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Ive Albums

There are currently 2 Ive albums released, both of them are singles. They came out under Starship Entertainment and were distributed by Kakao Entertainment. The group debuted with their first release titled Eleven on December 1, 2021. It sold more than 250,000 copies and received a Platinum certification from the Korea Music Content Association.

Here's the list of all Ive albums in order.

Eleven Single Album

The debut release of the group was a single album titled Eleven. It had its premiere on December 1, 2021 under Starship Entertainment, and distributed by Kakao Entertainment. It is composed of 2 songs including the main track of the same title and Take It. Eleven was composed by Peter Rycroft, Lauren Aquilina, Ryan S. Jhun, Lostboy and Alawn, while Take It was produced by Daniel Kim, Jeremy GWillie and Willie.

The first of Ive albums topped the Gaon Weekly chart and eventually became the 3rd best-selling release in South Korea behind only Fever: Epilogue of Ateez and the number 1 - Universe by NCT. It sold 268,396 copies in December 2021 and finished the year as the 49th most purchased release of the year.

On February 10, 2022 it received a Platinum certification by Korea Music Content Association for more than 250,000 units sold.

Ive Eleven Single Album

The physical edition comes in 2 different versions - Ver. 1 (black cover) and Ver. 2 (red cover). Both are composed of several pieces of merchandise including a CD disk, a photo book containing 92 pages full of some wonderful pictures taken during the promotional photoshoot (175 x 175 mm), a folded poster selected out of 6 variants measuring 240 x 330 mm, and a random photo card added out of 12 different options (2 per member) of a standard size of 55 x 85 mm. All goods except the posters are unique to the version you will be getting.

Three different additional collectibles were included in the package with this Ive album if you pre-ordered your copy. That includes a randomly selected ID card (6 variants, 85 x 55 mm), a folded message card featuring a random member of the group (80 x 93 mm), and 1 group poster chosen out of 2 options of a dimensions of 420 x 594 mm.

A special selection of merchandise was also released in conjunction with the premiere of the album. You could become the owner of 3 different collectibles including a promotional cheering slogan with a photo of Ive on one side and their logo on the other printed on a red background (600 x 200 mm), a small badge with the logo measuring 20 x 26 mm, and a beautiful set of square postcards consisting of 2 group and 6 individual sheets of a size of 145 x 145 mm.

Love Dive Single Album

The second Ive album titled Love Dive came out under Starship Entertainment on April 5, 2022. It was manufactured by Iljin Corporation, while Kakao Entertainment was once again responsible for the distribution. The single consists of 2 songs including the eponymous main track and Royal. The lead single was composed and arranged by Sophia Brennan, Elle Campbell and Nick Hahn. Rei and Gaeul contributed to the production by writing the lyrics for Royal.

Love Dive achieved the same success of the previous Ive album and peaked at number 1 on the Gaon Weekly chart. It was the best-selling release in April in South Korea with the sales equal 544,339 copies.

Physically Love Dive is available in 9 different versions including 3 regular - Ver. 1 (red cover), Ver. 2 (blue cover) and Ver. 3 (pink cover), and 6 limited edition jewel case versions.

Ive Love Dive Single Album

The regular versions of the album are in a rectangular photobook format of a size of 140 x 190 mm. They are composed of a CD disk with the music in a separate envelope, the photobook itself containing 96 pages of pictures and a fold-out cover, a heart-shaped hologram card of a size of 100 x 85 mm selected out of 6 variants, and a single photo card chosen out of 18 versions (3 per Ive member). All photo cards are of a regular size of 55 x 85 mm.

This time you could also get some additional pre-order benefits. That includes the randomly selected sheet of stickers (6 variants, 120 x 160 mm), and a group poster, this time added out of 3 different variants of a size of 420 x 594 mm.

The jewel case edition of the second of Ive albums comes in 6 different versions, each with the photo of a selected member on the cover. Each of them is composed of a CD disk in a jewel case, a 16 pages booklet measuring 120 x 120 mm, a 2-cut photo selected from a lot of 100 x 70 mm, a mini folded poster showcasing a random member (115 x 230 mm), and 1 photo card included at random out of 6 options of a regular size.