as the title track. The composition and arrangements were made by Kim Do-hun, Lee Sang-ho and Inner Child and Mingki. Leedo and Ravn once again contributed to the lyrics of some of the songs including the intro, Plastic Flower, Blue Sky and Level Up.

The third of the Oneus albums peaked at the 4th position on the Gaon's weekly chart and at number 15 on the Billboard's US World chart.

Oneus Fly With Us Mini Album Cover

Fly With Us is available in one version with a black and white box (152 x 192 x 30 mm). Inside the package you will find a 96 pages photobook (145 x 183 x 7 mm), 8 lyrics card (145 x 183 mm), 1 randomly chosen out of 2 options postcard (145 x 183 mm), 2 random photo card added from a lot of 12 sheets (6 White + 6 Black version sheets), and finally a red bookmark (50 x 160 mm).

Once again 3 posters were prepared for this Oneus album. All measure 405 x 610 mm.

In Its Time Single Album

In Its Time is the first single album of Oneus. It was released on March 24, 2020 by RBW and was manufactured as always by Yein Art, with the distribution provided by Kakao M. The single features only two songs including the title A Song Written Easily and Hide And Seek.

In Its Time managed to reach number 5 on the Gaon Weekly Chart with the sales exceeding 40,000 units.

Oneus In Its Time Single Album Cover

The fourth of Oneus albums is available in only one version and comes in an interesting light green box that measures 188 x 257 x 10 mm. It consists of CD disk of a diameter of 118 mm in a green envelope, an 80 pages photobook (185 x 252 x 6.5 mm), 1 folded story poster showcasing one of the members of Oneus (252 x 375 mm), 1 postcard randomly chosen out of 6 versions (100 x 150 mm), a set of 12 stickers in a plastic package (116 x 150 mm), and 2 random photo cards added randomly from a lot of 12 variants (55 x 85 mm).

A poster measuring 405 x 610 mm was released for the Oneus album.

Lived Mini Album

Lived is the fourth mini album of Oneus. It had its premiere on August 19, 2020 under RBW and consists of 6 songs. That includes the intro of the same title, To Be or Not to Be, Dead or Alive, Dizzy, Airplane and Come Back Home. The title track is To Be or Not to Be. The distribution was provided by Kakao Entertainment.

Oneus Lived Mini Album Cover

The EP managed to reach number 5 on the Gaon chart. It was the biggest success of the group to date when it comes to sales. It sold 62,442 copies during August 2020 becoming the 11th best-seller of the month. 30,325 additional units were sold the next month. By the end of 2020, Lived sold a total number of 108,862 and became the 77th most purchased album of the year in South Korea.

A single physical edition of the extended play was released. It is rectangular and has a dark red cover. Inside the package you will find a CD disk, a 96 pages photobook, a 12 pages lyrics book, 1 character card with a picture of a random member, and 2 photo cards of a regular siz.

There are 4 different posters issued for this release. All of them feature the whole group and measure 405 x 610 mm.

Devil Studio Album

Devil is the first full-length album of Oneus. It was released under RBW on January 19, 2021. On the CD you will find 11 songs including the intro Devil Is in the Detail, No Diggity, Leftover, Incomplete, Youth, Bbusyeo, Rewind, Lion Heart, What You Doing?, I.P.U and Outro: Connect with Us. No Diggity was chosen as the title track. Bbusyeo was previously released as a single.

Oneus Devil Studio Album Cover

Devil peaked at number 2 on the Gaon weekly chart. It sold 98,014 units in January and became the 6th best-selling release of the month. It surpassed 100,000 copies sold the next month. It ultimately became the 86th most popular album of 2021 with the sales equal 123,380 copies.

This time there are 3 versions of the physical edition available. You can choose between Black, Green and Yellow version. All of them are of a size of 142 x 182 mm and contain a CD disk with the music, a 96 pages photobook, a single hidden card (depending on the version you can get a film photo, a scratchcard or a postcard), a big photo card (70 x 120 mm), and a standard size photo card. A group poster was also included. It was selected out of 5 variants.

Binary Code Mini Album

Binary Code is the fifth mini album of Oneus. It came out on May 11, 2021 under RBW and was distributed by Kakao Entertainment. On the CD you will find 5 songs including the opening track Black Mirror, which was also selected as the lead single, Connect with Us, Polarity, Happy Birthday, and the Rock version of Valkyrie. Ravn co-wrote the lyrics for all the songs.

Oneus Binary Code Mini Album Cover

The release managed to reach number 2 on the weekly Gaon chart. It was also the 4th best-selling album during its premiere month. It eventually sold more than 100,000 copies.

The physical edition of Binary Code comes in 2 versions - Zero and One. Both contain a CD disk (140 x 140 mm), a folded lyric poster, 1 large photo card, and 1 random photo card of a regular size. 4 group posters were issued for the EP.

Blood Moon Mini Album

The sixth extended play of the group had its premiere on November 9, 2021. It features 7 songs produced by the composed from RBW including Lee Sangho and Seo Yongbae. On the CD you will find the intro Window (featuring Choi Yerim), Luna, Yes or No, Life Is Beautiful, Shut Up Crazy Hot, We're in Love and Who You Are. Luna serves as the title track. Leedo and Ravin contributed to the lyrics and composition of some of the songs.

Oneus Blood Moon Mini Album Cover

A supporting online concert was held in Seoul on November 6 and 7, 2021. It was titled Oneus Theatre: Blood Moon.

The album repeated the success of its predecessor and peaked at the 2nd position on the Gaon weekly chart. It was the 8th biggest seller of November 2021, and the 64 most purchased release of the year.

Blood Moon was released in 3 different physical versions, including 2 regular - Grey and Blood, and 1 special Theatre version.

Trickster Mini Album

Trickster is the seventh mini album of the group. It premiered under RBW on May 17, 2022 and Kakao Entertainment was once again responsible for the distribution. Earlier that year the members began their world tour titled Blood Moon. The EP consists of 7 songs including the intro Who Got the Joker?, the main track Bring It On, Skydivin, Firebomb, Fragile, Mr. Wolf, and the English version of the lead single.

Trickster reached number 2 on the Gaon weekly chart and number 8 on the monthly chart.

Oneus Trickster Mini Album Cover

Physically, the album was released in 2 versions - Poker (blue cover) and Joker (red cover). Both are of a dimensions of 152 x 192 x 21 mm and consist of a CD disk containing the music, a 96 pages booklet, a trump card board, a trump card case, a coin board, 2 randomly selected photo cards, and a trickster's card.

If you were lucky enough you could also get a limited edition Joker card included in only a selected copies of the album.

There 4 different group posters issued for this release.