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EXID Albums

There are 8 EXID albums released so far. That includes 1 studio album, 5 extended plays, and 2 singles. All of them came out under AB Entertainment and later under Yedang Entertainment (Banana Culture). They were manufactured by Seoul Media, Inc. and Yein Art, and distributed by Loen Entertainment and Sony Music Entertainment. Although a promotional single Holla was released, Hippity Hop is the first widely available physical release of the group.

Here's the list of all EXID albums in order.

Hippity Hop Mini Album

The debut extended play of the group titled Hippity Hop came out on August 13, 2012 under AB Entertainment, a company of a Korean producer and songwriter Shinsadong Tiger. It was manufactured by Seoul Media, Inc. and distributed by Loen Entertainment.

EXID Hippity Hop Mini Album Cover

The CD contains 6 songs including Better Together, the title track I Feel Good, Call, Think About, Whoz That Girl (Part 2) and the remix for I Feel Good. The lead single was composed by Rado and Ye-Yo, and arranged by Shinsadong Tiger. LE contributed to the lyrics. The rapper helped with the lyrics of all songs on Hippity Hop and co-composed Call. Call was later rearranged and released as a digital single titled Every Night.

The first of EXID albums peaked at number 13 on the Gaon Weekly Chart. With 1,554 copies sold it became the 53rd best-selling release in South Korea on the Gaon Monthly chart.

The physical edition of the EXID album is rectangular and consists of a CD disk with the music, and a photobook containing some interesting pictures of all 5 members. Please notice that no photo cards are available with this release.

Ah Yeah Mini Album

The second EP of the group came out on April 13, 2015. It was the first of EXID albums under Yedang Entertainment, after the group signed an exclusive contract with the company in June of 2014. Yein Art manufactured the EP, while Sony Music Entertainment provided the distribution.

EXID Ah Yeah Mini Album Cover

The album features 8 tracks including the title song of the same name (with its instrumental), Thrilling, Pat Pat, With Out U, 1M, their previously released breakthrough hit song Up & Down, and Every Night (Version 2). Ah Yeah was produced by Shinsadong Tiger, Namking Nang and LE. Shinsadong Tiger composed and arranged all songs from the album, while LE co-wrote all the songs and co-composed all except 1M.

A special showcase for the fans was organized the day before the album's premiere on April 12, 2015. It took place at the Noon Square in Seoul.

Ah Yeah reached number 5 on the Gaon weekly chart during its first week of the release, and was the highest girl group placed that week. It was the 10th most purchased Korean release in April with the sales reaching 11,730 units.

The EXID album is available in 1 physical version. It has a hardcover and comes with a CD disk containing the music, a photobook with beautiful pictures, and 1 random photo cards selected out of 12 variants (2 group and 2 per each member of EXID).

Street Studio Album

The first full-length album of EXID was released on June 1, 2016 by Banana Culture (previously known as Yedang Entertainment).

Street feature 13 songs including Don't Want a Drive, the title track L.I.E, I Know, Hello (performed by Hani), Cream, 3% (performed by Solji), a group version of Only One, Of Course, Are You Hungry (performed by Junghwa and Hyelin), Like the Seasons, Good, the remix of the previously released single Hot Pink, and the remix of the lead single.

EXID Street Studio Album Cover

L.I.E was produced by the trio Shinsadong Tiger, Namking Nang and LE. LE was credited as either lyricist of composer of all songs present on the album except Hello, 3% and Are You Hungry. Only One was released earlier that year as a digital single featuring only Hani and Solji. Cream eventually came out in Japan as part of their first Japanese single Up & Down in 2018.

Street was the biggest success out of all EXID albums when it comes to the weekly Gaon chart, charting at the 2nd position during its debut week, only behind XIA's fourth studio album Xignature. It sold 18,960 copies during the whole June of 2016 and became the 7th best-selling release in Korea that month, and only 2nd of any girl group behind Twice's Page Two. It managed to chart on the Gaon Yearly chart (on the last, 100th position) with a total number of 21,278 units sold.

The physical edition of Street comes in a sturdy box with a magnetic closure. Inside the package you will find a CD disk, a photobook with some interesting pictures of EXID, and 1 random photo card chosen out of 16 different variants (6 group and 10 individual member sheets, 2 per member).

Eclipse Mini Album

Eclipse is the third extended play of the group. It was released by Banana Culture on April 10, 2017 and is composed of 6 songs including Boy, Night Rather Than Day with the instrumental version, How Why, Milk (performed by Hani) and Velvet (performed by LE). It was the first of EXID albums to feature only 4 members, due to the hiatus of Solji, who took a break after she was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism.

EXID Eclipse Mini Album Cover

Night Rather Than Day serves as the lead single. It was produced by Shinsadong Tiger, Keebomb and LE. LE was once again credited on the album, this time as the composer and lyricist of all songs except Milk.

The EXID album charted at the 5th position on the Gaon weekly chart of the first week after the release, and was the highest ranked KPop girl group on the chart. It also peaked at the 4th position on Billboard's US World chart. It was the 16th most popular release in April with 14,340 copies sold.

Eclipse comes in a physical edition with a very unique slip cover symbolizing an enclipsed Moon. Inside the package you will find a CD disk with the plate showcasing a random member, a photobook with pictures of 4 members, and 1 group photo card.

Full Moon Mini Album

The fourth EP and the fifth of EXID albums came out under Banana Culture on 7 November 2017. Solji was featured on the extended play but didn't participate in the promotions.

On the CD you will find 6 tracks including DDD, Too Good to Me, Dreamer (performed by Solji), Alice (performed by Junghwa with PinkMoon), Weeknd (performed by LE and Hani), and Foolish (performed by Hyelin).

EXID Full Moon Mini Album Cover

DDD was chosen as the title song for this EXID album. It was produced by Shinsadong Tiger, LE and V!VE. LE co-composed and co-wrote Too Good to Me and Weeknd, while Junghwa and Hyelin provided the lyrics for their solos.

Full Moon reached number 7 on the Gaon weekly chart during the week between November 5 and 11, 2017 (the second girl group overall after Twicetagram of Twice), and number 6 on the US World chart of Billboard. It peaked at number 19 on the Gaon Monthly chart, with the sales in November equal 16,286 copies.

The physical edition of Full Moon is available in 1 version and comes with a slip cover. The dimensions of the album is 158 x 220 mm. It consists of a CD disk, a thick 100 pages photobook (150 x 210 mm), 1 random paper stand (3 options, 100 x 215 mm), and 1 photo card chosen randomly out of 6 variants (1 group and 1 per each member of EXID). The photo cards measure 60 x 90 mm and connect on the back creating a nice image of the group.

1 poster measuring 625 x 450 mm was issued for this EXID album.

Lady Single Album

The second single album (after the promotional Holla) titled Lady (also known as Do It Tomorrow) of the group was released through Banana Culture on April 2, 2018 digitally, and a day later as a physical edition. The single is the second of EXID albums after Eclipse that does not feature Solji.

The CD contains only 2 tracks - the title Lady and its instrumental version. The song was produced as usual by Shinsadong Tiger and LE, with Kim Boa joining as the co-arranger and V!VE as the lyricist.

EXID Lady Single Album Cover

The single album managed to reach the 4th position on the weekly Gaon chart, and number 22 on the Gaon Monthly chart selling 14,633 copies in April 2018.

Lady comes physically with a sleeve case of a size of 142 x 125 mm. It is composed of a CD disk in a traditional jewel case (142 x 125 mm), a photobook (141 x 125 mm), 4 square postcards, each of them showcasing a single member of EXID (120 x 120 mm), a set of 5 stickers with either a name of a single member or a word "EXID" (100 x 45 mm), a film photo (50 x 120 mm), and 1 photo card randomly selected out of 4 variants (60 x 90 mm).

A group poster of a size of 720 x 520 mm was included as a pre-order benefit with this EXID album.

I Love You Single Album

The third single album of EXID had its premiere on November 21, 2018 under Banana Culture. It is the first release to fully include Solji since Street.

On the CD you will find the only song of the single, named after the title of this EXID album, along with its instrumental. It was entirely produced by Shinsadong Tiger and LE.

EXID I Love You Single Album Cover

I Love You peaked at the 7th place on the weekly Gaon chart, and was the highest placed release of any girl group during its premiere week on the chart. It eventually sold 14,777 copies in the whole November of 2018 becoming the 25th best-selling album in Korea.

The physical edition of I Love You is composed of a CD disk, a modest 35 pages photobook, and 1 randomly chosen photo card (1 sheet per each member of EXID). A group poster was also available. It was added as a pre-order bonus.

We Mini Album

We is the fifth extended play of the group. It was released on May 15, 2019 as a digital single and a day later as a physical release. We was the last of EXID albums under Banana Culture. All members left the company when their contracts ended in 2019 (Hani and Junghwa) and 2020 (Hyelin, Solji and LE).

The mini album features 7 songs including Me & You alongside the instrumental track, We Are.., The Vibe, How You Doin, Midnight, and the remix of Lady.

EXID We Mini Album Cover

The lead single was composed end written by Shinsadong Tiger, Beverly Kidz and LE. Shinsadong Tiger by himself arranged the song. LE was credited as a co-composer and co-writer of all tracks on the album. Solji, Hani, Hyelin and Jeonghwa participated in the writing of We Are..

We charted in the top 3 on the Gaon weekly chart during its premiere week (behind only Winner's third EP of the same title We and BTS's sixth EP Map of the Soul: Persona). With 24,423 units sold it was the 15th most purchased release of May 2019.

The EXID album is available in 1 physical version. It comes with a CD disk, an 80 pages photobook, a group paper stand, and 1 AR photo card randomly selected out of 5 sheets, with the instruction on how to use it.

A poster was also available. It measures 450 x 600 mm and you could get it if you pre-ordered the album.